How does one describe the feel
of a probing tongue that's wet, and real
And the subtle moan from deep inside
when reaction is too fierce to hide...

and what about kisses, deep and fresh?
Caresses on expectant flesh,
where no touch ever feels the same,
and exploration bears no shame.

Imagination turns to act,
and thoughts of fantasy are fact,
when lovers are attributed
the time to be uninhibited...

so let your thoughts of passion grow,
and share with me, and let me know
just what your secret thoughts would show
if we played your naughtiest video...

what would we share there, on the screen,
and what would be your favorite scene?
what sensual soldiers stand, erect?
and how, my dear, would you direct?

what body parts would be inflamed,
and would you proudly, unashamed
show off your beauty, your desires?
Just how would we fan passion's fires?

think now: of love, of care, of trust,
and think, my dear of naked lust,
of nipples budding, swollen, aching,
of teasing to the point of breaking--

think of ways to flirt and tease--
of ways to fill, explore, and please;
think of me, between your knees,
licking and bringing you sweet release...

think of my cock, erect and firm,
inside of you, to make you squirm,
and feel its power, feel it slide
into your womanhood, deep inside,

where it will thrust, withdraw, and fill,
again and again, stay hard until
you let yourself take its filling length,
and feel its need and pulsing strength...

think of carnal, utter joy
that we derive when we employ
our kisses; licking, sucking lips
with a tongue that teases, tickles, slips...

think of wet, orgasmic thrusts,
of shared explicit, wanton lusts,
and picture just how far you'd go
to let your inner passion flow.

think of kisses that will last;
Of carnal union, hard and fast,
or feeling a pulsing, spurting dick
inside of you, so warm and slick

that fits in you quite perfectly,
exactly where it's meant to be,
at home in the warm and sensual flow
of the musky nectar you bestow.

Think of how you make me yearn,
and how much I desire to learn
to take you, over and again,
to places you have never been...

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