tagExhibitionist & Voyeur18 Years Old - That was a Fun Time Ch. 03

18 Years Old - That was a Fun Time Ch. 03


Once we were in the loft the cops started asking me some questions. The first thing they asked me is what would my mom and dad think if they knew I was in the back seat of a car getting my pussy plowed by a long fat cock. What would they think if they knew I was drunk and stoned.

All I could do was beg them not to call my parents. I told them that it would kill my mom and my dad would disown me. I would do anything for them not to find out. But it was all up to the cops. All I could do was hope they wouldn't call them or take me to jail.

They then asked me how long I had been fucking. I just looked down and told them that I got my first taste of cock on my 18th birthday and I feel in love with it. I told them that I couldn't get enough of big cocks. I got a good fucking at least 3 times a week for the past 5 months.

They then asked me how much sex I had gotten that night. I told them that I had sucked off Chuck in the car, Fucked Chuck on the sofa and sucked out Nancy's pussy and that Danny had fucked me in the car. I told them I didn't know why I loved to fuck like I did but that I just couldn't get enough of it. Why would you go outside and fuck when you had a house to fuck in they asked. I didn't know why, Danny asked me if we could do it outside and he has such a large cock I couldn't turn it down.

They wanted to know how many more times I planed on getting fuck tonight and I told them that most of the time all 4 guys had a shot at me before I left. By the time I was finished I would be covered in cum and that I would be back in a few days to get it again. I asked them again not to call my parents and all they could do was think of more questions to ask me.

They asked me what I would be willing to do so they wouldn't take me in. I told them again I would do anything. They just looked at each other and smiled. The cop that had caught me told his partner to go back to the car and get their personal bag and bring it back in. I was still standing there with cum running all down my legs while the 2nd cop went downstairs while the first cop kept looking at my naked body smiling from ear to ear.

When the 2nd cop got downstairs everyone stopped fucking and he just looked at them and told them to not to stop on his behalf, he had other things to take care of and went out the door to the car.

When he came back in he had a small black bag and walked in past everyone downstairs and came back up to the loft. I was still standing there naked and he handed the bag to the other cop. I had no idea what was in the bag, but was a little scared at what it might be. When the 1st cop opened it I saw it was full of weed and a pipe. I couldn't believe what I was seeing then he said, haven't you heard. Cops have the best weed. We get it when we bust dealers.

He pulls the pipe out and loads it and tells me to take a nice big hit. This was some killer shit. I don't know what type it was but I do know that it was a hell of a lot better any of the shit I could get. After 2 hits I was fucked up as hell. I then asked them, this is it. You just want to get stoned with a naked girl. They just smiled and told me that this was just the start of what they wanted.

I asked them if I could sit down because I was so fucked up I thought I was going to fall down. They told me sure as long as I had my legs open so they could see my hairless pussy. I didn't have a problem with that, as a matter of fact I wanted my legs open so I could stroke my clit. I sat down and dipped my fingers inside my pussy to cover them with cum and started stroking my hard clit as they watched.

The next thing I knew, I was watching these two cops rubbing their cocks through their pants. I could tell now what they wanted to not call my parents. I was hoping this is what it would take. From the look of the outline of their cocks this was going to be one hell of a night.

I asked them if they would like for me to suck each of their cocks for them. That was all they needed to hear. Next thing I know there are two uniforms laying on the floor and two very nice size cocks were standing straight out waiting for my willing mouth. The only thing better than a thick hard cock in my mouth is having two thick hard cocks for my mouth.

They walked forward and I reached up and took one in each hand and started stroking them. I would suck one while stroking the other and then switch. Both of the cops told me what a great cock sucker I was. I told them that I loved to suck cock. I have had more cock in my mouth than I have in my pussy. I had only been fucking for about 5 months but I had been sucking cock for 3 years. I had my first load of jizz in my mouth at 15 and I had to have more.

I then took both their cocks and held them together and sucked both heads at the same time. This was more than they could stand. I don't know if it was from having both their cocks in my mouth at the same time or if it was from their cocks rubbing against each other. Either way I got two loads of cum spraying in my mouth and on my face at the same time. Fuck that was wild as hell and I knew that I would be doing this again for years to come (and I have many times).

After they finished we all just set on the bed and smoked another bowl. I must add that I found out, cops do have the best weed. I was shocked that two cops would smoke weed and then arrest people for doing the same thing. But in those days they didn't drug test so I guess it didn't matter unless you got caught. After we finished that bowl I was fucked up to hell. I swear I felt like a zombie. I couldn't believe it but I had ate a pussy, been fucked twice and sucked three cocks till they exploded in my mouth and I was still in need of more cock.

After about 20 minutes or so I was laying back on the bed stroking these two wonderful cocks while they were each rubbing and fingering my pussy and sucking my tits. They asked me if I had ever been double teamed before. I told them that the only time I had taken two cocks at once was a little while ago when I sucked them both at the same time. I had taken 4 different cocks in the same night many times but never two at once. They asked me if I wanted to try and I told them hell yes.

