tagErotic PoetryYou Are A Perfect Fit

You Are A Perfect Fit


It was good that I was able to afford
The price of a ticket to see Lita Ford
In concert at the House of Blues.

I was suppossed to take my girlfriend Sue
With me but I was unable to afford
The Price of a second ticket
And keep poor Sue from feeling like shit.

Anyway, after she sang Kiss Me Deadly,
Lita had looked at me with this big smiley
Face and said, "You are a perfect fit!",
Before she took me by the hand
And took me backstage and
Into her dressing room where she took
Off her clothes and allowed me to look
At her naked bod that is more than grand.

That was before she pushed her finger
Into her pussy and said, "There are no other
People in here with us. Just you and me.
So, what are you waiting for? Fuck me!",
Before she had pulled me towards her
And kissed me on the lips
While she was helping me strip
Off my clothes and sucking on my dick.

That was when I had done this cool trick
Of lifting her legs and moving her pussy lips
Toward me to suck while I was touching her tits.

Then, she told me to sit
On this large bean bag chair and fuck her in the ass.

And while I was holding on a table made of pure brass,
I saw that there was none of this AIDS shit
Floating around in that room
To deliever to us the spectre of doom
And stop us from enjoying the moment
Of pure sexual pleasure that we had spent
Inside that wonderfully furnished room.

That was before I had pulled my dick
Out of her butt and started to stick
It inside her pussy and suck her tits,
She was right about me being the perfect fit
Because no other cock was able to do the trick
Of getting itself inside her pussy and fuck
Her like she was a tunnel having a semi truck
Go inside of it over and over again.

And of course, that was before the main
Pipe that was filled with a certain muck
Known as cum had ruptured and caused us to
Stop and catch our breath before she was able to
Place her hand on my exhausted cock
And asked, "Well, Stud? Are you ready to rock
Some more? Because I sure do."

And when I saw that my cock had became hard
Again by her touch, I told my life to take a card
And wait its turn before I sucked on her pussy
And pushed my finger into the ass of that little missy.

And after I was done shoving it in there real hard,
I took my finger out of her butt, flipped her over and
Done a repeat of the fucking of her pussy that was so grand.

And after we had cum some more,
Lita and I became exhausted from that little chore
And fell asleep with sticky cum right on our hands.

That was before I woke from my moment of slumber
And saw that Lita was gone along with her
Clothes just before I saw a note that was attached to
The bean bag chair which said, "Sorry to do
This to you, Stud. I just remembered that I have another
Gig to go to. But I did enjoy our little bit of fucking
Inside that room. You really were so smoking
Hot. Maybe if we see each other again, we would pick
Up where we left off. Until then, I have another trick
That you should do right now which happens to be getting
Yourself dressed and hauling your ass out of there before
A security guard shows up and does the chore
Of turning you over to the local cops.
Take care of yourselves and thanks for letting me be on top."

And after I read that note, I got dressed and out of there before
Some rent-a-cop was able to find me in there
Still sleeping naked in that bean bag chair.

A month later, I got something in the mail
And it was the one thing that made everything else pale
In comparison to what was packed in that box with great care.

It was a compact disc with all of Lita's songs on it
Including the one that is still a Number One hit
In my mind which happens to be
That very special song entitled Kiss Me Deadly.

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