14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 10


"You better stop for a while," I reluctantly told the buxom brunette. Just as Tiffany had done, she rolled her eyes upward, peering into mine, and pulled her lips off my boner.

I dropped to my knees and kissed Cheryl passionately and then moved behind her, situating myself between the splayed thighs of Tiffany. I lowered my face to her vagina and parted the pink folds with my tongue, licking upward and over her love button. Starting slowly and then working up to a more aggressive pace, I teased and toyed with her until she was moaning and whining into her mom's pussy. When I felt the time was right, I worked two fingers into her wet tunnel, wedging them about halfway into her. She lifted her pelvis slightly, as if trying to get them deeper into her hot little quim, and let out a tender whimpering, "Uhhmmmm." She continued to become more and more vocal as I wormed my fingers in and out of her, all the while nibbling and sucking her growing clit.

As her expressions of lust continued to increase, her body starting to twist and flinch, I knew that I could bring her to orgasm very easily. But instead I decided to prolong her pleasure for a while. I extracted my fingers and hunched my hips forward until I was poised to penetrate the youngster again, only this time it was with my prick. Pressing forward, I easily slipped past her labia and into her more than moist opening. She groaned with delight as I slowly pushed halfway into her, pausing to relish the feeling of her snug warmth. After a very brief period I pulled back, only about an inch or so, then pushed into her, burying myself to the hilt.

"Ummpphh...god that feels good," she exclaimed, pulling away from Cheryl's now sopping muff.

As I commenced stroking in and out of her hairless twat, Tiffany drove her tongue into her mom's gash once more, eating her out with zeal. Before long, though, Cheryl lifted her right leg and, pulling her body around, withdrew from above the teen's head. She came to rest on her hands and knees next to Tiffany's upper torso. Leaning over the girl, she began to lick and suck at the supple, yet firm, breasts of the nineteen-year-old. As I fucked her daughter, Cheryl teased the girl's nipples with increasing aggression, biting and twisting the reddening buds. It wasn't long before the blonde was humping back at me, nearing orgasm.

Again, I decided to delay her gratification in an effort to make it that much sweeter when she attained it. Pulling back, I slowly removed my prodding tool from the confines of Tiffany's vaginal walls. "Ohhh," she whined, "Put it back innn."

Ignoring her plea, I eased back and lowered my face into her crotch, teasing the area around, but not directly touching, her clitoris with my tongue. After giving her a minute or two to calm down, I continued my teasing but began intermittently nibbling the erect organ as well. A few minutes later her ass was bucking up and down and she nearly begged, "Uhmmm yes, yes...Make me cum...Mmm yes, c'mon."

I couldn't withhold what she desperately wanted any longer and clamped my lips around her clit, driving two fingers deep into her hole. Sucking with all my might on her love button, combined with the force of my fingers plowing in and out of her was enough to push her over the edge. "OhYeah-OhYeah... Oh-Oh-Yes-Yes-Yes" she panted. And then, as the climax crashed down on her, she wailed, "Uh-Uh-UhhhhOh-godOhhh!" as her hips bucked up, her flat stomach contracting. Once the orgasm peaked, her abdomen spasmed, tightening and releasing over and over for several seconds before she came to rest with her backside again residing on the blanket.

I released the strangle hold my lips had and disengaged my fingers from within her, gathering myself into a sitting position. I watched as Cheryl reclined and then lay down next to the panting Tiffany. Drawing close, she began kissing the breathless girl, their tongues once more searching each other out. My mind was filled with lust for both of these women as I watched them cuddling for the next minute or two, my cock still hard and throbbing in my lap. To tell the truth, I was ready to get busy again, but I couldn't bring myself to interrupt them. After a few minutes, though, it appeared that their cuddle time was ending, so I moved in, working my way between Cheryl's legs.

Again, I lowered my belly to the blanket and pushed my face into the woman's crotch to begin munching her older, but still sweet box. I licked my lips and could still taste Tiffany's nectar on them as I neared my target, which was Cheryl's clitoris. Closing my lips around the nub, I teased it with the tip of my tongue while I simultaneously suckled the surrounding flesh. She let out a long sigh, moving a hand to my head and running her fingers through my hair. As she did, I heard Tiffany's voice saying, "I'm going to cool off in the lake for a minute," and then I sensed her rising from the blanket.

