tagNon-Erotic PoetryYes, it's you.

Yes, it's you.


and you return to dislocate my thoughts
that were of you anyway
but i can't tell you that.

and you pretend to anticipate my thoughts
but you're not me you know,
you don't know me at all

but you're the friend who might cushion the fall
that's imminent
it's coming soon you know.

don't claim to share my insecurity
-that's the one thing you can't have
don't assume you help my anxiety
-but please promise never to go

you know, i can't stand to look at you
half the time
you make me see

that you, and i, are nothing, if not all
pretend, that's all.
all we can be

Don't want you.
I don't, really
But i certainly don't want anything less
Think it's you.
It's not, really
they should take a second guess

in the beginning...
there was nothing at all.
just vulnerable me, waiting to fall

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