3 Married Ladies and a Convertible


"Ohhh, just like that. Please keep it just like that. Don't stop; please don't stop."

Eva had never felt anything like it, even with her body bent down to reach his cock, the pleasure was nothing like she'd ever encountered before. She wanted to move against him faster but didn't want to risk his cock falling out of her pussy when she was so close.

"Ohhh, fuckkk, I'm gonna cum." she whispered.

Knowing that she was vocal during orgasm, she inadvertently sunk her teeth into Den's shoulder as the waves of pleasure racked her body. When she realised, she relaxed her mouth and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

"Ohhh, that's so nice." she whispered as the orgasm passed.

She removed her hand and pulled him all the way into her with her legs. For the next few minutes, Den continued to move inside her as Eva gathered her thoughts. It was the best orgasm that she could ever remember having and probably the best sex she'd ever had. They were stuck together with their sweat and her juices; Den raised himself on his strong arms and smiled down at her.

"You okay?" he asked.

She returned the smile, "Yep, but you're getting a bit heavy."

He rolled off and lay beside her; she raised herself on one arm and kissed him on the lips. Looking down, his cock was still erect in its rubber confines; Eva reached down and fingered the bubble on the end. Finding it empty, she released he hadn't cum. She moved down the bed and knelt over his cock; she tentatively rolled the messy condom and disposed of it. Lowering her mouth, she took him into her mouth. Eva liked sucking cocks, but the residue of the condom tasted awful. Looking around, she found the bottle of lube. The label indicated Berry flavouring, must be better than rubber she thought as she squeezed the liquid into her hand and rubbed it into his cock. She took him back into her mouth and was relieved at the taste, getting comfortable she settled down to her task. She sucked long and hard while her hand stroked the shaft. As the large head stretched her mouth, she moved between taking it completely in her mouth, and then sucking and licking the eye. She could sense that Den was getting close to orgasm and was tempted to let him cum in her mouth. But at the last moment she lifted her mouth off and rubbed her cheek on the under side of the head as her hand continued to tease him. She realised it was a wise decision as his cock fired long lines of cum up the side of her face and into her hair. It was ten times the amount that Brian ejaculated which she could easily swallow in a one gulp. As he began to relax, she looked over at Den's face which was contorted in absolute pleasure. Eva was well pleased that she made him happy, just as he had made her happy. She wiped the side of her face on his stomach; he opened his eyes and look down at her.

"That was good." he said.

Eva grinned, "I just hope you can fix the Ford."

"Tell you what, come up here while I get my breath back, then I'll look at the car."

She moved up and cuddled up to him; they kissed and fondled each other as the minutes slowly passed.

She reached down and took his cock in her hand, "You've sure got a nice cock." she commented as she squeezed it gently.

The irony that her engagement and wedding ring was plainly visible holding it wasn't lost on her.

After a quick shower, Eva found Sandy and Jesse outside the workshop sitting on a set of steps drinking pre-mixes out of cans. She sat down beside Jesse, removed the can from her hand and took a sip.

"So, how was it?" Jesse asked.

"You don't wanna know." Eva replied trying to keep a straight face.

Neither Sandy nor Jesse missed the tell tale signs of a grin just before Eva took another mouth full.

Den had donned his overalls again, after selecting a few tools from the bench he placed the trolley at the front of the Ford. He lay down on it and rolled himself under the front of the vehicle. Checking the radiator was cool; he removed the rubber hose from the bottom of the radiator and cut off the split two inch section near the end. He then refitted the hose and clamped it securely. Rolling himself out from under the Ford, he filled the radiator with water and a bottle of additive; then started the engine letting the water circulate through the cooling system. He smiled to himself as the engine warmed, how many men could honestly say that they had scored with three different women in an afternoon. If his new girl let him have his evil way that night, it would be four. After rechecking the water levels, Den eased the Ford out onto the street to where the trio sat. He left the engine running as he got out.

"I thought you said it would take hours to fix." Eva stated.

Den shrugged his shoulders, "I guess I'm not a very good mechanic."

The trio stared at Den for a few seconds; he stood tall for a few seconds and then grinned. One by one they grinned back at him.

"You're a real bastard." Jesse said without too much conviction.

"Yes, I suppose I am; a real lucky bastard." he replied cynically before turning away and walking back inside.

They rode in silence for the first few minutes, each in deep thought of what had transpired. Eva thought about how mundane her sex life had become as she guided the Ford back towards Chelsea Bay. Brian was about to get a big wake up call when they both got home. She wanted more than she was getting now, both in quantity and quality or there was going to be big trouble. She liked the way that Den had wanted to please her and how gentle he was. How he was affectionate he was, even after he was spent, not like Brian who would turn over and snore thirty seconds later.

"That was the most disgusting thing I've ever done in my life." said Sandy from the back seat. "Any chance of dropping back to see Den on the way home?"

They laughed.

"And just remember what happens on tour, stays on tour." Eva said.

"Talking about remembering, did you remember to return my bottle of lube?" Sandy asked Eva.

"Sorry, it was all used up by the time I'd finished." Eva lied.

"Always knew you were a slut in the making." Jesse added.

They laughed long and hard, it was going to be a good weekend.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/14/17

A well-written little fantasy, and a nice reminder that sexuality is not the exclusive purview of adolescents and young adults. Despite D. Wornock's narrow-minded opinion, the only real difference betweenmore...

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by Anonymous06/26/17

Stupidity runs amok.

Not really a story.

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by Anonymous06/16/17

That's what Miranda did

How did that work out for her?

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