As I continued licking her pussy, alternating back and forth between the full lips and distended clit, Cheryl propped herself on her elbows and said, "She really likes you a lot, you know."

I paused and looked up, nodding my head. "Yeah... That's why I nearly forgot about meeting you," I told her. Then I briefly explained the conversations that Tiffany and I had engaged in earlier. "I told her that we might be able to hook up and see each other at times," I finished.

"That would be great," the woman granted, and then inquisitively asked, "What about me... Am I included in that?"

I chuckled and said, "I think that was the general idea."

"Good," she said "Because to be honest, I've taken a liking to you too," she went on, confirming what her daughter had told me earlier in the day.

Like a good poker player, Cheryl wouldn't tip her hand and divulge why she had 'taken a liking' to me, but I was satisfied that I'd made an impression. I hadn't come on this trip to find a soul-mate, girlfriend, or any other kind of a relationship, but you can't deny that it always feels good to know you've made a positive impact on someone else.

About then I heard Tiffany splashing out of the water and looked over to see her coming toward us. "We can talk more about this later," Cheryl told me, and then with a smile, concluded, "Right now I want you to fill me up with your hot cum."

That was my cue and I lowered my face back to her slippery vagina, dipping my tongue inside. By the time Tiffany flopped down next to us, I was happily tongue-fucking her mom for all I was worth.

The girl leaned over, resting on her forearms and on her knees, her inviting ass jutting into the air, and engaged in yet another lip-lock with her mom. While they kissed, she brought her left hand up to roam over Cheryl's chest and abdomen, lingering over her large breasts. After teasing and tweaking her mom's stiffened nipples, Tiffany shifted and set on the swollen buds, one by one, with her lips. While she busied herself nuzzling the older woman's bosom, I centered my assailing lips on the woman's love button for a final assault before I raised to push my stiff dick into her waiting gash.

By now, Cheryl was vocalizing her pleasure with soft purring groans, punctuated with light gasps and the occasional "Ohhh." As I pulled my face away from her crotch, I watched for a moment as she snaked her left hand between Tiffany's legs, bringing it up to slip a pair of fingers into her daughters pussy. The blonde reacted by ceasing her sucking, just long enough to let out a long, soft "Mhhhmmm," and then she returned to what she was doing.

Cheryl started working her fingers slowly in and out of the girl and I positioned myself to make my entry. "Uhhhhhmmm...Yesss," Cheryl moaned as I steadily pushed into her, not stopping until I was entirely buried in her wet muff.

I held my cock tightly in her depths for several seconds, and then started to pump in and out at an unagitated pace. Using long, even strokes, I slid easily back and forth in her vagina, wedging my hairless balls against the slope of her ass with each insertion. "Oh God, yes... Fuck me Mike, fuck me," she called out as, after several minutes, I began to pick up the pace.

Once I started increasing my efforts, it wasn't long before I was hammering into her in heated fashion. Each time I bottomed out, her full breasts heaved upward, giving Tiffany a difficult time keeping her lips connected. To remedy this problem she simply lifted her head and slid her left hand down her mom's abdomen to search out her clitoris.

Successfully finding the fleshy organ, Tiffany started teasing it bringing an exhortation of, "Oh God... Yes, Baby, yes... That feels sooo nice!" from the older female. It wasn't long, to my surprise, that Cheryl was humping back at me, on the verge of blast off. "Fuck me Mike, fuck me!" she urged. Then instructing Tiffany, she groaned, "Make Momma cum, Sweetie... Make me cum."

The friction of her humping coupled with her dirty talk was bringing me to the edge as well and I could feel my juice preparing to erupt. Then, as the girl furiously rubbed her mom's clit, Cheryl's hips rose steadily from the blanket until she moaned, "Uhhhhh-Uhh-Uh." And, after a moment with her ass held high, her hips lurched, bucking up and down as she blissfully cried out, "Oh-Ohhhfucckkk... YesYesss... Uhhuhhh!"

The motion of her lunging hips and the sound of her voice as she wailed through her orgasm was all I needed. I thrust forward, encasing my whole shaft in Cheryl's twat, and released my load deep inside her. "Uhhhnnnnn," I groaned as the cum escaped my cock and waves of climactic pleasure poured through me. Holding tightly inside her until my release peaked, I then began a series of short, hard jabs, as if trying to pump more of my sperm into her.

