tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 06

3+1 Wives Ch. 06


When Jamila flew to Frankfurt, she was already six months pregnant, while her co-wives Khalida and Rashida were three months pregnant. Their husband Zayan was quite lucky, as he was left with two randy wives (as they were in their second trimester of pregnancy), while the one who began experiencing discomfort while having sex had to go abroad.

Sharifa noticed her increased belly and breasts when she met her at the airport, and was discouraged by the belly, but aroused by the breasts. They ate at a Turkish restaurant and then went to the lodge the Fachhochschule had arranged for guest professors, in which Jamila was supposed to live together with Sharifa, who allegedly helped her prepare her lectures.

Actually, as soon as they were in their apartment, they undressed and had a bath together (no shower cabin there); while they were in the bathtub, Sharifa noticed a small mound under each of Jamila's armpits, with a reddish tip.

She touched them, circled them with her fingers, and tickled their tips with her forefingers. Jamila loved that massage and told her, "Sharifa, where did you learn this trick? You're arousing me!"

Sharifa's hands went from these mounds to Jamila's areolas and nipples, and fondled them, pleasing Jamila and causing some fluid to ooze through the nipples.

Sharifa was astonished, and Jamila told her, "It's colostrum. As I'm in late pregnancy, I've begun secreting it. Suck it, it's my help against swine flu."

"Against flu?"

"I've already had it, so my colostrum is full of antibodies against it. Drink at will -- if you help me stimulate my breasts into producing a lot, I and my children will be very grateful."


"I've got twins -- Yussuf [Joseph] and Yahia [John]. I hope I'll be able to produce enough milk for them."

"Mabruk!" Sharifa shouted, "I'll be more than glad to help you!"

After their bath, they didn't dress, but lay on their double bed, and Sharifa began sucking Jamila's right breast. Jamila had to teach her how to do that without hurting the nipple, and then Sharifa had her mouth full of colostrum.

The stimulation was relayed to the left nipple, who let out some drops of fluid; the light was on and Sharifa's eyes roamed around Jamila's body, and noticed that some drops were getting out of the mound under Jamila's armpit, straight from the red tip.

When she was done with Jamila's left breast, she licked the tip, kissed it and felt the taste of colostrums. She delicately sucked it, and felt the colostrum entering her mouth. Jamila was surprised by her move, but she moaned with pleasure; then Sharifa moved to the mound under the other armpit -- and felt the same taste in her mouth!

Jamila told her, "You're amazing, but my left breast is getting engorged. Please, empty it." So Sharifa moved to Jamila's breast, but as she glanced at Jamila's pubis, she noticed similar red-tipped mounds between her thighs.

Sharifa sucked her left breast, and with the right arm she circled her back until she reached Jamila's right breast and squeezed it, while Sharifa's left arm advanced to Jamila's vulva, and tried to massage both it and the mounds near it.

The results were somewhat good, and Sharifa moved to Jamila's vulva, while her pregnant friend and soon-to-be co-wife bent her huge 40N breasts (pregnancy had been swelling them) upwards, in order to suck her own colostrum.

While Jamila was suckling herself, Sharifa licked her clit, and felt that her cheeks were being soaked by Jamila's colustrum secreted between her thighs. She raised her hands to the mounds under Jamila's armpits, and her hands too were soaked. B Beyond doubt, Jamila had accessory breasts which didn't show up until she became pregnant.

When Jamila was done, and wanted to reciprocate, Jamila asked her to perform a 69; Jamila objected, "My belly will squeeze yours!"

"Let's put a couple pillows under my butt and my shoulders, so my body will bend under yours."

They did that, but Sharifa was so intrigued by Jamila's accessory breasts, that she neglected licking her vulva and stroking her "regular" nipples, and sucked her rudimentary nipples between her thighs, and fondled the ones under her armpits.

As they were done, Jamila told Sharifa, "Do you love my accessory breasts? Zayan is wild about them; Khalida and Rashida too. Before boarding the plane, they agreed to let Zayan lick my clit, while my co-wives sucked the nipples on my thigs."

"Just them?"

Jamila laughed, and added, "No. While Zayan was taking me, they sucked the milk from my breasts first, and from my armpits then. Luckily, Zayan has a lot of stamina, and only when he took over my breasts (he sucked both of them together), he came."

"I'm alone, I can't do to you what your husband and co-wives have done to you."

