tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's unconditional love

this gardener's unconditional love


i will take Your words of love
that You want me as i want You
i hang onto the moment
when W/we make O/our dreams come true
i will never doubt this dream
i hold deep within my soul
only You will change this dream
Only You choose the path i go
As You know my Sir
You live deep within my soul
i am never without You in my thoughts
You live in everything i do
You know the depth of which i speak
my heart and words forever true
there is not a word that i have written
that You will EVER confuse
i love You Sir, You know this in Your heart
it comes from inside of You
that is where i live, IN YOU
because W/we now are one, not two

Sir, i want to tell You this because i feel compelled for some reason~~ this difference between 'real life' and 'online' is obviously significant~~
no matter what is going on in Your online or real life, i know i am with You~~ as long as i know i'm in Your heart ~~~ i ask nothing of You...
i want my life w/ Yours ~until that comes to be... there may be others for You, that seek 'wisdom' from my exclusive Tree

of this, i have no idea~ i'm trying to keep an open mind... of course i want You all to myself until the end of time
im not trying to protect my heart, i'm trying to allow You to be You~~ w/ no bounds that hold You to me so that to Yourself You are free to be You

know that my heart is Yours, my Body, Mind and Soul~~
that my love for You is everlasting~~ and this You will always know

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