"Uhhnn-Uhhnn-Uhnnn," I grunted with each sharp insertion, before coming to rest inside her and trailing into a soft, joyous laugh. "Damn!" I said, huffing and puffing. "That felt great," I added with another chuckle, tingles running up my spine.

I remained coupled with Cheryl until my dick softened and began to slip out of her hole. By this time Tiffany had shifted to a sitting position next to her mom's shoulders. I slumped forward, twisting around Cheryl's raised knee and onto my back, coming to rest with my head on the blanket, between Tiffany's thighs. She spread her legs to make room for me and then reached out to run her dainty fingers over my chest as I lay there catching my breath. I turned my head to the right and started tenderly kissing her soft inner thigh. She breathed a contented sigh which, I think, pretty well summed up the way all three of us felt.

We lay there for a few minutes and I continued to kiss and nose at the teen's leg. The more I did, the higher I got, and soon had my neck craned as far as I could, drawing ever closer to her crotch. Although I had just busted a nut, I found myself with a deep desire to roll over and eat her sweet pussy. And that was exactly what I did, thinking, 'Damn, I'm gonna miss this,' as I rolled onto my stomach and started trailing those soft kisses further up her tanned thigh and across her pubic mound.

Her scent filled my nostrils as I gently slipped my tongue over her pretty, pink vaginal lips, making me want to devour her all the more. She leaned back into a reclining posture, planting her hands on the ground behind her, and let out another, louder sigh. Cheryl looked up and chuckled, saying, "You two are insatiable nymphos. I'm going for a swim."

After Cheryl had gotten to her feet and was moving toward the lake, I asked Tiffany, "So are we insatiable nymphos?"

Looking down at me, she giggled and said, "Nahhh!"

We laughed together and then I alleged, "Well I'd hate to think we were falling into that class, so we better knock it off for now."

"Oh, all right," she teasingly whined.

"Besides, I want to be sure and have enough left for just me and you later tonight," I told her in a more serious tone.

A broad smile came to her face and her eyes beamed at my comment. So, with that, we got up and followed her mom into the water, splashing and playing away the afternoon.

Upon returning to the lodge, we found the rest of the group gathered on the deck in varying attire, most of them lacking it. They were busy grilling the last of the steaks for our final dinner together. Tom and Mark were the only ones wearing anything at all, both of them sporting only swim-wear. Of course the three of us only added to the skin parade when we made our appearance, wearing only our smiles. Tom and Dave were quick to pick up on, and razz me about, my 'haircut', as Cheryl had so eloquently put it earlier.

"Did your girlfriend talk you into that?" Dave snickered.

I shot him a 'shut the fuck up' look and proudly boasted, "Nope... She did it; And I love it."

I think he was jealous that Tiffany was spending more time with me than him, or any of the other males. I could have gotten into an intense verbal 'pissing contest' with him but decided to just ignore his poorly chosen remark and timing.

Still, to drive the point home, I pulled the girl closer to me and leaned over, french kissing her with gusto. I looked into her eyes and knew that I had made a mistake by saying what I did. Her eyes were glowing with affection and triumph since, by my statement, I had acknowledged her as my girlfriend. But the fact of the matter was that it would all be over tomorrow when we said our goodbyes, so I just left it alone.

When the steaks were done, we ate and then cleaned up the supper mess as a team. Afterward, we grabbed some beers and started to reminisce about our time together for the past two weeks. As the conversation moved on, there was laughter and sadness combined, Kelly and Tiffany both letting the tears flow at times. Cheryl, on the other hand, was as solid as a rock, as were the guys, of course.

At one point, Dave caught me on a beer run and apologized for what he had said earlier. "Listen, I didn't mean anything earlier," he began. "I gotta say I've envied you the last few days though," he continued.

"What can I say? We just connected somehow," I told him, adding, "But I wouldn't go so far as to say she was my girlfriend."

We talked about the situation briefly and then he laughingly asked, "But come tomorrow, are you going home with me and Tom, or with them?"

I faked a pout, acting like a little kid who's found a stray dog, said, "But can't I keep 'em?" We laughed again and all seemed right with the world once more.

By the time that we returned to the activity room, where everyone was gathered, the discussion had turned, focusing more on the sexual hijinks of the last ten or twelve days. The conversation went on for about twenty minutes or half an hour and it was evident that it was turning on the men. Their pricks were all in one stage of erection or another and you could just tell that they were itching for some action. I have to admit that I too was cranked up and ready, my woody pointing at the ceiling as I sat there with Tiffany snuggled close to my side.

