tagRomance250B's New Tenants

250B's New Tenants


After placing the last box in the trunk, she slammed it shut and then loaded all of her bags into the backseat of her car. Picking up her kitten, she looked around a bit wistfully. Leaving her home would be hard, but she was happy that she was moving to a familiar place; a place she already knew and loved, with the man that she knew and loved.

She gave Meeko a little kiss and said, "Well, are you ready to hit the road?" He purred as she nuzzled against him. After saying goodbye to her family, she climbed into the car and sat Meeko in his bed on the passenger's side. They drove for 6 hours, only stopping a few times, with her singing the whole way.

Picking up her kitten and her purse, she unlocked her new apartment and stepped in. She sat Meeko on the floor, her purse on the counter, and then ran around gleefully, circling through each room. The movers who had followed her were now loading in all of the boxes and furniture. She and Meeko sat in the kitchen, trying to stay out of the way.

Once the movers finished and were on their way, Meeko tentatively explored this new environment and she called her sweetheart to let him know she was here. She couldn't wait to see him.

"I'm really glad I called him ahead of time to have everything turned on for us," she said to herself as she plugged in the phone and settled down on the floor. She leaned back against the wall as she dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.

"Hey sweetie!" she exclaimed once she heard his voice on the other line.

Recognizing her lovely voice immediately, he smiled and said, "You're already here?? That was fast!"

"I was excited so I left a little earlier than scheduled... When will you be here?"

"Aw baby, I'm on my way now, okay? I love you."

"I love you too," she said with a smile and then gently replaced the receiver on it's stand.

Jumping up, she grabbed her purse and sprinted into the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup before her love arrived. Only minutes later, she heard the doorbell and grinned to herself. Though it was a simple thing, it amused her greatly. She had her very own doorbell, in her very own apartment, and would be living with the man that she loved.

Glancing in the mirror one more time, she went to let her sweetie in. Before she knew it, she was swept into his arms and giggling happily. They hugged, kissed, and laughed in a joyous reunion. She stepped back and brushed the tears from her eyes. "Let's not give the neighbors too much to talk about on the first day here. Let's get inside!" she exclaimed with a huge smile on her face.

She stepped back, allowing him to enter their new apartment. He had already seen it, since it had been he who picked it out for them. She followed him in and he took her hand. They walked around together, looking through each room. Meeko ran to them and began to rub against both of their legs.

"Well, I guess he likes the place. Thanks again for finding an apartment that allowed pets, sweetie," she said and then kissed his cheek.

"No problem, my love. I know how much he means to you."

When they entered the bedroom, he turned to her with a wicked grin on his face. "This room is one reason I picked this apartment. It's a huge bedroom, which is perfect since this is where we'll be spending all of our time," he said with a wink.

"Oh behave... we have lots of work to do."

"Okay, okay. I can contain myself for a little while."

She blushed slightly and kissed him once more before walking into the kitchen. "It'll probably be best to unpack these boxes first. I don't want to break any dishes while we move the other things around. I brought all kinds of kitchenware from my grandmother's shop so we wouldn't have to buy them."

"Both terrific ideas, baby. I always knew you were a smart one," he said with a chuckle.

She gave him a sour look and began to unpack her flower plates into the cabinet closest to the stove. They worked quickly and in no time at all, their very own kitchen was in perfect working order.

He threw threw the last bit of packing paper into the trash and said, "Well, what room do you want to do next?"

"You know, baby," she began, "I'm really glad we're here, together. Let's go sit in the living room for a while, okay?"

"Sure," he said and took her hand.

They walked into the next room and sat on the floor. She didn't have any furniture for this room yet. Laying her head on his shoulder, she sighed happily. His arm went around her shoulders.

"I can't believe we're finally here; finally together," she said.

He kissed the top of her head. "I know. I'm so glad we got it worked out. You know that I need you."

"And I need you too... always."

She began to kiss his neck. He sucked in a sharp breath as her warm mouth found his earlobe and nibbled at it gently. Rising up on her knees, she moved in front of him to straddle his lap. As she ran her hands along his shoulders and neck, she kissed him passionately, letting her tongue explore his mouth.

His hands found her breasts through her pink tank top, and he massaged them lightly as he returned her kiss. She moaned at his touch and deepened their kiss. Because she was on her knees, her flowery skirt was already pushed up a bit, but his hands slid down to push the rest of it up to her waist.

She let her hands move down his chest and slip under his powder blue t-shirt. Her hands roamed over his stomach and chest as she pushed the shirt up slowly. They broke their kiss only for a second, so she could push his shirt over his head and toss it aside.

Opening her eyes, she moved her head back a little and smiled at him. "Make love to me," she said, "Just take me... I want you, my love."

"Oh god," he groaned as he began to push at her top, trying to get it off. She moved her hands down to help him, and together they removed her tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, so he leaned down and took her left nipple into his hot mouth. She gasped softly as his tongue swirled around it.

Her hands rubbed his shoulders and the top of his back, as his hands slid down under her skirt. He quickly slipped his fingers into the sides of her pink panties and pushed them down. Gently, he laid her on her back to finish sliding her panties down.

He fumbled slightly as he unbuttoned and unzipped his khaki pants, pushing them down along with his blue boxers. With her skirt still around her waist, he spread her legs and moved between them. They stared into each other's eyes as he gently slipped the head of his erect cock into her tight hole. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he pushed the rest of the way in. She moaned out his name as he began to slowly move in and out.

Her legs moved up to wrap around his hips as he started fucking her harder and faster. Their mouths found one another as they locked into another deep, passionate kiss. She clung to him as each of their moans escaped from their kisses.

Gripping his shoulders tightly, she started thrusting her hips towards his. Moments later, she orgasmed all over his huge cock. He felt her pussy tighten and it helped him go over the edge. His cum began to shoot inside of her, and she laid her head back, enjoying the feeling.

She smiled up at him, and he grinned back down. "I've been waiting for that day for a really long time," he said.

"I know, sweetie... so have I," she answered.

They kissed again, and then he rolled off of her to lay beside her. She cuddled up against him, laying her head on his chest. Both of his arms came around her and they fell asleep together.

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