tagErotic PoetryYou make me want you

You make me want you


Whenever you come into view, you make me want you.
I see your sweet, beautiful face, and you make me want to cup it gently in my hands.
You make me want to caress your cheeks and plant tender kisses on them.
You make me want to gaze into your eyes and lose my soul to you as I find yours.
You make me want to nibble your sexy ears.
You make me want to part your lips with my tongue and share deep passionate kisses with you.

Whenever you are near me, you make want you.
I feel your loving warmth, and you make me want to wrap you in the protective embrace of my arms and pour my love and passion into you.
You make me want to take your strong yet beautifully feminine hands in mine intertwining my fingers in yours in a futile attempt to become one entity with you.
You make me want to never lose contact with you.
You make me want to caress every inch, every sensual curve of your gorgeous body in loving admiration of your exquisiteness.

Whenever you enter my thoughts, You make we want you.
You make me want to remove the encumberance of your clothing and shower your lovely body with sensual licks and kisses.
You make me want to lay next to you and press my hardness against you as our tongues enage in a most passionate duel.
You make me want to suckle and fondle your delicious breasts and work my way down.
You make me want to see you squirm with pleasure beneath me as I lap the sweet, feminine nectar from between your full lips and devour your sex with my mouth and tongue.
You make me want to nuzzle your ear as my cock slips into your tight, delicious warmth and thrusts insistently in and out, brushing against your pulsing, wet tunnel.
You make me want to lock my gaze to yours in a kind of melding of spirits as we explode onto and into each other in the ultimate bonding of mind, body and spirit.
You make me want to consumate my love for you, my dearest.

You make me want to... just by the splendor and wonder of who you are.

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