tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 11

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 11


Day Eleven – Exhibitions

Kelli lay face up and naked on the forest floor, wrists and ankles firmly staked to the ground. Skin smeared and dirty from the soil, the detritus of the woods adhered to various parts of her bare body, held in place with a thin sheen of cold sweat. Though blindfolded, her head strained upwards as she sought to identify the source of the sounds around her. The taut muscles in her neck and legs revealed her fear, though no sign of it escaped her lips. Her fear was justified. Around her stalked a pack of wolves, their cold eyes hungrily devouring her helpless form. One, larger than the rest, crept forward as silent as a shadow. The alpha male, it treated her as cautiously as it would any prey, knowing that sometimes the most helpless looking animal could suddenly become the most dangerous. But there'd be no such trouble from this one. The stakes were fixed firmly into the hard ground. The ropes left little room for movement. And her legs and arms were spread wide, affording no leverage to use to escape. As the male wolf approached, Kelli swiveled her head from side to side, feeling the fear mount but not knowing why. The wolf paused in the space between her legs and sniffed the air, catching a scent it knew and understood. Every fiber in her body trembled with fear. As the animal's muzzle leaned forward, it transformed into a man's head. And the paws that grasped her thighs were suddenly hairless. Even so, when the human tongue pierced her quivering pussy lips, she still let loose a terrified scream. . .

Jack shot upright in bed, the nightmare leaving him with a thudding heart and a throbbing hard-on. He blinked his eyes against the after images, knowing full well where the impetus for that particular dream had come from. He looked over at his wife, her nude body curled up contentedly on the rumpled white sheets. He could just catch a peek of her nipple through the tangle of arms, and her vulnerability shot another spark to his already tingling groin. As he turned to pull her flat so he could impale her with his own alpha male member, he caught a glance of the clock. And did a quick double-take. Nine eighteen! He was late. Extremely late. His wife had failed to wake him with his morning blowjob, and now he'd have to endure an eruption of another kind when he got to work. One not nearly as enjoyable.

Kelli would need to be punished for this. Severely punished. But he had neither the time to do it right, nor an idea of what should be done. Instead, he silently slipped out of bed, got ready for work, and took off without waking her. At the office, he found that two of the three voice mail messages were from her. She'd probably be apologizing for forgetting her duties. She probably didn't even know what time he left the house, or that he was late to work at all. Worse, she might even think that he was going easy on her after her performance last night. And that certainly wasn't the case.

In truth, Jack was running out of ways to punish his wife. He'd certainly gone beyond what he'd imagined in the first days when he'd dreamed up this path to redemption. Fucking her in public was one thing. Having her masturbate in front of a room full of strangers was quite another. Only incessant trolling on the internet had led him to the sex showplace they'd visited last night. The activities he had planned for this night were net-inspired, too. But now he was stumped.

The message-waiting lamp on the telephone continued to flash. He listened to the message, just to see how apologetic she would be.

"Jack? Are you in yet? I, um, I'm sorry I didn't do the, you know, this morning. I wanted to. I was just so tired from last night, the wine and the, um, you know. You didn't have to let me sleep in. I wanted to wake you up properly. I would have. So, um, thanks for thinking of me. I love you."

So she did think that he'd let her sleep in! Angry at himself, he punched the button to get the second message.

"Jack? I know you're busy. But you didn't leave me a list of things to do today. Or, at least, I can't find it. Can you let me know where to find it? Bye!"

At least she remembered enough about her circumstances to know that he'd have chores for her to do. He'd have to come up with a proper punishment tonight. Until then, he'd follow the plan for the day that he'd devised over the weekend. Fortunately, his boss hadn't noticed his late arrival, and he could still take a relatively long lunch. They'd need every minute of it.

Jack climbed into the passenger seat of the family car and looked critically at his wife's clothes. In response to his orders, she'd worn a pair of tight, white shorts, and a bright yellow halter top that looked to be one size too small. It didn't take much inspection to see that she wasn't wearing a bra under the top. But only Jack knew that she wore no panties under the shorts. A pair of open-toed sandals completed the ensemble. He offered no comments as she pulled into traffic and headed for the mall, though his anger at the morning's events still smoldered. He felt as though hi s options for effective punishment were severely narrowed. He could force her to drive around town topless, but how embarrassing was that to a woman who had spread her legs in front of 40 leering men? He could pull her pants down and spank her soundly, but he suspected that she was beginning to really get off on the helplessness and the pain. Besides, he wanted to find something that was appropriate to the crime. That would take some more thinking.

