tagIllustrated1950s: Housewives Lesbian Society

1950s: Housewives Lesbian Society


Summary: Sweet babysitter is seduced into secret lesbian society.

Note 1: Thanks to Rebecca the famous artist, whose artwork inspired and was used for this new series. Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'. Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series.

Note 2: This is the second chapter of a multi-chapter story about one woman's journey of sexual submission and lesbian exploration through the decades and through four generations of family members.

In part 1, 1950s: 1st Time With a Girl, our 2015 protagonist Kimmy is given a gift; a scrapbook from her recently deceased great-grandmother, Rebecca. When Kimmy opens the scrapbook, she is shocked to find that the scrapbook is a journal of her beloved great-grandmother's sexual adventures...with drawings. Kimmy reads in awe of Rebecca's first time with a woman. Once done reading, Kimmy pleasures herself while reliving her most recent seduction of her nerdy science partner Zelda.

Note 3: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

Note 4: Normal text writing is present day; Bold is Kimmy flashing back to one of her own sexual encounters or fantasizing about one; italics is the scrapbook stories of our hero Rebecca.

Note 5: Also, please note that although I've tried to make the main characters as close as possible to look the same, the photos are taken from a massive collection from Rebecca's website. Thus, there will often be subtle differences (freckles, breast size, etc). That said, I don't believe it should hinder the enjoyment of the story.

1950s: Housewives' Lesbian Society

I woke up feeling refreshed the next morning. I sat up and saw my great-grandmother's scrapbook and reached for it. I couldn't wait to read what happened next.


I opened the scrapbook and began reading....

Ellie and I would pleasure each other a couple more times before summer ended and she headed back to college and I to high school (Sure wish Skype, Facebook or cell phones existed back then).

For a month or two, I figured it was just an anomaly. A brief moment in time where I wasn't myself. Yet, I knew the moment I was changing for gym that I craved pussy (sorry for the profanity... but it's going to get a lot worse). Each pair of tits, each tight ass, and every brief glimpse of pussy had me light-headed and hungry.

I resisted the temptation, of course. I was way too shy to even hint at my eagerness to please, plus it was 1954... no one was a lesbian... not in my small town... at least so I thought.

One night, I was babysitting for Mrs. Sherman, whose husband was away as he often was, while she went out for her weekly bridge night. I got the kids to bed, and tried finishing my questions for Hamlet, when I looked at the clock and saw I had at least ninety minutes before Mrs. Sherman would be home.

Horny after going to the football game and drooling over the cheerleaders, I decided I would masturbate so I could think straight (I know, a terrible pun). I took off my jeans, pulled down my panties, and began rubbing myself.

I closed my eyes and imagined being used by the cheerleaders. I wasn't a nerd per se, nor was I a popular cheerleader... I was a member of the Student Council and a member of debate club (now you know why I love to argue with your Dad... that, and it really pisses him off).

Anyway, I replayed the day before, when I had walked into the gym and saw Sarah Hamilton, one of the senior cheerleaders, changing. In this fantasy, I imagined that she saw me staring at her and ordered, "Becca, get over here."

I went over.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, as she guided me to the floor.

I nodded wordlessly as I stared at her beautiful puss, which was completely hairless. I didn't know such a thing existed.

"Do you want to lick my pussy, Becca?" she asked.

"Yes," I whispered, unable to pull my gaze from her pussy.

"Tell me what you want, Becca," Sarah ordered, as she spread her legs wider and asked, "Do you want this?"

"Yes, Sarah," I nodded. "I want to lick your pussy very much."

"You want to be our cheerleader pussy pleaser?" she asked, as she rubbed her pussy.

I didn't hesitate, willing to lick every cheerleader in a heartbeat. "God, yes. I'd love to be the cheerleader's team mascot."

"You can travel with the team and please us on the bus before the games, at half time in the change room and, of course, on the bus again on the way home. That way even if we lose, we win."

"God, yes," I nodded, wanting to bury my face in her sweet pussy.

"Go ahead, you little pussy slut," Sarah said sitting on the bench, "Lick me."

I didn't hesitate as I leaned forward and buried my face in her pussy. I licked hungrily, wanting to get her off and swallow every last drop of her pussy juice.

