Do you know my pulse, can you feel it throbbing?
I can feel you glance at me while you stand there
watching your strong hand as you motion, wanting.
I can't escape you.

Subtle touches shoot like electric currents
hiding shivers, trying to keep composure
when your eyes grip mine and I feel you in me.
I can't escape you.

No one knows the wetness that you're evoking
It's our secret mode of communication
they don't know you're turning my knees to jelly.
I can't escape you.

Every movement tells me you want to leave soon
urgent hunger growling your secret need now
say good night, you slide up into my hairline.
I can't escape you.

Grabbing fistfuls, leading me to the car now
ripping panties off when they cannot see us
taking chances, diving into the wetness.
I can't escape you.

Pumping madness slamming against the fender
take what's yours wherever, whenever you want
I will meet your thrust always fully open.
I won't escape you.

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