"But I love you, Sharifa," Jamila replied while hugging her, "Your touch is worth the stimulation of my whole family."

Sharifa hugged Jamila wildly and kissed her; then she fondled her breasts -- regular and accessory -- and told Jamila, "You're the only woman I know with multiple bra sizes. Your regular breasts are N-cup now, but your armpit mammae are C-cup, and your thigh mammae are B-cup."

"Do you think that I should ask your classmates to design a unique bra and custom garters for me?"

"Why not? It could be a good practical lesson."

"I'm afraid that they'll have to see me naked, as my body goes beyond normal anatomy, to make a good job -- and Zayan won't accept that."

"I can't volunteer, because we spent the sophomore year designing each other's lingerie and garments. You've been called from Cairo, you should provide us with something original."

"Perhaps there is a way to convince Zayan. Do you know a painter seeking a model?"

"My father!"

"Your father?"

"My father is famous for his nudes -- but he also makes portraits."

Jamila giggled, and told Sharifa, "If he paints nudes, perhaps he'll fit me."

"You fear that Zayan will divorce you if he learns that a classroom mostly made up of women has seen your naked body in order to make custom underwear for you, and you're going to have a picture of your naked body exhibited in an art gallery in Germany, and put on Flicker and Facebook?"

Jamila replied Sharifa, "Jealousy and pride are opposite feelings. If Zayan learns that a classroom has seen me naked, he won't be proud, and jealousy will take hold of him. If Zayan learns that a distinguished painter has found my naked body so interesting that he wanted to portray something with it, pride will overcome jealousy."

Sharifa goggled in amazement, and Jamila ended, "Once he has been proud of somebody besides him and the doctor seeing my naked body, he won't be able to object at your classmates' seeing me in my birthday suit."

Sharifa replied, "You're very brave, but I have already seen several candidate models who couldn't eventually undress in front of my father, even though there were I and my mother in the room, so they needn't fear him. I hope that you won't join their ranks, as my father is quite resentful, and then you won't be able to ask him what you value so much."

"I have to try with your father first," Jamila rejoined, "Because if I can't undress before a single man, how could I be supposed to undress in front of a whole class?"

Sharifa smiled, and said, "Ok. Tomorrow we'll meet my father. Oh! Your breasts keep leaking! Let me dry them!"

Actually, Sharifa had to dry Jamila's breasts several times during the night, because Jamila's fears of being unable to feed two children made her ask her husband Zayan and her co-wives Khalida and Rashida to suckle them whenever possible, and when they weren't available, their sheer size allowed her to bend them towards her mouth and suckle them herself -- both at the same time.

So her breasts had been overstimulated, and easily got engorged. Sharifa loved Jamila's colostrum, but at 6 o'clock, after sleeping not more than five hours in one hour intervals, she decided to buy her lover a breast pump.

The first of Jamila's lectures was good -- she told the class that her course would begin with outer garments and end with lingerie, which is a really important part of the Arab-Muslim female clothing, because sex among spouses is highly cherished, and men must be adequately motivated to please their women. So, she told the students, it was their professional (and not just personal) interest to skip the first lectures rather than the last ones.

After the lecture, Jamila and Sharifa went at the latter's parents' house; when Jamila asked Abdullah, Sharifa's father, if she had a future in modeling, he answered, "After childbirth, perhaps. You're really beautiful, but quite plump, and it's difficult to find subjects that fit you."

"What about the mining company that wanted a picture of the Latin goddess Tellus?" Sharifa asked her father.

Abdullah thought about it, watched Jamila again and said, "We need two children beside her to portray Tellus."

"I have twins in my womb!" Jamila replied, Abdullah smiled and added, "Really? The mining company will wait for them. In the meantime, I could portray you as Ceres for the headquarters of a wheat grinding company. When are you going to start?"

"Even now," Jamila replied, with a somewhat trembling voice, as she feared being unable to undress.

The fears were unjustified: once Jamila was in Abdullah's studio, she undressed with ease, while Sharifa and Khadija (Sharifa's mother and Abdullah's wife) were still out, posed as Abdullah wished, and he began painting.

But, after a few minutes, he noticed that Jamila and Sharifa weren't looking at each other like two friends, but like two lovers. He kept sketching Jamila's body, and when he was done, he told his new model, "It's enough for today. Now I have to choose a suitable background for the picture, and I'll alternate between portraying you and depicting the background. By the way, do you want to be portrayed with your own face?"

