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Jamie and Steve had been dating less than three months but both of them were very pleased with the progress of the relationship so far. While both had been a bit aloof and unattainable to most of the others they had dated, they both allowed the walls between them to come down quickly; most of them anyway.

Steve rarely talked about his family, even though it was very large with several brothers and sisters. He had often thought it was time to introduce her to them, but no clear opportunity had presented itself. Besides, his family could be a tough crowd on outsiders. That opportunity appeared on that Saturday in May, in the afternoon mail.

"Oh my God! My baby sister, Melanie, is getting married in two weeks, and she wants me to give her away." He told her excitedly as he read the wedding invitation. Then he turned to Jamie. "You will come with me, won't you?" She was happily surprised that such a handsome man wanted to attend the event with her on his arm.

"Of course my love." She replied, both thrilled that he wanted her to meet his family, but also scared at the thought of what they would think of her. After all, she didn't think he had mentioned her to his siblings much less their age difference.

"That's great babydoll; we'll fly in a day early so I can show you around my hometown... show you all my old haunts. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into some of my old pals." Steve smiled at the thought; he was so proud of his stunning girlfriend, he actually hoped to bump into some childhood friends.

Jamie was strangely quiet on the flight out. She was nervous about meeting both Steve's family and his friends, but the whirlwind tour of his hometown was actually fun.

That night, he introduced her to his best friend from third grade, Jack Goode, and his wife, who looked old enough to be Jamie's mother. Steve was actually pleased to see the envy in Jack's eyes. After all, in grade school, Jack was the one all the girls chased; Steve was a late bloomer. Although, as Jamie had thought often, if the rumors were all true, Steve had more than made up for lost time. She pushed the thought out of her mind, and when they got back to their hotel room she quickly fell asleep in Steve's arms

The next day was the big event, and Jamie couldn't wait to see Steve's reaction to her dress; it was satin, baby blue, and with a plunging neckline halter-top. She had curled her hair and wore the highest heels she owned. She primped and curled, and plucked, until Steve was knocking on the door of the bathroom. When she finally stepped out and twirled in front of him for inspection, he actually gasped at the sight of her.

"Oh my God Jamie, you look like a doll. You're stunning!" She beamed as she basked in his adoration. "It's not too much?" She asked hesitantly.

"It's perfect, you're perfect." He kissed her lightly on the mouth; as much as he wanted so much more, he didn't want to ruin her lipstick. He knew better.

In the car, he noticed how uneasy she felt.

"Don't worry baby, everyone will love you."

She tried to relax. The ceremony went smoothly enough, although Jamie imagined all of his family staring at her in the church. Suddenly she was having second thoughts about the low neckline on her dress. But she really enjoyed seeing Steve in a tux for the first time, she didn't even know he owned one.

His sister had gone all out on this wedding; the reception was held at a 5 star hotel.. As they made their way inside the hall, many heads turned to watch the handsome couple go past. Half were wondering who the young blonde on Steve's arm was, the other half wondering when Mel's dorky brother had become such a hunk. Jamie could feel their gaze on her and was uncharacteristically intimated by it all. Normally she was very self possessed and confident, but she and Steve had only been dating a short while and she hoped that if his siblings would approve of her; or if they didn't, it wouldn't change Steve's mind about her.

They made their way to a table with two empty chairs. He introduced her to his siblings, all of them; 3 brothers and 3 sisters, as well as their spouses. All 3 brothers were married, but Mel was the first sister to wed. They all greeted her politely, a couple of them were even cordial, but she could tell they were surprised. And she was more than curious about the look Steve received from his brother Greg's wife Cindy.

After supper, a slow dance came on and Steve took Jamie by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Holding her close, they danced and talked.

"You didn't tell your siblings about my age, did you?"

"Does it matter babydoll?"

"I don't think they approve." He could tell she was disappointed.

"If I am happy they are happy." Somehow she didn't think it was so.

