she stood outside partly naked but i enjoyed it
her smile was a lie but i will make her scream
she smiled at me and i returned in a coy sly way
we moved to the back and we danced
the crowds would not notice us
but we dance int he beat of the music

she slides and i grind up against her
my heart beat is racing with each brush of her bodice
i grow deep under her and she smiles
she is sweating and im beating
under the dress of lights and darkness
in a club so filled, its an orgy

i undo my beast and it shows as i rub against a hidden labia
she closes her eyes and lifts her leg up to my thigh
in this motion i cradle her from behind
i turn her to sway to keep silent
we are not seen as we are in an orgy of brushes, and grinds
under the dress she flings i move away the gates

the helmet of my shaft begins to brush against a wet clit
i lean back and arch up
she breaths hard and i smile as i catch her breath
she moans as the crowd ignores us
we are to be one in an orgy of mass
i squeeze in and she pushes her body onto my sword

i stab and i stab, each breath we pulse harder
faster with groans from my lungs i exhaile
she moans but the music is too loud
we rock back and forth as she holds onto me
im shifting
im throbbing in her...

my teeth grit im holding back and growling
she is ontop and she is wrapped around me
im arching and rocking
she is moaning and rushing
we are in the middle of the dance
in the moment of heat and sweat

the beat hits to a faster tone
and i wrap my arms under her to hold her up and steady
i shock inside her rocking hard and and pumping her
she buckles like a stallion and im letting her ride me
she is kicking with her legs and im grinning
the music is slow and low now, but they are watching us now

in the heat of a moment im pounding up into her
she is cringing as i hold her from squirming
im groaning as she is moaning
the crowds are watching us
in awe at the blunt situation
but i dont care and she is gone

im throbbing
im sweating im breathing so hard
she is screaming and im happy
she is the epicenter of out passion
i am the vortex of in heat
and she is spreading juices over me

in this act of heat and sweat
we mingle in the deligts of primal rgae
my rod, my shaft my prick my sword
coated covered wet and slicked
by her pulsing juices...
that which made her woman shall make me man

in this moment i hold my breath and see her eyes
she is watching mine
she quivers in fear as now is the time in moments embrace
i spray, i explode within her grace
me as the bee my stinger now removed
i shoot inside her....

she screams and the crowd watches on
i groan and pummel her from below
and she gets louder
the crowd still watches on
enveloped in awe
and taken in envy at our heats power

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