Sharifa explained, "Some models making their debut prefer to conceal their face. In these cases my father paints my face over their body."

Jamila laughed and replied, "The opposite of what happened in Roman sculpture, in which the bodies were mass-produced, and only the heads actually portrayed the client."

"Right," Abdullah noticed, "Perhaps you can choose later. It will take about 10 sittings to finish the picture, and we can wait for your decision until the 7th sitting."

"I'll talk to my husband, and I will report you tomorrow. Good bye."

"Good bye, madam," Abdullah said, and told Khadija, "Darling, could you brew some coffee for our guest, while I and Sharifa tidy up the studio?"

Sharifa smelled a rat -- her father never let anyone help him do that, and when he and her father were alone he asked her, "Sharifa, I've been painting nudes for decades, and I know when a model is escorted by a friend, or by a lover. You must be lovers. What's happened between you two?"

"I can't explain that in brief."

"I know that, but I can tell you two things: don't jeopardize your future, don't ..."

"Break my hymen? Don't worry, dad, it's still intact."

The conversation ended there, and as Sharifa and Jamila drove to their apartment, they stopped at a pharmacy in which they could buy three double breast pumps and some other sex toys.

At home, Sharifa applied the breast pumps to Jamila's breasts (not just the regular ones, but to the accessory too), thus emptying them thoroughly; then Jamila explained Sharifa why did he need the toys: they comprised a series of anal dilaters (so her butt won't shrink in Zayan's absence), a strap-on dildo (so Sharifa could penetrate Jamila and experience what penetration is -- although in a reversed role), and several Bluetooth-enabled vibrators.

A couple was for their clitorides, two for Sharifa's nipples, six for Jamila's. They could be controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled PC or Smartphone, and one of the possibilities was to automatically trigger the preferred vibration pattern as soon as the partner was approaching with a Bluetooth device (the cellphone or her own vibrators) on.

Sharifa bored a hole in each of Jamila's nipple vibrators, so that a Teflon pipe could drain the milk into a small bag -- thus allowing Jamila to enjoy vibrations for more than a hour without worrying about spilling milk.

After a night of love and pumping, Sharifa emptied all the tanks into a 2-liter bottle, and jokingly remarked that Jamila neededn't worry about her children's food, as she was making excess milk.

Jamila laughed and said, "We can't simply dispose of it. It's too precious. Do you know an organization like 'La Leche League' interested into it?"

"My mother is the Frankfurter chairwoman!"

Jamila laughed again and said, "How is it possible? She isn't well endowed."

Sharifa frowned and told Jamila, "Please, don't speak like a male chauvinist pig. I've been told that my mother was a very good milker anyway, and she was chosen for her organizative talent."

"Sorry for being rude, Sharifa. My colostrum is at her disposal."

"We can't give this bottle to LLL. They need hospital-grade tanks, but ... what if I give it to my aunt Aisha? Every year flu endangers her life, and she can't bear inoculations. Perhaps your colostrum could really make a difference."

"Ok, let's give. The more we give, the more people will intercede on our behalf."

The following days' routine was as such: pouring the coslostrum into a tank to be given to LLL; Sharifa's drinking some for breakfast, together with coffee, biscuits, and orgasms procured by sucking her (huge but) dry tits and her clitoris; assisting Jamila while lecturing; having lunch together (and for a few days Jamila's smartphone couldn't be prevented from randomly triggering clitoral vibrations while eating); making love in their car behind a bush not far from Sharifa's parents' home (and removing the vibrators from Jamila's body); Jamila's sitting for the picture of Ceres and giving Sharifa's mother the tank of colostrum.

After sitting for the picture, they went out to a movie, which they only half-enjoyed, because they were making love while the movie was screened -- while the advertisements and the trailers were screened, they resorted to the vibrators to get aroused, and with time they even enjoyed orgasm within this limited time; in the first part, it was Jamila's turn to kiss Sharifa, stroke and suck her tits, then to sit on the floor, with the head between her thighs, and sucking her vulva, while her hands fondled her nipples.

During the interval, they went to the handicapped people's toilet, which was large enough to allow Sharifa to wear the strap-on and penetrate Jamila. But, before penetrating her, she filled her rectum with an enema, and stopped it with one of the anal dilaters they had bought -- so Jamila felt the dildo more intensely.

When they were done, Jamila shitted and Sharifa helped her wash her private parts -- and took advantage of that to slightly arouse her.