There was a tap on her shoulder, and Cindy asked "May I cut in; we never get to see Steve and have even less opportunity to dance with him." Jamie acquiesced, although Steve looked less than thrilled as his sister in law pulled against him tightly. But his brother James, quickly scooped Jamie up for a dance, and he seemed a little free with his hands as well. "It must just be their way" Jamie reasoned

Half way through the night, most of them had warmed up to her, and seemed well over the fact that she was 15 years his junior. She headed to the ladies room and there she ran into his oldest sister, Eve as well as Cindy who was touching up her lipstick.

Eve smiled at Jamie and they talked a little. She was genuinely pleasant, and cordial to her, and as she headed for the exit Eve added "You know, Steve has brought dozen of women to these events and he never ceased to amaze us." Jamie didn't want to jump the gun but she felt an attack coming up.

"What do you mean Eve?" She said as she touched up her lipstick.

"Well, you're by far the prettiest, sexiest and youngest we've ever seen him with... but I haven't seen him this happy in a long long time. Whatever you're doing, keep it up." She flashed a toothy grin, and winked at Jamie, and then was out the door.

Jamie was ecstatic with the comforting words from Steve's sister, but the revelry was soon broken by a voice behind her.

"I wouldn't get too comfortable honey." It was Cindy, and the look on her face could best be described as a snarl.

"And why not?" Jamie responded, feeling her face reddening with both embarrassment and anger.

"He's had so many women, he has probably lost count himself. I know you're after him for his money; eventually he'll catch on. He will settle down with a more mature woman... not a child like you."

"Funny...your husband didn't seem to think I was a child when he dance so closely with me, he must like young pretty things since he seldom sees them."

Cindy was fuming now.

"Well Steve will realize he wants an older more mature woman. I know what I'm talking about; I have been with him myself before settling down with Greg. And back then, he was quite a stallion."

"News flash for you bitch, he still is." Cindy's face dropped and she quickly turned to leave. Jamie took a few deep breaths to calm herself, and then opened the door to leave. She found herself behind Steve's brothers James, Greg, and Sean coming out of the men's room; they were talking about Steve and her, so she stopped and listened.

"He's outdone himself.... Tell me about it! Remember the last one? Yea, just when we thought he couldn't get hotter than her! Yea, but now he shows up with this one, wow! Ten bucks says she will wear him out. But only if he doesn't get fed up of her first. That's true!" The three of them laughed, and toasted "Steve's conquests" with their beer bottles; and she heard them walk down the hallway, still laughing.

She retreated back to the ladies room, and felt almost felt like crying. Could she be wrong about Steve? Could this all be so he could show off to his brothers? And had he really been with his brother's wife? Her head was spinning now. She wanted to be home, alone... far away from all this. She walked out of the ladies room and bumped into Steve who had come to look for her. "There you are honey." He noticed she wasn't the same. She didn't want to say anything to him. She smiled lightly. He moved closer to her and whispered in her ear, "how about some alone time?" "Sure."

He went over to the front desk, and flashing his most charming smile at the girl on duty he placed a $50 bill on the counter and asked her "do you think you can find me a room that's not being used for an hour?" Then he looked back at Jamie and back to the desk clerk and smiled again, "or maybe two hours?" and put down another $50.

The desk clerk couldn't help but wish she were the one going with the handsome man in the tux, but she slipped him a key. As she escorted them to the elevators she explained, "Its room 1113... the honeymoon suite... $850 a night." She glanced at her watch. "And you have EXACTLY 90 minutes, no more!" Then she smiled at Jamie and winked, "Enjoy!"

As the doors closed, Jamie saw his brothers approaching. She also saw them point at Steve and her, smile broadly and they all gave him a thumbs up. She heard Steve laugh, and return the gesture as the doors closed. They rode to the 11th floor in silence.

They entered the room and he immediately pinned her against the wall. He kissed and nuzzled at her neck. She was deep in thought, he didn't notice at first. He slid his hands up her thighs and lifted her dress over her hips. She still didn't respond.

"Get off me!" She said. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her trying to decipher her mood. What had gotten into her?

"What?" He was confused.

"You bring me up here, what do you think I am?" He looked puzzled, he wondered if she were playing.

"What's the matter honey, did you not want to come up here?" He backed away from her.

