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Many thanks to Angel Love for editing this story.

Magdalena Boman was a very beautiful girl and most young men in our small town in Scandinavia regarded her as "belle de town." Even she knew that very well and didn't show much interest to those many local "trophy hunters" who did their more or less clever attempts to get into her panties. There was a rumor that a gang of brats had staked a nice price to the winner in their secret competition to be the first to get her. Thanks to the rumor she avoided all connection with all those who could be involved in that crap, which was of a great advantage to the average guys in town.

Though Magdalena and I once upon a time were members in the same tennis club, I had never made any attempts at her and had not spoken with her since I quit my active membership in the club. At least not until I met her at the local post office, which hardly is any romantic place. That day it was very crowded and the only free seat was the seat next to me. She sat down, we began to talk and she told me that she was in a terrible hurry so I offered to take care of her errands.

I knew that she had a reputation to be "difficult" and had not expected anything further from my small favor to her. But guess how wrong I was. She rang me a few a days later and asked if I wanted to do one more favor for her. I was flattered that she had taken her time to find out my phone number so I said "yes" without any hesitation and not even asking her about what kind of favor she wanted.

She told me that her parents had been to Ikea at the county capital and bought her a wardrobe. It was now in her bedroom, but in two flat cardboard boxes. She told me that though she had many male friends, she feared that none of them were able to put the pieces in the box together to something that could be regarded as a useful wardrobe. I found it a bit confusing that she at the age of twenty-three didn't live together with some lucky guy or at least had a boyfriend. I myself was twenty-five at that time and hadn't any girlfriend because I had split up after two years with a girl and had been enjoying "my new freedom" during the last three months.

I rang her doorbell a few minutes after the time I had promised to be there. She opened the door, dressed in blue jeans and a blue shirt. Amazingly beautiful even in that outfit. I went in with my toolbox and she showed me into her bedroom. I pretended not to be dreaming about what I wanted to do in her bed, which I dragged to the side to get more space for working with the wardrobe. In fact it was a large wardrobe with two sections. One side with drawers and shelves and the other side was an average wardrobe. Not any easy job, indeed.

However, the job went on as expected and after about one hour she came in to me and said that she had tea and sandwiches in the kitchen. Very delicious sandwiches and when I asked where she had bought them, she began to laugh and told me, "Don't you think that even a 'stupid blonde' can make a sandwich?"

I praised her and told her sandwiches were great.

She was very glad when the wardrobe was ready for her use, praised me for a good job and asked me how much payment I wanted. As a joke I replied with a smile, "I got a sample of your skills in the kitchen and a dinner would be great."

She surprised me with a quick reply, "Seven o'clock at Saturday and you bring the wine."

On the dot at seven o'clock I rang her doorbell again with two bottles of Spanish Rioja wine and was given a hug and a welcome drink. The dinner was very romantic though her cooking this time wasn't much to brag about. But why should I care about such unimportant matters because I had a more important reason to be there. We had a good time and I felt as the proudest man in the world for having a dinner with Magdalena, who told me to call he "Maggie". So far I had no further intentions and expectations about anything else than the dinner and therefore it felt as a real "jackpot" when we were sitting close together in a narrow two seat sofa after the dinner with a cup of coffee and a glass of x and she asked me, " What did your friends say when you told them about this dinner?"

"Nothing, because I haven't told anybody. Can't see any reason to do that."

She gave me a hug and a kiss on my chin and said, "In that case it is a "special dinner" with breakfast included."

I did my very best to give her what she expected and hopefully even more than that. After some necking on the sofa I carried her to the bedroom where we began with a tender caressing while slowly undressing each other. Then when she lay naked on the bed, I licked her until she got close to orgasm and began begging me to fuck her. I could hardly believe that it happened in the real life and had to pinch my own arm to be sure that it wasn't a dream when the most beautiful and wanted girl in town begged me to fuck her. The almost unbelievable situation had made my cock stone hard and she began to groan loudly as soon I was in her and screamed rather loudly when she had her orgasm. We fucked one more time that night but the second time she was rather passive and fell asleep as soon it was over.

