tagLoving Wives2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 02

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 02


As I lay beside Rebecca the morning after we'd consummated our marriage I realised how lucky was I to meet and marry such a goddess. I was a lowly computer geek and she was a girl going places in high finance. We were both a similar height and weight but whilst I was skinny and lacked any real muscle, she was beautifully curvy with an ass to die for. I often dreamed if I was indeed ever going to die, I hope it was under that. She had gorgeous shinny hazelnut hair. Anybody that saw us would think she was so out of my league.

We'd known each other since childhood. She'd dated many pigs in her past whilst I was that token best friend she always fell back to. Afraid I've forever live in the friends zone, one drunken night I confessed my undying love for her. Scared initially, she warmed to the idea and I think she saw me as a security blanket. I wooed her with love and affection and always put her first in my mind for everything. She fell for my warmth and humour and even if I wasn't an Adonis, I've never hurt her and love her with all my heart. I worshipped the ground she walked on and would do anything for her now and she knew that. I was so happy when she agreed to be my wife.

We didn't have full sex until that night of our honeymoon. It was brilliant and bad at the same time. I came too quickly as I was so excited. I promised to try again after twenty minutes rest but the sheer pressure of the occasion made my little fella go soft when I needed it to get hard. Frustrated she brought out her final present. I had a fair idea what it was when I saw the box.

"I want you to wear this for me," said Rebecca. "I know you'd never cheat on me but it's important that we establish the ground rules in this marriage right from the off. I want to show the world that I have a man that loves me enough to lock up his penis for me. I want a man that doesn't put his needs before mine."

I lay there on the bed stunned and shaking as she took the plastic cage and proceeded to pull my cage into my new prison. She snapped the belt shut with a little padlock and my fate was sealed. In that moment having struggled initially to get erect to have sex with my wife for a second time, I suddenly became horny again. Immediately I wanted to show Rebecca how much I loved her and started to kiss her neck, down to her breasts, her milky thighs and before I went to kiss her ass, she swung her leg around and pulled me into her pussy.

"Show your wife what you can do with your tongue now your little boy is all confined."

I went to town on her and made it my mission to get her to achieve a mind shattering orgasm.

"That's it baby, lick your wife.....ohhh that's so nice...yes baby!" she panted.

"Oh god my friends were so right, this is so the life for me. I'm going to get you doing this regularly pet. I don't think your penis could do this for me......ohhh. I'm going to cum."

I licked faster and faster at her labia. My mouth was cramping but I was never going to stop until she reached nirvana

"YESSSS!" she screamed in her bridal lingerie as she finally came on our wedding night. We slept like babies after that.

That morning Rebecca was radiant the morning after our wedding still prancing around the Honeymoon suite in her white silk lingerie. As my penis stirred, I felt for the first time my penis feel tight in its constraint and unable to get fully erect.

"Morning baby...how's your little boy this morning?" She asked as she grabbed and dangled my cock cage and balls in one hand "what's harder to get used to, the cock cage or the ring on your finger?"

"Both feel really weird, I love the ring Becs but the cage not so much," I replied.

Rebecca suddenly pouted, "you're supposed to love your wife unconditionally & want to prove it to the world."

She laid down the guilt trip & suddenly I was blubbering my apologies & proclaiming my undying love for my bride.

I started to paw at her as soon as I touched her in her silk panties & bra. My cock strained against the cage but it just further fuelled my libido. Soon I was spooning my wife's beautiful ass and showering it with kisses through the silk. Rebecca just lay there basking in it and even when I went to move up her body, she put her hand down and pushed my head down to resume kissing her ass.

"Ohhh that's it baby...worship your wife's ass. Does my ass deserve to be worshipped every day?"

I murmured an affirmative.

"Is this ass the boss in this marriage?" she teased.

Again I gave an affirmative.

"Will you always worship this ass no matter what?"

"I will always putt this bottom to the top of my life," I replied

I could tell from behind she had a huge smile from her cheekbones but I then resumed kissing her other cheeks.

Rebecca broke it off and told me to run a huge bubble bath. It was fit for two and it was one of the most erotic moments of my life. Once run, she made me undress her slowly. On my knees again she turned around as she stepped out of her silk panties and rubbed her ass right in my face. As I unhooked her bra she grabbed my hands and pulled them to her nipples. She yanked down my boxers and pulled us into the bubbly bath.

I began soaping up her breasts as she began to murmur her arousal. I played with her nipples for ages and started to combine my efforts with playing with her pussy. All the time, I could not achieve an erection but boy that seemed to make me ever hornier as I ached for relief. Rebecca achieved her orgasm very quickly and seemed to be stuck up on a cloud. That satisfied me more than any orgasm I could get as her cumming was such a rush for me.

Again as she stepped out of the bath, she made me get down on my knees to dry her and again she pushed her beautiful bottom in my face.

"That was great honey, I think if we do that every day of the honeymoon, I'll let you out of your cage at the end of the week."

I stood there dumbly looking shocked

But I didn't utter a single argument. I just took it & accepted it.

"Good boy not arguing with your wife," said Rebecca as she lay down on the bed keen to have a little post orgasm nap. I lay down beside her and breathed in her gorgeous smell as I contemplated my new life of marriage.

To be continued...

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