tagErotic Poetrywritten on the fly

written on the fly


You think that you have me
because you have the paperwork

you ain't got shit bitch
you are just another jerk

you left with no warning,
no warning at all

you think you have it all

guess what you dumb little slut

I have you now,
what a stupid cunt

there are laws that make you not sign
the papers I gave you
the ones so benign
I can finalize this and be done with you

you can see me fucking "On pay-per view"

you dumb bitch you ignorant whore
'tis true that you I once did adore,


you seem to need someone a little younger to spill his seed

you knew when I asked you
that children were not my bag
take that you slutty young hag

you moved away with not so much as a goodbye
well this is when your memory does die

I loved you you dumb little bitch,
have fun with your big ideas as I will get rich

on your images which you gave to me

sluts never prosper and are lucky to pee,

without the fire that builds
inside of me

I'll call you some time so that you can prostate your self before me and beg for the images that would have given you your dreams you DUMB BITCH.

9-21-01 DRT

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