The next morning was an important morning in my life. I had spent the night with the most beautiful trophy girl in town and now the main question in my head was if she was satisfied with me and hopefully wanted to get some further pleasures before she dumped me.

Maggie was already dressed when she had made breakfast and woke me up. We had no problems to have a pleasant small talk during the breakfast and after eating she asked me, "Can you promise me that what happened last night stays here in this apartment?"

"Of course, nobody even knows that I've been here."

"Please understand me. I don't usually make love on the first date."

"What about a second date? I'm a guy with sealed lips."

"But you know how to use them."

With a warm smile on her face she told me if I had any interest to continue with the relationship that the second date would be at a public place, a line dance course. I got the expected interest for the dance and soon we were a couple both on the dance floor and living together in her apartment. Though she was the most beautiful girl I ever fucked, she wasn't the best fuck in my life. Not bad but nothing above the average. But why should I care? I was proud as hell to have won the trophy at least for as long as it lasted. My relationship with Maggie went much better than I ever dared to expect. On the way to our romantic wedding in an old country church I could hardly believe that it was happening in the real life instead of a dream. Why had this most wanted girl in our town chosen an average guy as me, Robert Hanson, instead of all those rich brats whom she could easily have had if she had wanted any of them.

Her only answer to my question "why me" in that matter was, "Because I love you."

After being married for seven years we had two kids, a boy and a girl. We had settled down as a typical Scandinavian V.V.V. family, which can be translated to house, dog and Volvo as description of an average small town family. The dog was a small terrier for the children, the V70 was of practical reasons and Maggie had a small Ford Fiesta as her shopping car. Both cars bought "pre-used" with heavy discount at the local Ford dealer where Maggie worked in their reception. Both of us worked full time but much of Maggie's salary paid only her own private expenses for clothes, hairdressing and make up.

Having a trophy wife is not any cheap pleasure. There are even other disadvantages, which are seldom mentioned like when going out for dancing she is always getting more or less serious suggestions from horny "trophy hunters". Once at a hotel in our national capital when she was sitting alone at the bar desk there while I was in the men's room a man had offered her about as much as she earned during a week at her job for a half hour with him in his room. Of course, she said "no thanks" but teased me for a long time about how easy it could be for her to make one months salary in a short time during one evening and even about how much I "owed her for services every month".

I was working as CNC operator at a plant specializing in advanced machine parts. My job was very important for the whole business because I did the first sample, usually in co-operation with engineers from our customers. The job was very interesting and there were always new challenges with every new project like the best way to do it in serial production within the given limits of the customer's quality specifications. I had no reason to complain about my wages and benefits.

We had an average small town family life with many friends and relatives in short distances. That meant a lively social life, both on family level and with own friends, I with the "boys" and Maggie with her "girl gang". She was a good mother to our children and we had avoided serious quarrels during our whole seven years of marriage when a heavy load of shit hit our fan.

The funny thing is that neither Maggie nor I was in any way involved in the beginning of our problems. It was a very beautiful ex model and a rich man's real trophy wife by name Lola Anderson who put the stone rolling when she dumped her husband Sonny. The dumped husband happened to be the only and very spoiled child to the very richest man in town. In most matters he used to pay for fast solutions when he had problems. A short time after she had left him people at a bar had heard him bragging that the "runaway bitch" would be replaced by a more beautiful local woman, who unfortunately happened to be married to some damn Hanson for the time being. But why should he care about such minor obstacles when everybody knew that a fat wallet was the most efficient aphrodisiac in the world.