"That's it," Sarah moaned, "That's it, get that tongue of yours in my pussy."

I tried to make my tongue like a small cock and fuck her. After a couple of minutes, she stood up, got onto the bench, turned around and ordered, "I want you to work for this, Becca."

It was awkward in that position, but I reached up and resumed licking.

"Such an eager little slut," she purred, as I licked and licked, my hands on her tight ass.

"Who is licking you now?" I heard a voice say from behind.

I froze.

"Keep fucking licking, slut," Sarah demanded.

"Sorry," I apologized, as I resumed licking her pussy, knowing I now had an audience.

"It's Becca," Sarah revealed.

"I knew she was a lesbo," the voice said from behind.

"Are you a lesbo?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, I'm a lesbo," I moaned. "I want to eat your sweet pussy."

"Is that so?" Mrs. Sherman asked, jolting me from my fantasy.

I opened my eyes, my fingers in my pussy and saw Mrs. Sherman standing in front of me.

I stammered, as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy "M-M-Mrs. Sherman!"

"So you want to eat my sweet pussy?" she asked, looking down at me.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I apologized, mortified to be caught in such a compromising position in her home.

"Don't apologize," Mrs. Sherman said, as she pulled down her skirt. "I think we better find out if I do indeed have a sweet pussy."

My eyes went big.

She wasn't mad.

She was undressing in front of me.

As she pulled her panties down, I was staring at her pussy.

"Go ahead, Rebecca, lick my pussy," she said.

"Really?" I asked, in awe.

"Now," she nodded, as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her pussy.

I extended my tongue and licked.

I was immediately intoxicated by her unique pussy taste. Although similar to Ellie's, it was also somewhat different.

"Oh yes, Rebecca," she moaned. "I think I will have you coming over to babysit a lot more now that I know of your unique extra-curricular abilities."

As I licked, I agreed, "I need lots of practice."

"That I'll be willing to help you out with," she moaned, as I slowly licked her pussy.

I continued licking for a couple more minutes before she moved away and said, "Get undressed, Rebecca. I want to see the rest of your body."

"Okay, Mrs. Sherman," I nodded. I stood up and finished taking off my jeans and panties. I then took off my blouse and bra, oddly not at all uncomfortable to be completely naked in front of an older woman. Truth be told, I felt rather liberated.

"You have a very nice tight body," Mrs. Sherman complimented, leaning in and kissing me as her hands went to my ass and pulled me into her.

We kissed for a couple of minutes, before she purred, "Now come and finish what you started."

"Yes, Mrs. Sherman," I nodded, as I watched her move to the floor. I followed after her, lowering myself to the floor too.

"Go ahead," she offered. "Get licking, my pet."

Hearing the word 'pet' sent a chill up my spine as I moved between her legs and resumed licking.

"So good, Rebecca," she moaned, as I continued my eager exploration of her entire pussy.

"I couldn't agree more, Mrs. Sherman," I replied, as her moans started increasing slightly.

"That's it," she purred. "Suck on my clit now."

"Yes, Mrs. Sherman," I obeyed, as I moved my head up slightly and moved my lips to her clit. I tugged on it as her moans got louder.

"Oh yes, Rebecca, don't fucking stop," she moaned loudly as she grabbed the back of my head and began rubbing her pussy on my face.

I did the best I could to keep pleasing her, as this prim and proper mother of three ground her pussy all over my face.

"Keep licking," she demanded, before seconds later my face was coated with pussy juice.

I lapped up as much of her cum as I could, knowing, without a doubt, I loved pussy. When she let go of my head, she looked down at me, and smiled, "This was a very pleasant discovery."

"I can't believe you didn't call my parents," I said.

"Oh, I plan to call some people," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"We were trying to decide who was going to replace Amber," she said.

"Amber Pullings?" I asked, a girl who graduated last year. She was our class President, head cheerleader and the daughter of a church Minister. She had gone to college overseas on a full scholarship, the first girl in our school's history to get a scholarship out of country.

"Yes, she had been doing a lot of community service the past year," Mrs. Sherman said, stressing the words community service.

"Okay" I said, not catching on.

"It looks really good on the resume to be a key member in the community, Rebecca," she continued.

