tagSci-Fi & Fantasy100 Light Years from Home

100 Light Years from Home


It was forty-eight days since we'd colonized Freth. Forty-eight days was a lot of days especially as Freth's days went by slower than Earth days. I'd checked my watch occasionally to see how it lined up. By the twenty-seventh night on Freth, my watch had burnt out, and I knew it was nearly a year's time, Earth time. A month here was a year. It was a chilling thought, as we set up bio domes to contain our Earth plants while testing to see which ones would take best to the strangely rust-colored soil of Freth. Funny, it was roses that ended up best. A year—a month—whatever the hell it was—later there was a whole goddamn field of roses growing out beyond our ships, across the rusty crimson prairie we'd landed on and called home, and we still hadn't found a way to make the corn grow.

Everyone joked that this planet was tailor-made for me. Rose, Rose, you must be so happy here, Rose! Fuck, I hated it.

I loaded up my pipe and lit up, staring out at the beautiful sunset. The end of a day, though unlike Earth's sunsets these ones didn't last just minutes, they lasted hours upon hours. But already the purple was showing pale near the top of the set and high above me stars were setting in. We didn't follow the sun's cycle, though. No human could've adjusted to this. Was it any wonder we'd found no sentient life on Freth?

I heard the little ding indicating the twelfth hour; lunch would be on in a half hour. Lights lit up all around the settlement as the natural light vanished beneath the horizon. For the next few cycles of twenty-four hours, we would be submerged in darkness and the colony would be lit only by our electric streetlamps. I wasn't sure which was worse: the endless days spent wearing blindfolds to bed and listening to the clock chime tell us when to sleep and when to rise, or the endless nights spent under alien stars, waiting for the clock chime to tell us when each hour passed.

The next week would be dark.

I heard a soft rustle behind me as she came close and sat down, resting her head against my leather sleeve and taking in a deep breath. "Smoking again, dear?"

I hmphed a bit in reply but put an arm around her, enjoying the rich colors of the sunset while they lasted.

"What are you smoking this time?"

I took the pipe out of my mouth and blew out rings of roses. "Roses. They haven't made a baccy plant grow. But I've got a plan. I'm going to get one of those scientist guys and hold him hostage until he caves and genetically modifies me some fucking nicotine."

"Aw, that's so romantic, Rose," she purred, running fingers through the scruff at the back of my head. I'd chopped my hair off not long after we'd landed. I didn't miss it. "Smoking some dried roses to get your fix."

"Romantic." I shifted a bit closer to her. "Not really. More like bitchy. It's been almost two months and god, I'd kill for a smoke. This is worse than fucking PMS, Cass."

She gave me a soft kiss and stood back up, stretching out. I could see the faint outline of her body beneath her gaussian gown, highlighted in the rich colors of the Freth sunset. I savored the taste of her lips still lingering on mine, mingled with the taste of smoke and flowers; mingled with the curious flavor of the planet's air. It always seemed to taste a bit different than Terran air, and though I'd grown used to it whenever I thought of it again, it did seem to be a bit sweeter.

"Even me?" she asked, teasing.


"Would you kill me for a smoke?"

"Nah." I put my pipe back in my mouth and inhaled. It would never be the same. Thank God moving to another planet hadn't changed her. She was still the same as ever: sexy, sensual, and teasing as she moved, watching her walk was like watching her fuck, watching as she lit each lamp along our porch. "I like you more than smoking. Just hate the withdrawals. That's all."

"Didn't think of that before you moved?"

"Babe... we hardly had time to think of sexy underwear before we moved."

"Sexy underwear is more important than smoking?"

"You in sexy underwear is more important than anything," I assured her, studying the supple curves of her ass with a lusty sigh, a sigh full of smoke and flowers.

"I agree!" she said with a laugh, smacking my ass as she walked on by. "Except for eating and drinking and pissing and..."

"Oh, you be quiet." I stood up and pulled her to me, kissing her firmly and definitely, tasting her mouth on my mouth and her tongue on mine as we savored the lingering darkness and I savored her lingering body. It was tempting, and were it not almost lunch time I'd have taken her there. Damn the night, the endlessly distracting night—she was my wife and damned if I wasn't going to enjoy the time I had with her.

It was all too soon that the lunch bell went off and I broke away from her, grumbling at the time. By now it was night, and we were submerged in the darkness. It would last the week now, and it would be just me and my wife and a little bit of teasing in the dark until it was day again. I hated the period of night. We couldn't get anything done. We'd left Terra so quickly when the disaster occurred that even two months later I didn't feel like I was really settled in. Two months, two years. Maybe someday we'd find a way to tell time properly. And damn it all at the same time, I thought, and got my lantern from where it hung beside the door. I always felt like I was missing something.

