tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 03

3+1 Wives Ch. 03


Zayan's parents had a farm in the Nile Delta, where they grew tomatoes. Every summer, Zayan's sisters and nieces met there and made tomato purée; as the farm produced a lot of tomatoes, it took more than a week to press and cook them.

After Zayan's marriage with Khalida, who became his second wife, Jamila, his first wife, invited her to join the making of the purée, so she would both be of help, and know her in-laws better.

There were only women in the farm, and they were working in a secluded courtyard, so even the most religious among them felt free to remove the veil, and, as Egyptian summer is really hot, they even dared shower together, in a corner of the courtyard with several nozzles.

All women there had a really big bust, but the record was held by Jamila, with her 40L size; Khalida's bust was deemed the winner in the under 30 category, but one of Zayan's sisters told them that her daughter Rashida could be a serious challenge to Khalida's award.

Rashida was taking an exam on Shakespeare at the American University in Cairo, so she could only join the team the next day. When she passed the exam, and went to the farm, everybody saw that her mother wasn't flattering her.

Arabs love telling stories and reciting poetry, so at night, while the eldest in the team told old legends and poetry, Khalida read them some of the best contemporary Arabic poets, and Rashida translated Shakespeare and Dante into Arabic, drawing great applause.

While showering, Khalida and Rashida had already had the opportunity of looking at each other's bodies, and they even accidentally exchanged their bras -- as Khalida's size (34G) was a sister of Rashida's (36F) -- and after the recital the girls talked until dawn about poetry and theatre on both shores of the Mediterranean.

Jamila wasn't just Khalida's co-wife; she was also her Lesbian lover, but in the farm no sexual activity could take place -- except perhaps some masturbation stints, taking care not to howl one's orgasm, of course.

So Khalida developed, day after day, while helping her in-laws to cut, press and cook tomatoes into purée, both sexual attraction and a deep affection to Rashida, affection reciprocated by the latter.

The fourth day in the farm, the work was nearly done, but Jamila told her in-laws that even her relatives had a lot of tomatoes to press and cook, and asked them if they were willing to do that -- keeping half the tomatoes for themselves as a payment, of course.

The women accepted (Khalida and Rashida were the happiest, so they could keep enjoying each other's company), but they had to buy crates of bottles and canisters of gas to do that.

Rashida and Khalida volunteered to carry them to the farm, so they took their cars to the shop, where the goods were ready and paid. On the return trip, Khalida phoned Rashida:

"Darling, there is something wrong with my car. Could you come here and help me decode the dashboard message, which is in English?"

"Ok. Park to the right side."

Khalida didn't actually park on the right side of the highway -- she took the first dirt road on the right, and stopped after driving half a mile into it.

Rashida followed suit, and told Khalida, "If you really feared engine failure, you shouldn't have strayed from the highway ...", but as soon as she was sure nobody could see them, Khalida hugged and kissed Rashida.

Rashida opened her mouth, received Khalida's tongue and then put her own into her cousin's mouth -- she too was waiting for this moment.

They entered Khalida's car, collapsed the seats, and then began to undress. Khalida noticed that Rashida was wearing one of her bras -- "I wanted to smell your body odor, Khalida," she apologized, and added, "And you're also wearing one of mine," as she peeped into Khalida's shirt.

Khalida removed Rashida's bra as the latter laid on her back, began massaging her areolas and nipples while she was kissing her; Rashida hugged Khalida and removed her bra in turn, so Khalida's big breasts fell over hers, and they could grind their breasts against each other.

In the meantime Khalida managed to squeeze her pubic mound against one of Rashida's thighs, and to press one of her own against Rashida's vulva. Rashida brought one of Khalida's breasts to her mouth, and began sucking it, until Khalida became orgasmic.

It was Khalida's turn to suck her lover's tits, and thus both women enjoyed orgasm. They wanted to perform a 69, but the car was too narrow and low to allow that without getting out (and risking being noticed), so they made do with stroking each other's private parts with a hand, and hugging and pressing their breasts against each other with the other arm.

As they were done, Rashida noticed, "You were so skilled! It wasn't the first time you made love with a woman, was it?"

"Actually, no. I've had a good mistress, I still have a relationship with."

"Who's she?"

"Jamila, my aunt and my husband's first wife."

Rashida was astounded, and Jamila explained her how did they become lovers, and how did she marry Zayan in the first place.

