tagErotic PoetryTo Princess, EMPRESS

To Princess, EMPRESS

byTori Dylan©

I couldn’t keep my hand off your soft skin; and begin to wonder if mine feels the same silky way...My long brown fingers rest upon your soft pale mound. At that still moment of time, I couldn't imagine a more delightful treat than touching you. Then did the moral chorus that continually sings in my head remind me that this is wrong. Its taboo. "Mmm...oh gh...yesss" the smooth suppleness of your gorgeous cream and pink breast
delightful shocking

And I linger a litte too long for someone who said that I was not "that" way

And am I waking up to the world … am I realizing that I am the only one not taking in the pleasure of you Even the men who passions are fired by the sight of Adonis are drinking in your passion

You are so free and I cant let go like that … I cant...

but I am feeling the bite … and I speak to your body more than your eyes

enchanted to meet you, Princess

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