They got to the mall faster than he'd anticipated, so he had her park in a dark and secluded corner of the parking garage.

"Pull up your top," he ordered after she'd shut off the car.

She gave him a startled look but immediately complied. Without even glancing around he leaned over and sucked the nearest nipple into his mouth. Her tiny nugget felt hard against his tongue, and it grew more and more prominent as he massaged it between his teeth. Without any prompting she leaned into him, and he stuffed great gulps of her tit into his mouth. She began panting greedily as he lashed her nub with his tongue, and soon her entire bosom was covered in spit and sweat. As he urgently ravaged her tits, he just as frantically rubbed and probed the V beneath her shorts, letting the friction of the denim heat her cunt and clit. As she thrust her pelvis against his hand, he crammed his mouth over her breast, engulfing it, reveling in it, knowing that he owned every inch of it. Without removing his hand from between her legs, he came up for air and gave her a challenging order, "A word game. One minute. Ten answers. For every one you miss, ten bare hand swats on your naked butt. Ready? Ten words for a woman's breasts. Go!"

She had a few ready from her research on the net. "Boobs. Tits. Um, jugs. And, um, melons. And, ahhhh, what's that restaurant? Hooters! And what else? Titties? And there's that other one. . . what does Dad's friend call it? I, I, I think it's . . ."

"Time's up!" Jack said, squeezing her pussy for emphasis. "I think that gives you five. Not very good for a slut fuck, don't you think? Titties are just smaller tits. And in case you're wondering whether I know five more, here they are: knockers, headlights, torpedoes, knobs and your rack. Though given your pair, I think we should go with torpedoes, don't you? That's fifty swats on your bare butt before midnight. Hope you're not planning on doing too much sitting!" He gave both her boobs a friendly bat. "Now get dressed. We have to go shopping."

Once inside they headed straight to a woman's dress shop that specialized in knock-off designer styles. While they could get what they wanted at a chain store, Jack had selected this one because there was a separate waiting room for husbands just outside the dressing rooms. Before they entered, Jack told his wife exactly what he wanted her to get, and then he went to the waiting room while she gathered up the clothes. Less than ten minutes later Kelli arrived with a salesgirl in tow. "I'd like to try these on, if you don't mind, and I'll get back to you," Kelli said to her, when it became apparent that the girl wanted a say in the purchase decision.

The first dress Kelli modeled for him was far too complicated, especially given the parameters necessary for that night's adventures. In short order he gave the thumbs down to two more, before she finally donned one that intrigued him. A black minidress, it featured a plunging neckline with a minimum of frills. A single strap hooked around the neck, adding support but leaving her arms and shoulders bare. Best of all, it outlined her figure perfectly His second selection went in the opposite direction. A simple white top, it hung loosely on her body, The main attraction for Jack was that it unbuttoned completely down the front, from the neck to the hem.

"We'll take these two," he said to Kelli, handing his credit card to her. "And ask them if you can wear the white one home."

He waited by the door while Kelli completed the transaction, then led her back to the car. From the way she walked, he could tell that she was incredibly conscious of the fact that she had no underwear on. One wrong movement, and dozens of shoppers would see the shaved slit of her pussy.

In the parking garage, he led her to the passenger side of the car. He'd parked in the very corner of the garage, so they had a concrete wall along both the passenger side and the front of the car. Pulling the fabric up so that her ass was bare, he guided her into the corner and bent her over so that she needed to put her hands on the wall to support herself. Anyone who came along could see what was happening, but wouldn't be able to see her face.