"I know," I nodded.

"Amber's colossal volunteer work in the community was instrumental in her getting a full ride scholarship to Oxford," she continued, giving ominous statements that clearly had a greater purpose that I was not comprehending.

"She was a real go-getter," I nodded, recalling how she was clearly the leader of the school. She was even the first female valedictorian at our school. I briefly thought of Ellie and how Amber was a perfect example of the feminist revolution Ellie often talked about.

"Oh, that she was," Mrs. Sherman laughed, before getting rather serious. She asked, "So, are you a go-getter too?"

"I suppose," I said, although I wasn't anywhere near as popular or successful as Amber. "But I don't think I'm in the same category as Amber."

"Oh," she smiled wickedly, which confused me even more, "Oh, I think you are definitely in the same category as Amber. Are you eager to please?"

"I do like to make people happy," I nodded, adding, "I do a lot of volunteer work at school and in the community."

"Are you good at following instructions?" she asked.

"I guess so," I nodded, the question rather odd.

"And I know you're dependable, as you are always on time when you come to babysit," she said, standing up and walking over to the cabinet.

"I believe in punctuality," I nodded.

"You are definitely the perfect candidate to replace Amber," she nodded.

"Replace Amber for what?" I asked, still completely confused.

She didn't answer as she asked, "Do you remember Amber's school President Campaign last year?"

"How could I not?" I laughed, "It was everywhere." There were posters, radio announcements, and free baked goods daily.

"Well, that was all part of the secret society," she said, as she walked back to me.

Confused still, I asked, "What secret society?"

"Can you keep a secret?" she asked, now standing over me.

"Yes, ma'am," I nodded, somehow wanting to show a bit more submissiveness to her by using ma'am.

She smiled, holding pictures in her hand, "There is a rather large secret society of married housewives that get together regularly."

"Okay," I nodded, thinking that wasn't that big a deal.

She then added, "It's a secret lesbian society."

"Oh," was all I said, as suddenly everything she had been saying the past few minutes began to make complete sense.

"We were sick of the way our husbands and male society saw women as just baby makers, dinner makers, and house cleaners," she said.

I smiled, "I have a friend who thinks the same thing."

"You do, do you?" she asked, "I'd love to meet her."

"The final straw was when another mother in the community saw her daughter's textbook with a chapter "The Good Wife's Guide" that taught teenage girls how to be subservient women for their future husbands. Carol couldn't take it anymore," Mrs. Sherman said.

"Carol?" I questioned. There was only one Carol. She was the wife of one of the church ministers.

"I wasn't supposed to say names," she sighed. "But yes, Mrs. Madison."

"Okay," I said, trying to wrap my head around all this.

"So, she got a bunch of housewives together and we started a secret society of change. Over time the society became a place for women to also explore their sexuality," Mrs. Sherman explained.

"Oh," was again all I could say, as my head envisioned the church minister's wife eating out Mrs. Sherman.

"And for the past three years we have had a high school senior as our secret member at school spreading our feminist cheer and also being our housewife pet," she revealed.

I was speechless. Was she implying I would be the next pet?

"I trust you so much, I will show you pictures of the last three housewife pets," she said, handing me the photos.

The first was a kinky picture of Michelle Post, who now worked at the bank.

"She was a very obedient pet, as you can likely see from the picture," Mrs. Sherman said.

"Looks like it," I nodded, as I flipped to the second photo.

"That photo almost compromised our secret society," Mrs. Sherman laughed. "We were celebrating so hard at the diner about Kara's acceptance into Harvard that it went into the morning. Kara had pleasured all twelve of us that night, and was about to finally get her own reward from the newest member of the society, Mrs. Crampton when another classmate jogged by."

"Oh my," I said, drawn into both the picture and the shocking story.

"Yes, so we had to go and seduce Penelope too," Mrs. Sherman shrugged, although she never became a full time housewife pet... more of an associate housewife pet."

"Crazy," was all I could say, apparently complete sentences no longer able to be formed by my muddled brain and horny body.

"We have become a lot more careful since then," she said. "That could have been anyone, including a man, and that would have been a disaster."

"Why?" I asked, before adding, "Wouldn't the truth of how women felt and believed make change happen sooner?"