"Are you going to come?" I asked, as I started down the stairs.

She shook her head, hair illuminated by the lanterns around her. My angel, I thought. She was the only constant in my life. And thank whatever was good for that. I would've gone mad without my dear woman. "I have work here to do. I'll make a sandwich."

"I'll bring you something."

"All right." She smiled. "Tea would be nice."

"Tea I can do." Because of course they could make tea, but they couldn't make tobacco. Of course. I started down the street and headed for the meal tent. I could smell fried vegetables and garlic—mostly the garlic—from a mile away. The planet liked garlic. Garlic and roses and they were working on coffee, so all of us coffee addicts also lost out in the war for interesting Terran addictions a hundred light years from home. But we'd never be going home and I'd never be able to further my need for nicotine again, I supposed. Caffeine at least I could do. I poured myself tea from the tin dispenser, and filled up a small thermos for my wife, setting it on the table.

I went to get a plate and loaded up with the food of the day. It involved a lot of garlic and, I suspected, roses. They could make some very inventive things with roses, which were now the Frethian equivalent of a fucking weed. It cost an arm and a leg to get a dozen roses back home.

I couldn't stop thinking of it as anything but home, even still. Even knowing I could never go back, because the nuclear winter would get me if the radiation didn't first. What a great Thanksgiving it had been. Thanks for the turkey and the mashed potatoes, for the nuclear holocaust and the end of the world! Less than two weeks later, we'd fled from Terra and left our blue marble behind.

I finished my lunch with a mournful craving for bacon that would simply have to go unsatisfied. We didn't have any pigs. And even if we did, we would've had to force them to breed. We had chickens, rabbits, a couple of cows, and some Frethian mammals that somehow managed in the ever so long nights. The cows weren't doing so well. The rabbits were doing great. Bunnyburgers would be on the menu soon.

Cleaning off my plate, I put it away in the kitchen tent and started back home. What was it now, more than two years? I would never get used to this, and the lack of the damn tobacco and the damn corn and the damn cows. I kicked at one of the benches as I started back out of the tent, holding onto the thermos of tea. It was warm, comforting, but didn't change the fact that I felt ever so stranded on this strange planet.

I hung my lantern on the doorframe and opened up the door, heading into the house. The door creaked open, and I entered into a dark porch. Fumbling for the light, I wondered why she hadn't lit our inside lanterns. Maybe she was outside and I'd missed her. Preservation of power was important.

Hands clapped around my eyes. I jumped, but relaxed when I recognized the tinkling voice of my wife behind me. "Oooh, you brought me my tea," she teased, pressing herself up against my back. I could feel her body against mine; her breasts and the curve of her hips and waist caught up into the gentle curve of my spine and ass. "I have a surprise for you."

I inhaled a deep breath of the sweet air, trying to distract myself from the growing sense of arousal. She knew just how to push my buttons. I leaned back into her and savored her touch. "A surprise, honey?"

"Mmm." She pushed me forward slightly, keeping her hands clapped over my eyes. I opened my eyes slightly to peek, but all the lights were off.

"So this is what you were doing while I was enjoying a hearty meal of garlic?"

"You do smell rather garlicky," she acknowledged, kissing me on the cheek. "Maybe I'll have to freshen your breath a bit."

"I know what I can freshen it with," I teased her back.

"Oh, they don't make pussy breath mints."

"I bet they did." They just meant someone, someone out there, someone who was dead or someone who was in the Frethian colony, trying to make a new life for themselves.

She gave a little rueful sigh. I knew I'd hit the wrong button, because once again the melancholy was rising up in my heart.

We rounded the corner. "You see," she purred, "I'd been thinking... and I started to do a little bit of math, and, well..." She took her hands from my eyes and I opened them, blinking a little bit in the dim light. Red candles lit the room we shared, rose petals strewn over the pale pink sheets that covered our bed. The room smelt faintly like roses, and on the desk, a dozen roses rose up from a makeshift vase. Flickering shadows from the candles cast strange shapes all over the room; strange as the planet; strange as the roses.

I felt a quiver of lust beyond my thighs.

I'd never been so thrilled to see roses in my life.

"Happy Valentine's day, Rose," she said quietly, stepping in front of me. Now I could see her; her in the candlelight with nothing on but a few well placed rose petals and a tiny little thong, heels screaming fuck-me-now! I'd seen her before, but hell, it never got old. Even looking at her drew the heat of want into my body's depths.

My breath caught. "Cass..."

"I was thinking, you know. You don't seem happy here, and it's so long without any of the little holiday breaks we used to have, and I mean, all we have to play with is roses anyway..."

I caught her hand and pulled her closer to me, pulled her in and kissed her. Fuck, but I loved her. I loved her and her breathy little sigh. I loved her and that slight shiver that ran through her body. Loved the way she smelt like flowers. Loved the way she gasped and shuddered, melting into my arms as I pressed my mouth to hers. Loved the way her tongue slipped past my lips and she into my embrace.