"Here's the first ten of your fifty, slut!" he whispered harshly at her. He let the anger from that morning build up, then let his arm swing forward onto her bare ass, the sound of the smack echoing through the garage. From the way her legs tensed, he could tell that he'd stung her. And after two more smacks her butt had already begun turning a nice shade of pink, noticeable even in the poor lighting in the corner. He paused a moment to fondle each taut globe, running his fingers along the heated skin. It was hard to believe that just two weeks ago that she'd only let him touch her ass when they were making love. And now he had her bent over half-naked in a public place, freely feeling her ass and fingering her pussy.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Three reports echoed in quick succession through the garage as he aimed his attention on the sensitive fold where her legs met her ass. Kelli jumped at each one, a sob fighting its way through her clenched teeth. Jack paused again, the hair on the back of his neck rising. He turned slowly, finding himself to be the object of attention of a small, balding man, sporting a big, leering grin.

"She spent too much shopping," Jack said blithely, turning back to his wife's naked ass. Smack! The sound cracked like a pistol retort. Smack! He asked her how many that had been, then dropped two more on her to finish out the count of ten. Smack! Smack! Jack turned back to look at his audience of one, who had stepped closer to get a better look. Stepping aside, Jack slowly caressed his wife's glowing rear, then suddenly pulled her pussy lips apart so the man could get a good look at his wife's tight, wet cunt. As he saw the man's eyes light up, Jack felt a light go on inside his head. He knew how to punish her for missing his blowjob that morning. And it would be fun for everyone . . . except her, of course.

The anticipation of the evening's events had kept Jack semi-hard all afternoon, and by the time Kelli arrived to collect him, his undershorts were fairly wet with spots of pre-cum. He thought it would be more exciting to go to a nearby city to have their fun. Besides, if they ran into any of the men who'd attended the previous night's show, he didn't want them to think that his wife was some sort of whore for hire. She was his whore, and his alone.

Thirty minutes later they pulled up at a convenience store. Jack cast a critical eye over his wife. Following his orders, she'd made herself up for a night on the town, with lipstick, makeup, perfume and everything. She wore her long hair up on her head, and had a thin gold chain around her neck. The black minidress revealed a nice amount of cleavage. And when he flipped the short hem up, he saw that her slit was well trimmed and ready for action. She wore no stockings, but her high heels helped to accentuate her slim, long legs. Despite the fact that she now sat in a public parking lot with her pussy in full view, she appeared to be totally unconcerned. That would change soon enough.

"Tonight I'm going to have you do some things you'd never dream of doing. And unlike last night, when you had the wine to help loosen your inhibitions, you're going to have to do this all on your own. But no matter how scared you are, you will do it. Because I'm telling you to. In fact, I'm going to be taking pictures of you doing it. So you better learn to enjoy it, and quick. Basically, I'm going to be sharing your beauty with the rest of the world. You're going to be a flasher, an exhibitionist. You're going to give the rest of the world a look at all the private bits that you so easily showed to your favorite church fuck. You'll do it all without argument or complaint, because I say so, and because those 40 spanks I still owe you could easily double to 80, or more. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she answered thinly. From the whiteness of her fingers as she gripped the steering wheel, Jack could see that his wife did indeed have problems with this idea. But he wouldn't get any trouble from her. But this next part . . .

"Oh. And just so you know. I didn't let you sleep in this morning. You overslept. You forgot to be my little oral alarm clock. So I was late to work. And since I'm going to have to pay for that, so are you. So tonight, in between your many appearances before your adoring public, you're going to show me that you still know how to suck. You'll do me whenever I say, in public or not. Now, is that understood?"

This time she could only nod her head, the shocked look of disbelief warring with her belief that he really wouldn't do that. Would he?

"Your first assignment is here," he said, returning his attention to the convenience store. "You'll go to the chip aisle. When you get there, bend over and get some chips from the bottom shelf, making sure that your dress hikes up high enough so everyone can see your pussy. When we're done with that, go to the soda cooler and do the same thing. When you get to the counter, take this $10 bill out of your purse and let it accidentally fall to the floor. When you bend over to pick it up, make sure the guy behind the counter gets a good look at your tits." He reached over and undid the neck strap on her dress. "There. That'll make sure the top isn't too confining."

"Are you, um, you're coming with me?" she asked, the fear noticeable in her voice.

"I'll be right behind you, taking pictures all the way."

Jack watched as she automatically adjusted the hem of her dress before going into the store, then caught herself and grinned sheepishly at him.

