The ropes around hold her fast
and sweat pours down like rain
hungry a nd raw are her desires as she waits for them to begin
The crack of the whip splits the night
over and over again
til wiggling and moaning she begs for their touch
and receives clamped nipples instead
then as the pain of her redded nipples crest
a hot tongue licks gently at the tortured flesh
and she tries to suck the
turgid shaft of the one who gave such a gift
Hands all over her like exploring crabs
she submits with explosive fire
and so wet is her own thickened lips
the juice runs hot with desire
Impaled in every orifice
she does her best to please
the only things important
are in her mouth and between her knees
Sounds of groans of pleasure
 they smother her with lust
and climaxing trussed slave
 her masters needs she must
satisfy to to perfection
and when he grabs her hair and pulls
her to his erection
to gobble the sweet cum exploding there
She cums again more intensely
whipped and darkly bruised
heaven is pain and benediction
to be so thouroughly used.

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