tagErotic PoetryYou touch me

You touch me


You touch me....

You touch me up and down....
Starting at my ankles and move up my body.

You touch me at my thighs...
With firm hands you push them open.

You touch me at my belly...
Your tongue swirls around in cirlces and makes me giggle.

You touch me on my breasts...
Your hands grasp at my flesh and admire their beauty.

You touch my neck...
You lick and nibble and make me squirm.

You touch me on my lips with tenderness....
You kiss me and make my body erupt.

You touch me and make me have total release with out pressing into me. All you do is touch me and you are able to make me shine.

Thank you for touching me.

*Love you, Johnny

Your Polar Bear*

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