My heartbeat quickened and I could hear her breathless, nervous—what did she have to be nervous about? I twirled a lock of her hair into my fingers, tugging slightly. "Thank you," I said quietly, whispering in her ear.

She smiled, anxiety melting away like snow in the spring. And I loved her smile, and the flush on her face that was always there when she was aroused; aroused and not just teasing, truly and deeply involved in the flirty game her very body invoked in my flesh. I ran fingers down her flushed cheeks, trailing fingers down the warm skin of her breasts and the softness of her stomach. She kissed me again. Light, soft, teasing. Just as she always was. I whispered her name and she came closer to me, running her pale fingers down my sides. Her fingers caught on my pants, and she ran a finger beneath the belt along my waist, tugging the belt loose.

Cass drew me towards her with the loops on my pants, tugging them down as I came a bit closer. She leaned forward and kissed me softly on my stomach, trailing fingers down my legs as she removed my pants.

I was terribly aroused, and I said as much in a little groan. "Can we hurry things along and get to the wild fucking on the bed?"

"Hah!" She giggled a bit and tugged my panties off, kissing me in the patch of hair above my cunt. I wanted to kiss her more. She had other plans, and pushed me towards the bed, pulling my pants off the rest of the way as I stumbled backwards into the soft embrace of a rose-scented bed. "We always hurry along to the wild fucking, my dear Rose."

"Because it's a good thing!"

"Oh, but I like this," she purred, pulling herself up along side me, and pressing her body against mine. Again I could feel her, warm and intimate in my embrace; sharing my nudity and sharing my bed. I'd explored her a hundred times with my fingertips; a hundred more times with my tongue. I knew every little nook and cranny on her soft, sculpted body. It was her turn to get to know mine, and she traced letters and shapes on my breasts with her tongue as she ran her hands slowly down my form. I gave a soft little moan, encouraging her to keep on as she drew hearts on me with her mouth and flowers on me with her fingertips, and lust on me with her very presence.

Lightly, she circled my nipples, caressing them until they were hard and straining against my shirt. She pulled my shirt off, revealing a black bra underneath, and I squirmed a bit to unhook the bra. She gave one last little pinch before tearing the bra away, exposing my breasts to the air. Then she kissed them, one by one softening her tongue against the hard peak of my nipples and tasting my squirms of want.

Her mouth otherwise occupied, her hands wandered, creeping lower and lower until one hand rested on my mound, the other tracing hearts on my thighs with the tip of her fingernail.

Once she was satisfied, she wiggled upright and sat there on her knees, looking down on me with a bit of a smirk on her face.

"Fuck it, Cass," I growled.

"Hmmmm?" She cocked her head, spreading out my lower lips with two fingers. I shivered a little in the cool air. "What was that?"

"Fuck me, my dear angel?"



She grinned at me. I reached up and grabbed her hand, pulling her down until her face was level with my stomach. "You heard me!" I gasped as she stroked two fingers along the path to my center. "Fucking do me."

"I love you too, Rose," she whispered, pressing her lips against my lips and sucking at my arousal. She traced flames with her tongue and heat with her fingers, slipping one finger inside of me as I writhed a bit in pleasure. Her hands roamed, and I pinched and tugged at my own breasts as the need grew; as the heat grew; as the damn wetness inside of me insisted on expanding until all I could think about was the tremors encircling my clit.

"Fuck me, but I love you too," I rasped as she fucked me with her fingers, sliding two fingers in and out of my soaked cunt, tongue lapping at my trembly orgasmic edge.

It hit me like a boulder and I gasped, arching backwards and grabbing at my hair, pulling at my hair as I writhed and spasmed, barely coherent words making it from between my dry lips. She claimed me and kissed me, dragging me deeper and deeper under the wave of orgasm.

It felt like forever before I surfaced, drenched in sweat and drenched in shaky arousal.

She sat up, beaming. "You're so cute when you come."

I grabbed her arm and dragged her down, one hand tearing her thong apart and the other reaching for her breasts. "Cute? I'll show you cute!" I threw her, rolling her underneath myself, claiming her in return.

She laughed as I caught her between the thighs, caught her with my fingertips and pulled her hair. "We should have Valentine's day more often, my Rose." Hearing her laugh was enough to make my night. Hearing her scream would make my week of nights.

"Screw the roses," I growled, kissing her viciously and determinedly. "But I'll take the sexy surprises any night."

She laughed and wrapped her legs around me. "Happy Valentine's day to you too!"

I had to admit it; her holiday reintroduction was a success. Now if only they'd bioengineer some fucking chocolate beans for next year.

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