The gossip was told to me and there was no doubt that it was Maggie who was the target in that dirty game. I tried to have a serious talk with her but she took it as a silly joke and teased me about that she had always wanted a brand new BMW instead of her old Ford and diamond rings would fit on her fingers. She ended her joking with a question why we had never been to Mauritius? Then when she noted that I didn't find it funny at all, she told me that even she had heard the rumors but she would never abandon the children and me. I told her that I believed her. But I was sure that serious problems had to be expected, especially now in our seventh year and the most critical time of any marriage, ours as well. Not even I could deny that there had been minor problems now and then though we had avoided serious quarrels.

My fellow workers noted that I had problems and as soon as they got to know the reason for my bad mood, they offered to lynch that bastard who had caused them because there is a weak point in our legal system, which says that if it is "not beyond reasonable doubt" who did what in a gang assault nobody can be sentenced for anything. Though there have been several shameful scandal sentences, the Supreme Court refuses to admit that anything is wrong. The plans for some kind of action got to be subject for wild discussions during the coffee breaks and very soon got to unrealistic levels. However, they even went into the ears of the managing director.

His secretary came to me and asked me to follow her to the boss' office. In there he asked me to sit down and tell him the truth behind the wild rumors. I told him what I knew and that I had no doubt about that spoiled brat intended to do what he had promised to do. I was convinced that Maggie had no problems to resist his first attempts but the bait would be increased until it reached such a high level that her resistance shield would begin to get cracks. I knew that with an almost unlimited supply of cash this cunning snake probably was able to reach his goal if I didn't succeed to stop him in one way or another.

He had a worried look on his face when he began to talk, "I know very well that this matter is your private business but now it seems turned to an important matter here at the job too. Can I ask you as a friend and fellow worker, what are you going to do?"

"My fellow worker's wild plans are only expectations and will never get further than the coffee breaks. I will never hurt Maggie what ever will happen in this matter and I will never kill that snake Sonny even if he destroys my marriage. But I'll see it as my human right to punish him in some way he never will forget, even if it will cost me a few years behind bars."

He looked me straight in my eyes before he continued, "Please listen to me and never forget that nothing about our talk will ever go outside this office. All your plans of vengeance are out of the question because I can tell you that the future of this company and our jobs depends if we can get useful parts of the blueprints you'll get within a few weeks and can be able to produce them for a reasonable price level. It will be a difficult challenge and I know that you are the only man at this company who has the skill to find own solutions beyond the manuals and known limits of the production equipment. Do you understand?"

"No, I would lose all my self respect and be a mental wreck if I didn't defend my family even against those heavy odds in his favor."

"Of course not, and what I want to say is that we need the best professionals to all jobs. You are the best CNC operator at this company and other professionals will take care of your problems. Do you understand now?"

"Yes but I can't afford to hire any 'muscles'."

"It's not any question of that. Everything will be fine and nobody will be hurt. Just relax and fix the prototypes to our customer."

We shook hands and went back to my job with divided feelings. Proud about the management regarded me as the best of all very qualified CNC operators at the company. It was probably only because I had done most of the prototypes and programming. But what could the boss and his gang do to the horny spoiled brat who after all his bragging had to show some action?

The next week went without anything happening. Then the game began the next Wednesday evening when Maggie came home from her job. She told me that her boss had asked her if she wanted to work three days for one of their best customers who wanted to show his restored veteran Ford at the annual big custom car show during the next weekend. She was offered 50% extra salary for working during the weekend, a room at the best hotel in town, all other expenses paid and three days off during the next week. She had accepted.

When I asked her who the customer was, she replied after some hesitation, "Sonny Anderson."

"Sonny Anderson, don't you know the damn scumbag's intentions for you?"

"Of course I do, for heaven's sake you must trust me that I can take care of myself. What the hell do you think he can do among thirty thousand visitors at the show? And I can promise you that I'm sleeping alone in my single room at the Grand Hotel."

"Grand Hotel? It is only 110 km and a fast road to that town, why staying there overnight?"

"Because it will take some time before the last visitor have left the showroom and after the closing time there will some mingling among the car owners.

