tagErotic Poetryunder my command

under my command


if you're looking for a good time
look between my legs
but i only do subs
'cause i like when a bitch begs
if you want to eat my pussy
you'll have to ask my permission
i used to be a sub
but i made the transition
you will wear what i tell you
you will do as i say
if you get out of line
bitch, you will pay
you're only desire
is that im sexually fulfilled
you're an excellent sub
and very highly skilled
my friends want to borrow you
but i'm too selfish to share
but i can have my way with you
anytime anywhere
you're on your knees
waiting for my next command
you will do everything
that i have planned
i want some anal
and i want it now
when you come before me
you better take a bow
you will dress up for me
in sexy lingerie
we won't have any problems
as long as you obey
you listen very well
and you always behave
those two qualities
make you quite the sex slave
owning a sub
is certainly fun
i can fuck many
but i'm my sub's only one

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