To my surprise, Cheryl excused herself saying that she wasn't feeling too well and was going to bed. After she had been gone for a few minutes, I asked Tiffany if she thought we ought to check on her mom. She said that she would, and that I should stay with the group. While she was gone, Kelly told the group about that first day that she and Tiffany had been together. It was the day that Dave and I had caught them as we were coming back from our little fishing expedition. She told us how she had wandered out onto the deck and saw the blonde sunbathing on the boat dock, and decided to put her plan of doing everyone in motion. Her story went on for several minutes and by the time that Tiffany had returned to my side, she was telling everyone how she had 'confronted' me that same night.

While Kelly talked, Tiffany settled back into the couch and wriggled her naked body as close to mine as she could. Her feet were drawn up under her bum, and she was leaning with her right side against the back of the couch. She had her right arm draped along the top of the couch, behind my head, with hers lying on my shoulder.

When she was situated, I asked, "Your mom Okay?"

She replied, "Yeah, she's fine," and then turned her attention to Kelly. It was just then that the woman was telling the group of horny men how she swallowed my cum after her surprise blow-job. "That's no big deal... I've done that," Tiffany whispered seductively in my ear.

Kelly went on to finish her tale with the rest of what transpired between us that night. Talking about our skinny dip, they way I'd eaten her pussy at the top of the ladder, and eventually how she had ridden me to our mutual orgasms. As her story unfolded, Tiffany seemed to edge closer and closer to me, if that was possible, and I could almost feel the envy building inside her. Really, though, I'm not sure if she was jealous or just turned on by what Kelly was saying. Nevertheless she was locked onto me as tightly as she could be. By the time the narrative had ended, Tiffany was playfully stroking my stiff cock and smooth balls, as if to signify to the room, 'Yes, but it's mine now'.

The randy guys couldn't hold out any longer and they descended on Kelly in a fury. Tiffany and I watched as they began a gang-banging that she wouldn't soon forget. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, Paul turned to us saying, "You guys ought to get in on this."

We declined and continued to watch while we toyed with one another for the next fifteen minutes or so, then I looked at her and asked, "Want to go upstairs?" She nodded in the affirmative and we quietly slipped away.

As we were exiting, I looked back at the venturous Kelly, with Tom's dick stuffed in her ass from below, Dave hammering away on top, Paul and Mark standing at her shoulders as she switched back and forth, sucking their cocks. Before we made it out of the room, Paul moaned, "That's right Baby, swallow all my cum," indicating that he was emptying his balls in his wife's mouth.

Tiffany ascended the stairs in front of me and I couldn't resist leaning forward to plant a big kiss on her swaying bottom. When she felt my lips contact her skin she stopped suddenly and my face smashed into her butt, bringing a giggle from her. I quickly silenced the giggle by slipping my tongue between her tight cheeks and licking up the crevice. She mewed and leaned forward placing her hands on the steps in front of her, allowing me to delve deeper into her crack. I wiggled the tip of my tongue past the lobes of her buttocks and could taste her sweet wetness as it contacted her vagina. I darted my tongue in and out a few times, without being able to access her very well, and then backed away and rose to a standing position behind her.

I could hear muffled moans and cries of sexual bliss coming from the group in the activity room as I gently prodded at Tiffany with my rigid member. Within a moment or two I successfully guided the head into her waiting box and slid it about a third of the way home. "Uhhhmmm," I heard from her when I penetrated the opening, grasping her hips for stability. To say that it was an awkward stance would be an understatement, but I pressed on anyway and was soon as deep into her as my placement would allow. I slowly worked my tool in and out of her wetness in easy, patient strokes while we listened to the purely lustful fucking of the other group.

It wasn't long before we heard Kelly squeal out in what could only have been climactic pleasure, for the first of what I was certain would be multiple times that night. As her wailing subsided I withdrew my cock from the warmth of Tiffany's cunt and lowered myself to the steps, turning to a sitting position this time. Tiffany knew my plan and began to lower her crotch to my face, but before my view was blocked, I caught a glimpse of Paul crossing into the kitchen. He was standing there watching, unbeknownst to Tiffany, as her hairless twat obscured my view. I don't know how long he watched, and I didn't really care. I went right to work, lapping at the girl's pussy, her tasty juices coating my tongue in no time.

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