10.55 Ch. 03


"Well, what do you think of mummy's new boobs?" I asked with a chuckle, as I took my blouse off.

He dropped his trousers and showed me his erection.

"Perhaps I should go away more often?" he suggested, with a cheeky grin.

"No way am I going any bigger, lover," I replied with a chuckle.

Of course new boobs mean a new wardrobe, and Adam had a few ideas of his own about what might look good on mummy. Some of it I just refused to buy, until I saw the drawings that Adam made of me wearing various outfits. That was it, off we went in search of the clothes and underwear he drew me in. The clothing varied from the normal nurse uniform to a full length Victorian costume, with a few changes. The full length skirt had a black net over it and as Adam suggested, I cut out the skirt underneath, which left just the black net to show off my stockings and suspenders underneath.

So there I was staring at the drawing. I was stood in some palace somewhere with my arms stretched up and chained to a beam above my head. Under the net skirt was man with his head buried between my legs. The side view also showed another man with his hands spreading my backside and his face pressed deep between my ass cheeks.

I felt Adam's tongue gently lick my pussy, as I stood in the same outfit he had drawn. I held his head through the fine net of the skirt and groaned with approval.

My legs soon lost their strength, as Adam rammed a finger deep inside of me. I clung to his head as my orgasm swamped me. My eyes went back to the drawing where I saw Jan from next door, pulling my left nipple with a wicked grin on her face. Again faceless people stood around watching this all take place.

Over the following days I would leave Adam a name on a piece of paper. A few weeks later the 10 watching faces were filled in with faces of the names I left him.

Adam and I shared the same bed now. Even so I knew this was going to have to end. He was off to Art College in a few weeks, and I would cry some nights when he was out with his friends. Even though we spent a lot of time together I still felt cheated. I was losing my son and my lover, and life just didn't seem fair. I suppose I should have been thankful for the times we had, but my mind wouldn't see it that way. When he did leave I cried again. I was like a zombie for a week or two.

Six months later I got on a train, the 10.55 to London Waterloo. I arrived at the art college after getting a taxi, and getting ripped off by the driver I think. My heart was beating like mad and my stomach felt like it would turn over with every step I took.

We just stared at each other, and he smiled. He took my hand and I went into the flat.

"Mum, are you really sure about this?"

"Are you, I mean it was your idea?"

He nodded and we hugged.

10.55 was the time I left my home town to live in a rented flat with my son, even the date was 10/5/2005. That was 4 years ago, and we have been together ever since. Maybe it will come to an end like all good things seem to do. But for now we are happy, living as mother and son as far as anyone is concerned. But behind closed doors we fuck each other stupid, like the last two rabbits on earth, and then there are always the drawings, lots of drawings. Adam never ceases to amaze me with all the different things he has me doing. I've been a pirate's whore, a prison warden, a vampire's victim, and a lady of the manor. I've been gang banged on a train, in a pub, and in a German village during the war when I was a spy. I could go on and on, but I think whatever you could think of Adam will have or will draw me doing it at some point.

I just wonder where I would be if I had ripped the first drawings up and gone berserk at him. Well, I guess you wouldn't have read this for a start, would you?

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well done

SylviaG, you succed in so few pages so much to tell.Wow, i should be upset, lol, after Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel was missing..but i am glad, my dear. Nice story, you win a lot of fans. I am happy tomore...

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by Anonymous05/08/17

Great story I know watching porn movie when my mother came in family room and sat down asked what I was watching.told her porn movie woman with big tits.she saw the tv watching woman getting gangbangedmore...

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