In the second part, Sharifa finished the work, sucking some colostrums from each of Jamila's breast, before licking her vulva and pleasing her while a cup applied to each nipple collected the spilled milk. Then they went home.

At the 7th sitting, Abdullah asked his model which face did she want to be painted, and Jamila answered, "Your daughter's. My husband will recognize my body anyway, but I could always disavow the picture in front of other men." Khadija laughed, "It will be the 69th nude with Sharifa's head. We have to celebrate it!"

All laughed, and Abdullah proposed his wife to cook a dinner for all four. After dinner, Abdullah asked Jamila, "Madam, you are a close friend of Sharifa, and also pregnant. Can you succinctly describe us your life?"

"I live in Cairo; my husband Zayan is a rich rentier, but she also has a PhD in Law; we haven't been blessed by a son until I proposed my husband to take his cousins Khalida and Rashida as additional wives. Then the miracle happened: I got pregnant before them, and I'm carrying twins now. Two males (Yussuf and Yahya), while my co-wives are carrying females (Ariba and Fawziya)."

"How did you and my daughter meet?"

"She's one of Rashida's friends. When my husband Zayan married Rashida, Sharifa sent her a paper model of her wedding dress. I'm a couturier, I recognized her outstanding talent, and wanted to give her an opportunity by inviting her to my husband's third marriage."

"Everybody loved my dress, dad," Sharifa intervened, "And I had to give two thousands of visiting cards away. Most of the recipients are now asking me to design their dresses, and I now have a six-year backlog. I'll have to auction the dresses to be designed first."

Jamila took the assist, and told Sharifa's parents, "As she is very good, I proposed her to become my associate in Cairo -- an year in my couture house would let her earn the apprenticeship credits she needs for her diploma, and her professors loved my dresses so much that they decided to invite me to lecture the students."

"Hmm," Abdullah muttered to himself, "You're offering her the occasion of a lifetime. Aren't you also going to ask her to become your husband's fourth wife?"

"Why should I do that?"

"In my opinion, you two aren't just friends. If your husband isn't interested in my daughter, you must be."

"You're crazy!"

"Ms. Jamila, I know that it isn't easy to confess to such a love, especially in your country. But, even if I approved of it, there is a serious hurdle: Turkish criminal law."

"What do you mean?"

"That if a Turkish woman marries a man who already has got three wives, and she knows that, she will be prosecuted for bigamy -- even though her marriage would be legal in her husband's country."

"Is there no way to avoid that?" Sharifa asked, trying to disguise her worry, and Khadija, her mother, answered, "An _'urfi_, a purely religious marriage, could go undetected, especially if carried out abroad."

"Khadija! You shouldn't assent to that!" shouted Abdullah, and Khadija replied, "Our daughter has been given the occasion of a lifetime, and the woman you've been scolding in spite of that has saved my sister Aisha."

"Saved your sister?"

"Aisha was developing flu symptoms, and you know how vulnerable she is; but Ms. Jamila's colostrum healed her. And several preemies in our hospital are now growing healthy thanks to her fluid."

"Hathor, the cow-goddess, should be my second name," Jamila joked.

Abdullah sighed, and said, "Ok, I've nothing against lesbians, and I can't scold my daughter over her love choice. But there are two problems."

"Which problems?"

"First, will my daughter have the opportunity of becoming a mother and making us grandparents? She's our only daughter, and we aren't speaking on our behalf only. I keep reading of lesbians resorting to artificial insemination because lesbianism couldn't suppress their maternal instincts."

"She will," Jamila promptly answered, "What's the other problem?"

"That an _'urfi_ may leave our daughter without a penny if her 'purely religious' husband dies or forsakes her."

Jamila replied, "We can offer a bigger than usual _mahr_ (dower) to make up for it."

"How big?"

"Make your request."

"What if you bought my daughter an apartment and a studio in downtown Frankfurt, and leave the 'six year backlog' to her?"

Jamila was astounded, but Abdullah replied, "I know that I'm asking a lot, but my daughter must be able to make a fresh start in case the marriage winds up badly. If you wanted a cheaper bride, you could find it in Egypt."

Jamila watched Sharifa, and decided, "We can do that. The apartment will be 3-room, and it will have an adjoining studio."

"2-room will suffice," Abdullah replied, while Sharifa opened her eyes wide -- she knew how expensive real estate could be in one of the most important European Union cities!

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