tagNon-Erotic PoetryYour systems of religion

Your systems of religion


Your systems of religion

Your system of religion has distorted, peoples minds

Not only in social, but also in economic binds.

Centuries of wars, hatred and spite!

The bloodshed, of those

Who thought they were right!

Systematic, means of religious control

And the millions upon multitudes did what they were told.

Yes, this system has many levels of social & economic control

Indoctrinated, servitude to covert civilizations, erode,

Give way to repetitious, insurmountable, unrecognizable, ominous, molds.

Tens of millions, starve while the few, lavishly, live

For aeons, the deprived, have never asked of others wealth, they should give.

They live, die, and cry, always, on the visual, means of themselves

As the corrupt, are maniacal and morally, Inept

Billions have suffered, as many more will in sough,

From the distorted minds of a few, twisted, views,

Traditionalist, preconceptions of stereotypical, fools

Understanding, is the meaning of some very latent clues

And not from underlining, of genocidal, retribution, sought

Gravitational towards the phoenix, is the always predictive, moth

If indifference occurs,

It may (compromise) the very depths of your tortured, unfortunate, soul,

As it has been foretold in retrospect, in the many timeless roles.

People whom willingly, inherently loathe and despise,

With the ineptness of fortitude to live the way, what's congenially, right

Because, all the centrifugal energy, with the over bitterness of fight,

They murder without discover, regardless of the plight,

And mankind, in its essence, seems to have no visual, solace in sight.

Contorted, manipulations with sanctimonious, gall

Maniacal, interpretations of derivative, sacred, scrolls.

Before sectarianism, the whole world worshiped in the belief, of the one.

The propensity of nocturnal, territorial, sadistic fun

I suppose, I could talk and talk till IM blue in the face

Without indifference who or what will you ultimately pick to hate

Those who have ulterior reasons to purport their agendas, faith

Be mindful of the always, impartial, neutral cosmic face

And continuing on the destructive nature, of our path

The Obvious, Censure of our end of days past

The tyranny of the past and present, drinks, bitterly of that of tomorrow,

As the listlessness of more than three billion, Solemn and serenity follows.

Religion against religion

Race against creed

All this is systemic of systematic greed.

And in all of the suffrage

And anger and spite

All who convey

Still think they are right!


Man has been out the jungle for some thirty five thousand years.

If recorded, revelations of the past, has only one, point of view that date back some, seven thousand years,


Whether receiving knowledge, then, or five seconds ago should be logically pro-gressive

Because, as humans,

We have evolved to stand and walk forward and continuously learn

We should above everything else,

Be mindful stewards, of our only civilization.

Written by
Everett C Borders Jr. Ph.D.

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