tagNon-Erotic PoetryWell-Seasoned Brooder

Well-Seasoned Brooder


As I open my eyes, the realization sets in.
It’s too soon, it’s too late
I’m cracked from within
Completely soaked in sin

Barely there, always awake
It’s funny how easy it is
To feel so fucking fake

Life stripped away, I can still feel the glow
Of what could have been, would have been
The most important show
Gotta get this shit out, cuz my head’s about to blow

A lifeless creature living a fallacy
The house, the money, the cars
A real tragedy

The small heartbeat that died within me
Like your favorite songs last words
The echo is still strong, it’s rehearsed, it’s perverse
It all went so wrong.
How is it-
It can feel so rotten
I’m starting to think, there will be nothing else I will adore.

The moment it happened
A curtain broke, an earthquake erupted
Shell-shocked, it was really something
Everything in me corrupted

So here we are in a mindless sequence
You wake up,
Go to work,
Bow your head and pray for peace and then
Absorb and take it all in
And convince yourself, that you’re real within

I refuse to think this is all life has to offer
I’m too involved, I’ll never fall
I’m holding on, growing strong.

So why am I appalled?
This welcome intruder

And with it, I’ve become a well-seasoned brooder.

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