when i write sexy poems
i really get amped
i'm in a class by myself
and i reign as the champ
i'm creative and sexy
what a hell of a mix
there's not a sexual problem
that my pussy can't fix
come on everybody
check me out
i'm the internet's finest
there's no question there's no doubt
i'm known for pictures and poems
i'm in a class that's elite
you cannot out do me
i cannot be beat
come on everybody
masturbate with me
how many times can we cum
let's count and see
how many dicks can we suck
how many pussies can we eat
how much can you rub your clit
how much can you beat your meat
how many orgasms can you have
in a single day
what turns you on
are you into foreplay
do you like watching girls
work the stripper pole
or being dominated
and doing what you're told
i'm sassy and frisky
i fuck both genders
you can search far and wide
but i have no contenders

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