you want


you want to put your hand on my thigh
and i know what else you want
you want to get into my panties
because of the sexiness i flaunt
you want to do things to me
that you've never done before
you're attracted to me
because i'm confident and secure
you want to lick my entire body
not missing one spot
you know if you do that
i will get really hot
you want to fill my cunt with chocolate syrup
then eat it all out
bringing your fantasies to life
is what it's all about
you want hot candle wax on your nipples
and a vibe up your butt
you want to be tied down
and your eyes blindfolded shut
you want to do all the things
that you've seen in your dreams
you want to rub me down
with good smelling lotions and creams
you want to knock my socks off
and have me knock off yours
you want me missionary
you want me on all fours
you want it somewhat rough
and i can comply
you want to broaden your horizons
give new things a try
you want my body
all over yours
you'll be amazed at what i do
behind closed doors

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