"Oh, Rebecca, such a sweet innocent girl," she smiled. "No, change must come from inside and that means through small undetected movements."

"I guess that makes sense," I nodded, knowing how change didn't come fast. Treatment of the blacks in the south still a really good example of that. I flipped to the last photo.

It was Amber. At school.

"That was taken after her victory as School President. We were a lot more careful, making sure that the school was completely empty," she revealed.

"Wow!" I said, staring at the beautiful Amber with her legs spread open so invitingly.

"That can be you," she said.

"I can be School President?" I asked confused.

"If you want," she shrugged. "But what I really meant is you could be a housewife pet. You could be the secret agent of change. You could help with the revolution."

I thought of Ellie and smiled. I knew what she would want me to do. I looked up and asked, "When do I begin?"

She smiled, as she lowered her pussy onto my face, "Now!"

I brought her off to a second orgasm my head spinning with all I'd learned: a secret lesbian society, senior female agents who seduced other seniors, and that I could be an integral part of it.

Once I got Mrs. Sherman off for a second time, she said, "Yes, you will definitely make a great housewife pet."

"I aim to please," I nodded.

"That you do," she smiled, as she pulled me up and kissed me. When she broke the kiss, she added, "That said, we also believe in strong discipline."

"Okay," I said tentatively.

"Yes, you will only come when given permission from one of your many housewife Mistresses," she revealed, as her hand moved to my very wet pussy.

"Mistresses?" I whimpered.

"Yes, each housewife will be in charge of you. You will obey every one of them. Thus you are the submissive pet and they the Mistresses," she explained.

"Okay," I nodded, that somehow turning me on even more. I loved the idea of being other's pet.

"Of course, the one exception to the rule where you can come as you wish is when you seduce follow seniors to the revolution," she added.

"That I'm not so sure I can do," I said, being rather shy.

"You will be trained to be both a completely obedient pussy pleasing pet and also a sexy seductress," she added, as she slid a finger into me.

"Oh God," I moaned, overwhelmed from everything and instantly near orgasmic bliss. "Can I come, Mistress?" I asked, as she slowly fingered me.

She pulled her finger out and said, "Unfortunately only head Mistress Madison, who is Mistress to all, can allow your initial orgasm."

"Okay," I whimpered, as I learned even more about the secret society. "You are all pets to Mistress Madison?" I asked.

"Yes, we are," she nodded. "There needs to be a queen."

"That makes sense," I nodded.

"I will contact Mistress Madison in the morning and I am sure she will be in contact with you very soon," Mrs. Sherman said.

"I hope so," I smiled, wanting to show my eagerness.

She kissed me again, paid me for babysitting, including the extra hour I was there, and led me out of her home. She reminded me, "This is a very closely kept secret. I trust you will tell NO one."

"Yes, Mistress," I nodded. "I won't tell a soul. Although I can't fathom anyone believing me anyway."

She laughed, "That is probably true."

It was two excruciating days later that Mrs. Park, my History teacher, asked me to see her at lunch in her classroom. I was worried all morning, as I had never been asked to stay after school.

I arrived right on time, nervous, and she greeted me warmly, which made me feel better, "Hi, Rebecca, I'm happy you could come."

I could have sworn she stressed the word 'come', yet just nodded, "You told me to come at lunch."

"And I hope you will indeed come," she said, this time undoubtedly stressing the word 'cum'.

"I don't understand," I said, still oblivious to her real intentions.

"I am supposed to excuse you from the next class so you can go and see Mrs. Madison," Mrs. Parks revealed.

"Pardon?" I asked, even though I had heard her words. I just hadn't remotely considered that Mrs. Parks could somehow be involved in this secret lesbian society.

"Go directly to Mrs. Madison's home right now, she is expecting you," Mrs. Parks instructed.

"Yes, Mrs. Parks," I nodded.

"You know where she lives, right?" Mrs. Parks asked.

"Yes, ma'am," I nodded.

"Have fun," she said.

I didn't respond because I had no idea what to say to that. I was headed out of school when my best friend Kara stopped me.

"Where you going?" she asked, as I passed the cafeteria.

"Um," I pondered, not sure what to say. I quickly lied, "I need to run home for my Mom."

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