The first cop lay on his back and told me to suck his cock and get it good and wet so he could fuck me. I leaned over and took his cock and spit all over it and started stroking it while I sucked on it. I then stopped sucking and reached down and slid four fingers in my pussy to cover them with Chuck and Danny's cum. After my hand was covered in cum I rubbed it all over the cops cock and started sucking their juices off of him. Once he was good and hard he told me to climb on his cock and ride it while I sucked his partners cock.

I took his slimy cock and pushed it in my used pussy. Once he was inside me his partner came around to my head and slid his cock in my mouth. He told me to spit all over his cock till it was dripping with my spit. He said that he wanted me to be a nasty little slut for them. I didn't have a problem with that, because I was a nasty little slut. I wanted to be used like one too.

There was spit dripping off his cock as he fucked my mouth. Then all of a sudden he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me I was getting ready for the ride of my life. With that he went around behind me and spit on my ass hole. I had never had anyone do this before and then I found out what was happening. He put the fat head of his cock against my ass. He told me just to relax and I would be cumming like I had never cum before.

Next thing I know I feel that fat head push inside my virgin ass. I had never had a cock in my ass before and I screamed when the head entered me. His partner had stopped fucking my pussy and just held inside me. I couldn't believe how painful it was to have the head of his cock in my ass. He kept telling me just to relax. I said How the hell can I relax when something is going in my ass for the first time. I told me he would be gentle until I told him to start fucking my ass. I thought he was full of shit, there was no way that I would ever tell him to fuck my ass cause it was hurting so fucking bad.

He was right though. Once he had all his cock up my ass he just held it there. I couldn't believe it but my ass was getting used to having a cock in it. Then the other cop started pumping his cock in my pussy again. I could feel those two cocks rubbing against each other. The feeling was wonderful, I was amazed that having a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time could feel this good. He was right, after I got used to the feeling of having my ass and pussy stuffed full I was begging them both to fuck me. I wonder how many other girls they have done this to, because it didn't bother either one of them to have their cocks and balls rubbing together. So I would bet this wasn't the first time they had done this.

It wasn't long after that till I had both those cocks plowing my pussy and ass. Then I heard it again, the cheers from behind me. I looked around and all my friends were standing in the loft rubbing their pussies and stroking their cocks cheering me on. Once I saw them there I thought I might as well make a gang bang out of it. So I told Sam and Billy to come up on the bed and take turns fucking my mouth and Danny and Chuck to get their cocks in my hands.

This was the first time in my life that I had been in a gangbang. I was high as hell and getting the fucking of a lifetime. I have never been this full since that night. I couldn't believe that I had a cock in my ass, a cock in my pussy, two cocks taking turns in my mouth and one in each hand.

The cops didn't last much longer. They were both yelling they were getting ready to cum and I couldn't say a word because I had a cock in my mouth. Just then I felt the cop in my ass grab my hips and pull me hard against him as he started dumping his jism in my bowels. I guess the feeling of his partner shooting off in my ass was more than he could handle because he started pumping his load up my cunt.

Once they finished the one in my ass pulled out and then his partner lifted me off his cock. Sam then laid down and told me to climb on his cock which I did and then Billy pushed his cock up my ass. Twice in one night I was getting both my holes full of cock. I was still stroking Danny and Chuck while I was getting fucked.

Sam and Billy didn't last long. I was soon feeling another load of cum being pumped in my ass and pussy. Once they finished cumming they pulled out and Danny and Chuck took their place. This was three cocks that had been in my ass in less than an hour. I was acting like a sex starved whore, I couldn't get enough cock tonight.

Danny and Chuck were pumping their meat in my ass and pussy and the cum was running out of me with every thrust in me. I looked over my shoulder and I saw Nancy and Sandy sucking the cops cocks hard again. I heard them tell the girls to get them good and hard because they were want to swap off of my ass and cunt after Danny and Chuck finished.

A few more strokes the boys started unloading in me again. I was so used I felt like I wouldn't be able to walk for a week. With another load of cum pumped in my ass and pussy there was so much cum running out of me I didn't know how long it would take to get my ass and pussy cleaned out. I had never been fucked so many times in one night. The most I had ever been fucked before was 4 times in one night. Tonight I had six different men in me and had taken four loads in my pussy and three loads in my ass and four loads in my mouth.

After they finished with me I couldn't take any more that night, but I told the cops they could call me any time and I would be more than happy to fulfill their needs. They seemed disappointed that I couldn't take anymore cock that night. But they decided to just fuck Nancy and Sandy and let me pass out on the bed with cum running out of me.

When I woke up the next morning I was covered in cum and had to finger fuck myself till I came again thinking about the wonderful fucking I received the night before. I couldn't wait till the next time this would happen. I didn't have to wait long, the cops called me the next weekend and wanted to meet me after they finished their shift. We did, and they brought friends.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/23/17

Good use of language

Yeah. I was around that age in '85 and I can hear the way the characters talk and the words they use. It's authentic. With all that fucking, sucking and fluids that chick is going to get a UTI. Lol. Justmore...

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by Anonymous09/16/17

Hope to read about more adventures!

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