"Is this what you did with the dozen women you have already brought to meet your family?" He could tell she was hurt, she knew he had introduced his siblings to a lot of women. Now she thought she meant nothing. She couldn't be more wrong.

He ran his hand through his hair in despair. He had no answer for her.

"You make me sick!" She yelled. He was shocked at how mean she could be.

"I make you sick?" He laughed. "Oh please Jamie... its not like you were exactly a virgin when we first made love? Give me a break."

"What is that supposed to mean?" "Listen honey, no one fucks the way you do without having had a lot of experience... so can we please skip the drama."

She laughed out of nervousness and shook her head. She couldn't believe what he was insinuating.

"Coming here was a mistake... and ever feeling what I did about you was a mistake too." She reached for her purse and pulled out a $100 bill and threw it at him. "Here's the $100 for the fuck you aren't getting from me."

She turned towards the door. She grabbed her arm. "Jamie, where are you going?"

"I'm leaving Steve, maybe I can go find one of the hundreds of men you think I fucked."

"What Jamie?? What is this all about??" He knew there was more to it than she told.

She paused, but only for a second. "How many Steven?"

He knew what she was asking and he had avoided that question from the first time they met but he couldn't anymore.

"Jamie, don't do this." He hoped she would drop it.

"Tell me Steven, how many?"

Now, he was totally ignoring her. He turned his back to her. She grabbed his arm and turned him around and she raised her voice

"How many women have you FUCKED??" She emphasized on fucked.

"What difference does it make?"

"A hell of a difference Steven!" He thought he saw anger in her eyes but he quickly realized it was hurt and disappointment. She wanted to be convinced that there would be no others.

He knew he couldn't give into her questions; he had to take another approach. If he admitted to it, it was sure to backfire..

He got in her face "You want to know everything I did with them too?"

She started this and she couldn't step down from it now.

"YES!" She challenged. He put his arms around her roughly and slipped them under her dress lifting it over her hips. With one thug he ripped her g-string. His hand made his way to the front while his eyes stayed locked with hers.

"You want to know Jamie? You want to know how all those whores like to be touched?"

He placed his hand between her thighs and cupped her mound.

"At first I would feel their pussy like this" his hand completely covered her pussy now.

"So I could feel how wet they were for me." He placed his mouth near her ear and she could feel the bulge in his pants resting against her thigh.

"And were they wet Jamie, God they were soaked, all for me."

He glided his finger in between her pussy lips.

"And I knew they wanted me to finger fuck them, the way you want me to finger fuck you now."

She hadn't bothered to answer him, she asked him for it and by now, she wanted it. She wanted his fingers inside her the way all the others had wanted it too.

"You want my fingers inside you, don't you Jamie? You want to feel what they felt, tell me you do. Tell me you want to cum on my fingers."

Her wetness now covered his finger and hand.

"Look how wet you are babydoll, almost half as wet as all my other whores."

Still she said nothing.

"But you're not like them are you? You have a fire burning inside, a fire only I can put out."

He was pushing all her buttons. She was overcome with jealousy as he said these things to her; but she was also incredibly turned on and she couldn't understand why. With his hand he spread her legs apart and found her clit, he rubbed it gently. She tried not to moan, she knew he knew how aroused she was but she was not about to tell him.

He slid his index finger inside her tight hole and it took all of her strength to maintain a poker face. As he slipped it out, he added another finger and inserted them both into her open pussy, she stopped breathing for a second. "God she's so tight, I love it" he thought to himself as he smirked. He held her close with one hand as the fingers from his other hand pumped in and out of her pussy. His hand and fingers were completely soaked now and he knew she would come soon but was resisting as much as she could.

"Most of them were telling me how much they liked to be finger fucked, unlike you who won't admit it." He quickened the pace. She didn't realize her breathing was quickening as his fingers fucked her. He held her tight with one hand as the other hand did wonders to her wet open cunt.

He felt her begin to tremble and quiver and he slipped his fingers out and found her hard clit, her pushed against it and rubbed it fast. He kissed her deeply as her orgasm began. Inside her mouth, his tongue found hers and she moaned sending vibrations through his body. As his tongue circled hers, his fingers circled his clit with the same motion. She was cumming hard and he loved it. As her orgasm subsided, the kiss was broken.