"I don't like it, not at all."

"You don't have to, just trust me."

I didn't tell her that I had my doubts, though I didn't believe that Sonny expected such easy victory. Sonny was an asshole, but far from stupid. My guess was that he was going to treat her polite during this their first meeting. He knew that even she had heard the rumors about his bragging and would be very alert against all his attempts. But I was sure that he wasn't going to hesitate a second if he got a chance to get her laid already during these days. Who knows what could happen when he invited her to romantic dinners or took her to wild partying with other car owners? Even not doing anything unconfident, these days he would create some kind of trust and lower her guard for the next time.

He owned a carefully restored Ford Crown Victoria Skyline 1956 with a huge 312 cubic inch V8. All parts were original but much of the black paint under the car and under the hood was replaced with chrome. At the shows it usually stood on a floor of mirrors with spotlights at the hidden parts. It was a real treasure and he had won many "Best in Show" prizes with that car. Crown Victoria is regarded as the "Car of the Cars" and the burble of its huge V8 is the sweetest music a real man can hear in the opinion of many classic car enthusiasts. His ex-wife used to be with him to the motor shows and getting her replaced with Maggie was OK with her boss, especially because the different branches of Sonny's family enterprises owned many Ford Transits bough from his company.

However, he had promised to catch her at our house Friday morning, but on Thursday evening he rang her and said that their trip was cancelled, without mentioning any reason. The local gossip found out very soon and after lunch everybody at my job knew that the reason was that his car was damaged. Something had been written on it with some paint remover. Some rumors said, "Asshole" others said "Assfucker". I didn't care but understood that it wasn't of any advantage for me. I even doubted that it had anything to do with Maggie but I expected to be suspected.

How right I was. When Maggie came home from her job she was angry as a wasp and demanded to know if I was in any way involved in that vandalism. I told her the truth that I wasn't and she ought to know that I was at home the whole evening. As I feared, she felt sorry for Sonny and told me that if she ever found out that I had been involved, it would cause serious damages to our relationship. I felt like had been pulled into a war without winner.

He had lost a battle but intended to win the war and invited her to dinner Wednesday evening at the best restaurant in town for talking about a model job in an advertising campaign "as a compensation for what she didn't get at the show," which sounded weird to me. Maggie had accepted his invitation, which had me accusing her of "giving a message to that rich horny brat that she was for sale," which made her angry and accusing me of being a jealous "wife watcher". One positive matter was that she had not done anything behind my back. Not yet. It was not any disadvantage for Sonny that he got us arguing.

Maggie's ears were deaf to my objections and Wednesday evening she dressed very nice and left for the restaurant in a taxi. So did even a gang of my fellow workers. Next day at the job they told me that Maggie and Sonny obviously had a pleasant dinner until Sonny had to go to the men's room, where they had surrounded him, put a razor blade against his penis and told him that it would be cut off if he didn't skip all his dirty intentions for Magdalena Hanson and sent her home in a taxi.

It was a quite different man who returned to their table. The jolly small talk and giggling had disappeared and Maggie had a worried look on her face. Within ten minutes they had interrupted their meal and left in a taxi with the fellow worker gang tailing them in two cars. The taxi went to Sonny's house, where he and Maggie went in to the house. Before the gang had decided what to do, a cussing Maggie had rushed out from the house and made a call with her cell phone. A taxi had arrived a few minutes later and theytailed it to our home.

To my surprise Maggie got home much earlier than expected from her dinner with Sonny. I noted that she was in a bad mood but didn't say a word to me. I couldn't resist my temptation to ask her, "What the hell has happened? Have you sold your honor and lost the money? Or didn't the damn creep get it hard?"

She came close to me and asked, "Why don't you trust me?" "Because you . . . " Then I interrupted what I had intended to say and said, "Where the hell have you been? You stink like you are coming straight from a cow-house."

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