tagErotic PoetryUp Her Ass: A Husband's Viewpoint

Up Her Ass: A Husband's Viewpoint


Up her ass is so much fun
That little hole between her buns
It holds me tight and likes to squeeze
To put it there I don't say 'please'

I flip her over, it's my right
To fuck her butt on any night
I don't have to beg and plead
I push it in and fill my need

She knows just what her purpose is
She spreads it wide, accepts my jiz
I've spent the time and trained her well
Now when I want, I ring her bell

Every hole is mine to own
I love to hear her moan and groan
She loves the ride, to jerk and buck
Or, if I say, to bend and suck

Her tits are huge I like to grab them
Others stare, they'd like to have them
I'm very proud of her huge chest
Her nipple ring's the very best

But nothing else can compare
To putting my cock way up there
I ram it in, again, it's fun
And then I come and come and come

So just remember when you think
Of that puckered hole so cute and pink
It's not off limits, it's your to fuck
Just train her, and you won't need luck.

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