tagErotic PoetryXenophile Jack From Texas!

Xenophile Jack From Texas!

byUncle Pervey©

Old Jack from Texas was a xenophile,
Especially with his next door neighbor.
He felt a lust for the mexican gal,
That he knew her husband wouldn't favor!

Old Jack from Texas was a gamblin' man,
He guessed he'd take a gamble on romance.
He waited til he saw her husband leave,
And slipped into her backdoor for his chance!

Juanita Rosalita was her name,
And she was a beautiful Spanish lass.
Jack spooned and crooned to her, and fired her up,
Old Jack thought he might get a piece of ass!

But Juanita didn't speak no English,
And Jack never learned the Mexican tongue.
He didn't know her husband just stepped out,
Until he'd took his clothes off, and begun!

Jack heard a scream of rage, "Madre' Dios!"
And he dove through the window with out clothes.
He heard a lot of wailing, and screaming,
He made it back to his house with spined toes!

Jack from Texas was a REAL optimist,
And he was a true xenophile, you know.
He knew since he tried once he'd try again,
And he chuckled, "Next time I'll move real slow!"

Her old man hadn't got a look at Jack,
But his strong suspicions made Jack stear shy.
Old Jack was still feelin' optimistic,
And thought he'd let a week or two go by!

Then one day Jack saw her old man start out,
In work clothes with a lunchbox in his hand.
Jack chuckled to himself, "It's about time,
I think I'll mosey over with my brand!"

Jack's good luck was just about to run out,
Just when he was about to nail the lass.
Jack jumped out the window, but still got shot,
And stumbled home with rock-salt in his ass!

Jack from Texas never liked to give up,
But decided to find a different "Fluff."
His ass still smoldered like a grease-pot fire,
He grumbled "That rock salt is, real strong stuff!!"

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