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A Twenty four seven lifestyle is a choice that some claim can't be made. They choose to tell us that it is impossible to have a D/S relationship twenty four hours a day seven days a week fifty two weeks a year. They may be correct. Let's look at their point of view. Is it possible to have someone tied up indefinitely, punished indefinitely, or at the brink of orgasm indefinitely? Well no actually it's not. But if that is all that you care to have in a D/S relationship then by definition it is impossible. So you may quit reading now.

Ok for those of you still reading, that is by no means all that goes into a D/S relationship. There is cuddling, sharing, chores, behavior modification and training. Let's start with a few examples. It is not always necessary to pick out the clothing your slave will wear. Instead go through the slaves wardrobe discarding all that you don't like. Next define to your slave how you want them to dress. This might include only thongs and blue jeans for instance or maybe only dresses. Define the way you want your slave to look.

We should discuss money. Some of us have to have a second income in order to pay the bills. Some of us don't. If you have to have your slave work, be prepared to at least do some of the housework. Otherwise they will burn out very quickly. Also do you need to marry your slave? I'm not talking love here I'm talking finances. It may be financially advisable to have your slave as a spouse for tax purposes, insurance and other government agencies. I've met a few who could afford a live in slave and all the medical expenses associated with that. I'm just not one of them.

Next we have hygiene. I took my slave out to a mall where there was a bed and bath shop and we spent several hours defining how she was going to smell. I have a personal predilection for vanilla. That colored most of my choices. But she begged well, to be able to smell like other things. I sampled or smelled each product and we wrote down a list of what she was allowed to buy. Next we went to a styling salon, there I met a hairstylist and defined exactly how I wanted my slave to look. While I was there I picked out nail patterns so that for the next year she has 7 patterns to choose from. Two I noted down for special engagements. Now wasn't that simple. For an initial investment of a day I have now defined exactly how I want my slave to look. I can change this any time I like, adding to it or subtracting from it.

Now onto chores. Set a number of chores either per day or per week. These can be intensely time consuming for the slave, and not take much time for you at all. Cleaning is my favorite. Cleaning a house is a very serious investment of time. Checking however can be quick. Leave little sticky in untoward places that your slave has to find. If the slave doesn't find them all...well use your imagination. You should also spot check what your slave has done. Look at well traveled places as well as ones that don't get inspected very often. Such as light fixtures. I've picked up new slaves whose house was in such disarray that we had to start in a single room and work outward. Also pick a sexual chore, such as masturbation or plug insertion that reminds your slave who they serve and who owns them.

These can eat up large amounts of time. Now we get to the more hands on activities. Going out to a restaurant for instance. Order for your slave and make them finish eating it all. Making your slave eat an ice-cream cone is not necessarily in the same league as anchovies or avocado's. It can be fun to stretch your slaves palate. Sex stores also offer a wide array of possibilities. Having your slave demonstrate a product, undress before the staff or just pick out a video for you to reenact later.

Behavior modification such as not swearing or Bowing/curtsy to everyone you meet. No drinking at parties. Or the good old fashioned Sir or Ma'am to everyone, especially at parties.

I won't get into training here as we all have our own styles. Training games can be a lot of fun though so don't neglect them. Besides it makes your slave feel warm and comfortable to know that you take the time make of them something you desire more. I should mention that sending them to community college to become a masseuse for instance is also a great use of their time.

The most important part of living a 24/7 is that you just do it. It's okay if on some nights if you make love with your partner instead of the slave. Or if they wake you up yelling at you that your late for work. Don't sweat the small stuff.

And most of all, Have fun! Remember if we didn't enjoy it we'd be doing something else.

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