tagNon-Erotic PoetryWelcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse


(warning: this poem was written because of my friends here, this poem is intended to be taken from a perspective that i have seen. and its what i cant stand. to say this, i know that there are different areas in the world that are not like this, i know areas that are good and are kind. but i am writting this poem about what i have seen in an area here, thank you)

twas a grand day given forth to set the setting
the light shown from the sun beat down upon the house second up the street
on the left

small young family of four
were being awoken from the alarm of day
stumbling down one by one
each set to their own seat
father dear working hard to clear the future
mother dearest worked inside to keep the house free
smell of coffee
smell of new day
lifted into the house of spirits
seems all she did was cook but she didnt care
a kiss to all of them
a kiss goodbye
a kiss for the sandmans charm was away
daughter woke up in the bus
brother did too
father was at work
mother at home

the daughters clothes
made from designer products
made with simple hands
made with cheap labor
hair made of chemical earth killers
son wore torn clothes
head down
mind gone
drugs... too many drugs
daughter is of the populars
brother is of the cutters
stoned in a corner
sipping his last breaths
father is at work now
mother is home getting ready for their return
father is with the coworker
fucking like there is no tomorow
mother is at home
knowing nothing

brother is drunk in a corner
puking up his guts today
sister is in the showers
giving head to get a grade

mother is working still at home waiting for their return
brother is dying slowly as he takes another pill
sister is swallowing
sister is getting raped
sister is getting the A

brother is stumbling
brother is making it come out
he doesnt care for school
he is in his own blood pool

mother wont you even see
mother cant you bring this to me
mother why cant you see
maybe its the way its to be

father is comming home now
sister is getting dressed
brother is stumbling out of hell
mother doesnt know any thing

this is the way we live life
this is how it has to be
this is what has happened
of the dreams to reality

send me away i cant stand this
but its what is happening
now welcome to the dollhouse
welcome to hypocracy
welcome to America
welcome now to what shouldnt be

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