Inside the store Kelli nervously moved through the aisles. Jack was just about to admonish her when he noticed two twelve-year-old girls walk up to the counter. No, it wouldn't be good to be flashing in front of a couple of minors. When they finally left the store, he had to hurry to the chip aisle, arriving just in time to grab a picture of his wife mooning the freezer case, the thin slit of her cunt perfectly visible in the garish fluorescent light. He followed her to the front counter, catching a priceless photo of the shocked clerk getting a great view of his wife's full tits literally spilling out of her tight dress. Speaking of minors, the clerk appeared to be barely old enough to in college. But from his wolfish grin, he was certainly old enough to appreciate a nice set of tits.

From there Jack headed over to a nearby mall, taking care to park near the enclosure that surrounded the garbage dumpsters. Without caring who might see, he ordered her to take off the black dress and don the long white shirt. Thigh-high stockings and white heels completed her outfit. As she leaned over to get out of the car, he pulled her back and kissed her forcefully, his tongue lashing the inside of her mouth. With no regard for her comfort, he pressed his fingers inside her cunt, not at all surprised to find her dripping wet.

"It looks as if you like this more than you're letting on. That's OK. Just remember who's in charge!" As he said it, he pushed his thumb into her ass, smiling as she gasped and squirmed at the intrusion.

The mall proved to be mostly empty, which made it easier to flash without getting caught, but also seemed to drain some of the fun from it, at least to Jack's way of thinking. After having his wife expose her tits in various stores and restaurants, he decided to try for bigger game. At an exclusive woman's shoe store, he struggled hard to keep from laughing as the salesman fitted his wife with new heels, the man's eyes drawn again and again to her bare pussy. At the sporting goods store, she tested out some new putters, her actions drawing some especially appreciative attention as she bent to collect the golf balls. And at a jewelry store, she had several salesmen vying for her business as she repeatedly bent way over the cases, her nipples almost leaving marks on the glass.

Excited by the attention but still restless, he dragged her into one of the supply hallways behind the shops. With concrete walls and floor, no ceiling, and none of the aesthetic touches of the outside mall, the slightest sound echoed and carried forever.

"Hands on the wall and spread 'em," he ordered, pushing the garment up to expose her ass. Whack! The sound of his hand on her ass sped through the corridor. Whack! Whack! Whack! He paused to look at his wife and found her face was pinker than her ass. She was blushing!

"If you think that's embarrassing, try this," he said, pushing the garment up past her tits, so that it was bunched between her breasts and armpits. Whack! Whack!

Finally a nearby door opened and a teen of no more than twenty exited. His look of confusion split into a huge grin as he began to comprehend the scene before him. A busty blond, spread eagle against a wall, her ass and tits exposed, and a man slowly but enthusiastically spanking her. Jack waved him over, and as the teen approached, reached down and spread his wife's pussy lips apart.

"My wife needs to learn a lesson. Wanna help?"

Without waiting for an answer, Jack gave Kelli a final slap and stepped aside, gesturing for the teen to take his place.

"You can give her about ten. If it'll help you get in the groove, feel free to give her nips a quick twist. It seems she likes the feel of another man's hands on her body."

As if afraid Jack might change his mind, the teen reached up and began playing with Kelli's hanging tits, pushing and pulling at them so much that they quivered ceaselessly. Then, after softly caressing the globes of her ass, he let his hand fall half-heartedly on her skin with a sound that could barely be heard.

"No, no," Jack jumped in. "She really needs to feel it. Don't be afraid to really let fly. Plus, if you do a good job, I'll let you have something special from her."

Emboldened by the promise, the teen really let fly. Whack! Whack! Whack! Jack watched as the big, meaty hand worked his wife's ass to a glowing red. He knew from experience that the guy's hand had to be stinging by now.

As the youth finally stood aside, Jack moved around to look Kelli in the face. Small rivulets of tears stained her cheeks; whether from embarrassment or pain he couldn't tell. She glared at him, but was too well trained to voice her protest. Oh, well, some experiences were bound to be worse than others. Staring straight into her eyes, he said vengefully, "I think my wife got the point. Now for your reward. You can either eat her nice ripe pussy in the position she's in. Or . . . she can turn around and you can suck her tits for a while." Kelli's eyes grew wide for a moment, and then her face took on a blank quality as she accepted his orders.

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