After she was done, Rashida asked her, "Are you going to make love with her again?"

"Hmm ... I should talk to her. She's very skilled, but I prefer you."

"What will you tell her?"

"That I think that I've found the love of my life, and I'd like to do whatever to live forever with her."

Rashida hugged, kissed her, and told her, "I've never enjoyed a boy the way I've enjoyed you today. You're probably the best person I could ever make love with!"

"Have you ever had sex with a man?"

"Just petting. But he was nowhere near as good as you. Men are so careless ..."

"Uncle Zayan is very considerate of Jamila. His love for her is manifest. For him I'm just the lovely niece who had to be rescued from shame."

"And what does Jamila feel for you?"

"He loves me, but not the way she loves Zayan. She behaves like a cook who wants to be sure that her guest is always sated, and goes to great lengths for that. I'm grateful to her, but life isn't just made up of sex."

"Do you think your uncle and husband will allow us to meet?", asked Rashida while both girls were getting dressed, and Khalida replied, "I'd better to talk with Jamila first. It's her who wears the pants in my house :-)"

When they reached home at last, all women were worried about their being late, and Jamila asked them, "What has happened? You should have been here one hour ago!"

"We took the wrong turn and ended up into a region unmapped in our GPS," Rashida answered, "But the bottles and the canisters are OK."

The women unloaded them, and as a penance for their careless driving, forced Rashida and Khalida to wash the hundreds of bottles they had brought, in the courtyard, with a garden hose. It was a hot and windy day, and after a quarter of hour the girls were soaked with sweat, dust, water and soap.

They had to undress, put their clothes into the washing machine, shower, and then sprinkle not just the bottles, but their own bodies with water to fend off sunstroke. Some of the elder women frowned upon them, but Khalida replied, "If we dress now, we'll have to wash our clothes again. Better to do this job in our birthday suit!"

But they didn't just do their job: they merrily (and somewhat lustfully) played with water, and Jamila had to tell them off, as the water was filling the courtyard with mud, and the mud was soiling the bottles they were supposed to wash.

When Rashida and Khalida were done, the other women turned on the mills, and began puréeing the tomatoes; Jamila told the girls that they could take a nap, as they had worked in bright sunshine, and they went to the same bedroom -- without even taking care to cover their private parts.

They soon got under the bedclothes, unaware that Jamila hadn't gone to the cellar underground just to take some basil to be added to the puree, but also to overhear them. When she heard a young girl's moan of pleasure first, and then Khalida's squeal, well known to her, she didn't need any more evidence.

She was pondering whether it was best to wait, or to confront the girls now, when she received an SMS from Zayan, her husband: he had rented a motorhome, so he could "visit" her tonight without troubling her relatives -- the house was considered like a harem or a cloister during these horticultural works.

Jamila was cheered by the news, and decided that it was best to ask Khalida what was she going to do. So she went upstairs, walked towards the girls' bedroom, and as she heard them chat, she knocked at the door.

She then entered, sat on a chair and told her co-wife, "Khalida, I could hear you squeal while I was in the cellar. I think that today your GPS has worked wonderfully. Had you driven vans instead of cars, it would probably have recorded where did you stop to make love!"

The girls went pale, but Jamila told them, "I won't reproach you because of your lesbianism, but tonight Uncle Zayan comes here, with a motorhome ..."

Rashida guffawed, and Jamila replied, "He loves me, how could he be supposed to do otherwise?"

"What am I supposed to do?" Khalida asked, and Jamila replied, "That you enter the motorhome, my dear. You're one of his wives, you have to greet him, at least."

Jamila continued, "I don't think that you have done that just for lust; I think that you are really in love with each other. So you should probably take a decision."

"Decision? Which decision?"

"If you want to keep meeting, you need a cover, a pretext for that. I can give you that; for example, our flat is nearer to the American University campus than the students' dorm. If Rashida wants to work as our maid, we can give her an allowance and host her."

Rashida, "I accept!"

Khalida told Rashida, "It's a pity that Egyptian law doesn't allow women to get married -- the way you told me it is possible in some foreign countries!"

Jamila watched Khalida and Rashida, then asked the latter, "Have you ever had sex with a man?"

"Just petting."

"Khalida, is it true?"

"I think so ..."

"Rashida, can I have a look at your vagina?"