He looked into her shiny eyes as he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. He loved the taste of her juices. The sight of him licking her juices from his fingers aroused her incredibly.

"God Jamie, I can never get enough of you." She saw the desire in his eyes, and it was clear to her that she meant more than the others did. She wanted more and he knew she did. And he wanted it as well. The game was on.

He picked her up and made his way to the bed. "Let me show you how I fucked each one of them Jamie." She didn't protest. She thought he would place her on the king size bed; instead he put her on the floor. She looked a little surprised.

"Whores don't get fucked the traditional way on the bed, they get fucked on the floor." He removed his tie and threw it aside. He unbuttoned his shirt while he looked at her, she didn't move. She was in awe of him as she always was. She bent her legs, her feet flat on the floor and her dress lifted up exposing her gorgeous pussy, he knew she was ready for him and his eyes were locked with hers. She closed her eyes just long enough to hear him unbuckling his belt. When she opened them, he was naked positioned in front of her.

He lowered himself on top of her, his cock pressing against her soaked pussy. He kissed her ear and whispered "Let me show you how I fucked them baby, how they liked me to fuck them". His hand made his way to her pussy again; he never tired of touching her.

As he rubbed her pussy he whispered to her again "There was one girl who would come instantly when my fingers met her pussy, instantly Jamie." He buried himself in her neck. "And some others didn't care about being touched, all they wanted was my cock inside them, the way you want it right now, don't you baby?"

"God yes, fuck me Steve, please!" She smiled to himself "God she is incredibly hot!" he thought to himself. None of the women he had been with were half the woman she was, none could ever be. She spread her legs as wide as she could, inviting him to take what he wanted. His hand still handling her pussy he spoke again "I love how wet you get, God you're so fucking wet. Are you ready for me to show you how I fucked them? All of them?" he teased her.

"Yes Steven, show me how you fucked all those fucking whores". She licked her lips. He held her hips and gently rubbed his cock along her slit stopping at her hard clit, the tip of his cock rubbed against it, making it stand up. He stood up on his knees, between her legs and stared at her pussy. Now that he looked down at her most intimate place, she felt vulnerable. The muscles in her legs tensed and she felt her legs closing up a little. But he held them apart. He had seen many pussies but Jamie's pussy was the most beautiful he had seen. When her legs closed, the two lips covered her pretty little clit completely as if to safeguard it. But when he spread her legs, it was as if that flower bloomed, it was pink and beautiful and her clit was like a tiny button at the top of the blossom.

She put her head up to see what he was staring at; she started to feel self-conscious. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"God, nothing is wrong. You are – without question - the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." He opened up her legs again and his comment made her comfortable enough that she let him do it. "Let me show you how beautiful you are to me Jamie."

He positioned his thick cock at the opening of her pussy, and slowly glided it in with his hand. As the first inch of his hard member entered her, she moaned. She thought she would come immediately but she fought to hold back.

"I would spread open their pussy lips and ram my hard cock deep inside them like this Jamie." But he wasn't ramming his cock inside her, he was going slowly, he wanted to feel every inch of her and wanted her to feel every inch of him.

"Can you handle a good fucking Jamie? Can you? Or do you want it slow?" He entered her a little more. Her pussy was incredibly tight, and every time he entered her he remembered just how tight it really was.

"Fuck me hard, fast, slow... I don't care, just fuck me!" She demanded. Her breathing quickened and she wanted it.

He held her legs apart at the knees as he slipped all the way into her.

"Oh God..." She said as her head thrashed from side to side. "Yes, that's it... fuck my pussy like you fucked those other sluts!"

That was the trigger. Her pussy was so wet that he slipped in and out of her all you could hear between her moans were slippery wet noises.

"I'm so fucking wet for you Steven! God yesss... I love your cock inside my tight pussy!"

"You do, do you Jamie? You like my big throbbing cock inside your nasty tight little cunt?" He held her steady and pumped his cock in and out of her pussy, and he could hear his balls slapping against her puckered ass.

"God you feel so good Jamie!" he said as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back.

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