tagSci-Fi & Fantasy1 Space Ship, 2 Women

1 Space Ship, 2 Women


Earth Corps Vessel Alexander.
Deep Space.
Three Years Out Of Earth
July 1st 2285.
0730 Hours.

For six months molly had waited, wanting, crying herself to sleep over the one, she let gets away, but she had asked herself, why? Every night had been the same way over this one person... what was it about this one person out of billions, thousands even hundreds she knew... What was so special about this one person? Of all the people on her ship... why this one? The kiss they shared was unusual, but amazing. Every time she walked past, she had to restrain herself since that one moment. It had haunted her. Nevertheless, she knew that a captain in the Earth Space Corps, she cannot get involved with an officer under her command, but she yearned, ached, needed that kiss once more. Was it wrong to have these feelings for an officer under her command? On the other hand, could it be the best relationship she had been in since she left the academy? No, she shook off the feelings and walked onto the command deck of her ship. An old patrol ship two years away from decommissioning by the corps.

Slowly she walked to her station and looked around the command deck; suddenly her eyes fell on her target. Sat as always at the engineering station.

"No Turn away, look back at your console as always" She whispered quietly.

The voice in her head told her to look back up, she wanted to watch, see what would happen, it had been so long since that touch, the touch she had yearned for. For a moment her mind wandered back to that time, the mission to an unexplored alien space station, they needed a distraction; all that came to mind was that one kiss. At first, it disgusted her, the thought of sharing something so intimate with a member of her own crew, let alone her close friend. They had served together since she was first assigned as chief engineer on a small corvette class ship ten years ago, if it wasn't for her career and position as one of the most battle hardened officers in the fleet she would have considered to pursue the relationship if that's what it was. Although that kiss was a little more then just a distraction for the guards, it felt real to her. Passion, wanting passion, although she had never considered this kind of relationship before, especially one with another species. Granted, they where biologically compatible in every way, even the appearance was more or less human, but for a small raised ridge on the forehead, but why did she had had to fall for this person? Out of everyone on the ship, why her friend? However, once she was told, the heart wants what the heart wants. Out of anyone on her ship why her?

She sat watching her closely as she elegantly worked her engineering console, her fingers delicately danced over the controls as she maintained the ship's engines during this flight. Threw her tight space corps uniform she could see her breasts moving slowly as she breathed. With every breath her captain's heart beat, pounding in her chest until her friend looked around slowly at her with a slightly smile. Time seemed to freeze for the captain as the alien engineer's green eyes focused on her; they shone like two beautiful emeralds glowing in low light. With a slight smile, the captain turned back to her work of monitoring the status of the ship.

1600 Hours.

After her duty shift, she made her way to the gym to try to work off the feelings as she had since that day, although lately she had worked harder to keep her mind from wandering to the alien engineer.

For twenty minutes she had worked on the treadmill pushing her to breaking point trying to keep her mind focused, the sweet was running down her body as her breathing became deeper. After her workout she walked into the shower to clean herself off, the shower was hot and powerful it did not take long before she was completely relaxed, until she heard the large metal doors to the gym opening and a familiar voice, her body tightened at the voice echoing threw the large room.

"I'm going to take a shower, I shall see you soon. Perhaps then we can work on that punch bag?" The female voice called as if half way threw a conversation.

"No problem ma'am. I have to get going anyway. I'll see you tomorrow night"

Footsteps fell closer to the shower as the captain looked around for some place to hide, or escape. Suddenly she was faced by her worst nightmare, standing before her, holding only a towel in her left hand and wearing no clothes.

"Captain. I thought no one was here"

"That's not a problem Clara, I... I was just leaving" She said nervously.

"Oh please, you haven't finished"

"I'm sorry Clara, I should really be going..."

Her voice turned nervous as she tried to avoid looking at the beautiful woman stood naked before her, tried to avoid reaching out and holding the alien goddess before her, temptation and restraint. How could she tell her? Tell her that she had ached for her day in, day out for months, yet seen her everyday and not been able to touch her. One moment, one touch was all she wanted.

"... I have a few reports to take care of"

"Now you're reaching for excuses. You have been avoiding me for months now Molly, is it something I have done?"

"W-what makes you say that?" She stuttered.

"You can not lie to me. I have known you too long"

She hid her face as she looked at the wall, trying to keep her eyes off her friend slowly walking towards her.

"It's nothing. I just..."

"Please, don't lie to me, if something is bothering tell me, you are not even looking at me" The tension in her voice arisen slightly

"I just..."

The captain's eye slowly focused on the alien engineer, her friend; and god only knows what else. Her cheeks flushed as her heart raced. Clara was just with in her reach, she saw her self reaching out and touching her beautiful body, running her fingers across her amazing breasts and down between her legs.

Clara noticed her friend looking at her, taking in every curve of her body with almost photographic detail. Being honest with herself, seeing her friend before her, her flushed cheeks, her long dark hair dipping onto her naked body, brought some unusual feelings to the surface, feelings she hadn't felt since... no! She shook them off as she looked at her commanding officer, after all, rules where rules, but there are always ways around any rule.

"Just what?"

"Nothing" Her nerves once more began to fray.

"Nothing? Molly please, you know you can tell me anything, we used to share things."

Clara's Mind was made up; her hand reached out and took her friends. She could almost feel her trembling as she leaned forward and kissed her softly.

Molly's heart pounded with excitement as her friends tongue danced inside her mouth. She reached in and pulled her close in a tight embrace, the embrace she had been waiting for, for so long. The kiss deepened between the two as Clara's hand began to move up between Molly's legs; pushing them apart softly as the parted her pink wet lips. Breathing deeply Molly's head rolled back as Clara pushed softly with her fingers as her lips moved down and kissed her neck moving slowly to breasts.

Clara's tongue danced around her erect pink nipple until her lips locked and began to suck softly as her fingers picked up the pace pushing with a little more force on her friends now sopping wet lips. Molly tried to hide her moans as she bit down hard on her bottom lip. She was almost to breaking point as she felt Clara's lips and tongue move slowly down her body; is was almost natural for her as she spread her legs wider to allow Clara access to now throbbing pink lips, as she arched her back bit down on her hand. She was aware that they where in violation of at least three Space Corps regulations, but at this point she did not care as Clara's tongue teased her lips and finally pushed them apart after what seemed like an eternity. The warm wet feeling of Clara's tongue inside her sent her wild as she held off as long as she could before her will gave out and she exploded with the largest orgasm she had ever had. She fell back against the wall as Clara stood up and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, still tasting of her own juices she hungrily kissed her best friend hard, almost afraid to let her go as her powerful orgasm continued.

The two women pulled each other back onto the floor with Molly on top as the kiss continued. Her stomach ached as her nerves took over, tasting another woman for the first time, her kiss continued down to Clara's large breasts, if she was human she would be at least a 32dd. She slowly moved down to her neatly shaven lips now dripping with juices, for the first time her friends sweet taste filled her mouth. Hungrily she pushed her tongue deep inside making Clara shiver with excitement as Molly's tongue danced around inside her until they both her the sound of the large steel gym doors open and someone walk into the gym.

I may carry this story on sometime...
What do you think?

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