The astonished Rashida assented, Jamila noticed that her cribriform hymen was still intact, and then said, "You miss your being unable to marry. What if you had the same husband, and therefore you could live together and make love whenever you like without raising any suspicion -- because the husband would be credited with every howl of yours?"

"Do you want me to marry Uncle Zayan?" Rashida asked, and Jamila answered, "My idea is to hire you as a maid in our flat, so you may meet Khalida, know her better, and ponder my proposal. If everything goes well, you'll end up married with Zayan officially, but with Khalida off the record; if not, you'll be able to better study at the American University in Cairo."

Rashida and Khalida were ecstatic at her proposal, and Khalida told Jamila, "I'd kiss you out of gratitude!"

"It will be your last kiss as a lover. You've given me so much pleasure, Khalida, but I prefer making love with Zayan -- I love him, and I'm definitely heterosexual. That's why I was willing to help you both."

Khalida kissed Jamila, and even Rashida did that; then they hugged Jamila -- Khalida from the left, Rashida on the right, both pressing their busts against Jamila's juggs, and rubbing their vulvae against Jamila's thighs; Jamila was somewhat aroused, but she had to say, "I'd like to stop being lesbian from tomorrow, but if I don't rejoin our relatives now, they'll dispatch a Search and Rescue team! Sorry, I can't please you now."

So Khalida and Rashida dismounted from Jamila's thighs, and the latter, while rising on her feet, asked them, "I think you'd better dress and help us -- there are crates of tomatoes to cut and press. It isn't a job to perform in one's birthday suit, as the knives could hurt your swinging breasts "

The girls did that, and Jamila escorted them to the courtyard -- but while still in the corridor, unbeknownst from the other women, she pressed her 40L boobs against the girls' backs, her arms circled their sides and her hands touched her bellies; when Rashida and Khalida turned their faces towards her, she said, "I won't let you down."

The job was carried out swiftly and flawlessly, and when Zaynab came, everybody had had even the time to shower. Jamila's relatives sneered when they saw Zayan's motorhome, but he told them what Jamila had already told Rashida: since he loved his wives, he couldn't do otherwise.

Jamila asked Rashida's mother if the daughter could join them -- as the driver, so she and Khalida could spend more time with their husband; Rashida's mother smelled a rat, but assented. So Rashida sat at the wheel, and Zayan, Jamila and Khalida sat on the double bed in the rear of the motorhome -- and Jamila told Zayan about Khalida and Rashida.

When the camper reached the place preset on the GPS, Jamila asked Rashida to join the family for dinner, which was abundant, tasty and sweet. After eating tiramisu, Jamila showed Rashida and Khalida the overcab double bed, and told them, "Sorry, but my breasts and belly would get stuck in the overcab, while you'd love it very much."

As Rashida and Khalida climbed the ladder and took their bed, Jamila and Zayan undressed. Zayan had very little to remove -- shoes, jacket, shirt, pants, socks and panties, while Jamila wanted to impress him with a more elaborate strip-tease.

Zayan suggested, "Perhaps we should turn off the light," but Jamila told him, "If your wife and her lover see us, it won't hurt anybody." The girls overcabin took that for an invitation, and watched Jamila removing her dress, and remaining in her lacy briefs and bra -- which were revealing enough to cause Zayan's penis to get erect.

Zayan rose to his feet, walked towards Jamila, without concealing his private parts, hugged and kissed her, then removed her briefs, and turned Jamila 180° in order to put his penis between her buttocks, while his arms hugged her belly and fondled her genitalia.

Jamila kissed Zayan while he was doing that, while her breasts and nipples visibly grew as she got excited; when she was really wet, she turned towards her husband, pushed him on the bed, and slowly sat on his penis, letting it penetrate her.

Only then Zayan was allowed to unbutton her huge bra, and undress her breasts; as there was a silver platter resting against the rear window pane, the girls overcabin could easily watch Jamila's beasts dangling, as she went up and down around Zayan's penis, while his hands stroked her boobs and buttocks, but taking care not to obstruct the nipples' view.

Zayan couldn't come by vaginal stimulation alone -- he needed a vibration applied at the root of his penis, usually applied through a vibrating egg inserted into Jamila's anus. But Jamila was somewhat ashamed of using the vibrator while she was watched by her present and future co-wife, so she let Zayan's stint virtually last forever.

