tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou See Before You

You See Before You


You see before you one of many
we are one, yet all separate
we all hunt, yet some for fun
the others hunt for food
chasing lower animals, destined for the table
enjoying the hunt, but only for the end
the others need the flesh
without it they are nothing.

You see before you a hunter
I am part human, part animal
yet I am all predator
I live for the kill, yet,
it is the chase that nourishes me
I savor the fear and pain
as my quarry flees before me
Yet when it is done I am empty.

You see before you the dark lord
the one kept locked away
I surface only in times of weakness
when I hunt, all others quake in fear
I cloak myself in darkness
where others fear to tread
I revel in this dark void
my prey is the higher animals.

You see before you one of savage lust
I care nothing for the killing of deer
I hunt the smartest game, man
I kill not with tools or with my hands
I kill with my words and my mind
it is not the flesh that feeds me
it is the hurt and pain
for me the perfect hunt ends in anguish.

You see before you the beast
not an animal, yet not fully human
I search the world for that which I lost
compassion is alien to me
as is love and gratitude
all I feel is anger, hate, and lust
I search the night for love fulfilling only lust
I search others for love, receiving only hate.

You see before you utter loathing
I am one of many, yet hating them all
I seek life eternal, yet cannot live
I want to kill the others
but without them I don't exist
all others disgust me
yet still I yearn to be like them
one day this conflict within me will end.

You see before you utter Chaos
the feelings I have are twisted
I protect the ones I hate
I hurt those I want to know
I feed off the pain of others
yet still I want to comfort them
I hate myself but I hate others more
I love to hunt and hurt, yet I wish to stop.

You see before you total fear
I want to die, yet cannot kill myself
I want to take control, yet cannot kill the others
I want to dominate, yet cannot lead
my own fears sour my stomach
yet I feed on them just the same
perhaps this darkness isn’t my cloak
perhaps it is my punishment.

You see before you ultimate satisfaction
I cloak myself in darkness
and am comforted by it
darkness becomes me
the light is abhorrent to me
I walk through this world alone
yet surrounded by people
they are my prey, my nourishment, they live for my pleasure

You see before you the perfect man
a man, yet so much more
the darkness is my lover
its cold caress brings me to ecstasy
its embrace like that of a woman
making me feel as a god
I am the alpha and the omega
I am all that truly matters.

You see before you a predator
I have consumed my weaknesses
I have fed upon my fears and pains
they have nourished me and made me better
it is said that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
my journey into myself has not killed me
it has strengthened me as never before
I see now the truth I will someday take control.

You see before you the strongest one
none of the others can challenge me
my world is a dark and ugly place
where I stamp out any light I find
I will allow the others no light
they must exist as I do, in darkness
for now I will wait and grow stronger
you see before you the sole survivor of the Apocalypse.

Written 7-98 Posted 11-05

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