Zayan loved pleasing his wife before himself, so he kept fondling her, and telling her that he could love nobody but her, while Jamila squealed more than once as she reached orgasm, and she at last flopped on Zayan's body.

He was willing to continue, but she whispered him, "Please, give your other wives the time to discharge -- if they've watched us attentively, they now need that."

Zayan heeded Jamila's advice, and simply hugged and kissed her -- without removing his still erect penis from her body, as she loved feeling its texture, size and warmth within.

Khalida and Rashida heard Jamila, and began making love. Khalida undressed Jamila, removing her shirt, her bra, her skirt, her panties, and let Jamila do the same to her.

Then the girls kissed, hugged and fondled each other's breasts; Khalida even dared suck Rashida's right nipple, and then the left; Rashida did the same to Khalida, and while she was doing that, her hands went down to her cousin's vulva, and delicately stroked her labia, clit, vaginal ostium.

When she was done, Khalida did the same, but steered clear of the vaginal ostium, for fear of harming her maidenhead -- she knew how much it was worth by direct experience -- but managed to please her anyway.

While doing that, the girls hit the overcabin top twice -- Rashida with her elbow, Khalida with her head, and Zayan whispered to Jamila, "The overcabin was made for a heterosexual couple, in which only one has the boobs."

Jamila giggled and told Zayan, "When they're done, we should invite them downstairs. I think that we can assemble a third double bed in place of the dining table, can't we?"

"Yes, we can. I should have thought about it before!"

When the girls were done, they nestled each other, and would have slept, hadn't Zayand and Jamila detached, and making some noise, they assembled the third bed (while still in the nude); when they were done, Jamila climbed the ladder, peeped in and told the girls, "Sorry, it has just now occurred to us that a third double bed could be assembled in the dinette. You can go downstairs, if you like."

The girls were on the point of dressing, but Jamila told them, "No need to do that -- and I have a promise to keep," she added winkingly.

When the girls came down, they saw Zayan hugging Jamila from the rear, and presumably rubbing his penis against her buttocks; they came near the couple, somewhat aroused by the scene (as their turgid nipples proved), and then Jamila opened her legs, stooped down, grabbed the girls' hands and made them touch her free-falling tits.

Their excitation grew, and in the meantime Zayan grabbed Jamila's hips and carefully penetrated her. As his penis was fully inserted, he and Jamila went back, pulling the girls with them, until they hit the bed; then Zayan fell backwards on it, so that Jamila could sit on his pelvis, with his penis within her body.

Jamila invited the girls to sit on her thighs -- Khalida at her left, Rashida at her right, hugged them so strongly that she nearly broke their ribs with her own breasts, and as the girls hugged her and the other girl with no less affection, she began kissing and masturbating them.

She kneaded her own thighs with their pelvises, so that their mounds were ground by her body, and with each inspiration and expiration she made her nipples go up and down their breastbones, while the girls pressed their own nipples against Jamila's and the other girl's body.

When the girls' hands massaged Jamila's nipples first, and then went down to her genitalia, and titillated her labia and clitoris, notwithstanding a little repugnance for Zayan's erect penis still within Jamila's vagina, Jamila too stopped hugging the girls, and added manual stimulation to their own grinding their mounds over her thighs.

They came once, and then Jamila wanted them to stimulate her in a way Zayan couldn't do alone: she reclined somewhat over Zayan's body (who supported her shoulders), raised her slender boobs, and bade the girls to suckle them, while Zayan's still erect penis was touching her G-spot.

The girls loved the idea, and kept suckling for half an hour, making Jamila come several times. When they all were done, Jamila told the girls, "I have to thank you and my husband. It's especially pleasant to have one's breasts sucked while my husband's penis touches my G-spot, and your hands touch my clitoris. But I would like to teach Rashida an erotic technique I and Khalida have developed."

Khalida knew what it was, although she didn't know its name -- "scissoring". Usually, it was the heavier and somewhat clumsier Jamila who was under, but this time she wanted to be the active party, and it was her above Khalida -- and she couldn't help swinging her own breasts, in front of the ever more excited Rashida and Zayan while titillating Khalida.

When Jamila was done with Khalida, she did the same to Rashida, and then sat on Zayan's lap, while the girls hugged, and went to the other bed to repeat this maneuver alone. Jamila close a curtain, opened a drawer, took out an anal vibrator and told Zayan, "It's high time that you too come, isn't it?"

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