tagLoving Wives32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 03

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 03


John was in the shower when Kelly walked into the bathroom.

"Sweetheart, Beth's going to be here any minute...what are you doing?" Kelly asked.

"If she's going to be sucking my cock tonight I want it to be clean and I've been sweating all day." John said.

"I kind of like it when you're a little sweaty." Kelly said.

"Yeah...well that's you...Beth might not like it that way." John said.

"Well hurry up and get dressed." Kelly said.

"What's the point of that? I can just wait naked in the guest room and you can bring her upstairs when she gets here." John said.

"Hmm...I guess that makes sense...you'd only have your clothes on for 5 minutes anyway. Okay...I'll see you in a few minutes." Kelly said.

Kelly went downstairs to wait for Beth and John toweled off and walked over to the guest bedroom, shut the door, and sat on the bed.

Kelly was pacing back and forth anxiously waiting for the doorbell to ring. When it finally did she was startled, but she immediately reached to open the door.

"Hi." Beth said.

"Hi, come on in." Kelly said.

Beth walked inside and looked around.

"Where's John?" Beth asked.

"He decided it was foolish for him to take a shower and put on clothes for 5 minutes only to take them off when he got upstairs. He said he'd wait for us in the guest room." Kelly said.

"So your husband is upstairs in the guest room...naked...waiting for me to go and try to suck his cock?" Beth asked.

Kelly smiled.

"Yes. Speaking of which...how did your practice session go?" Kelly asked.

"Pretty good I think. I was able to take 5 inches of my vibrator, but John is way thicker so I don't know how much of him I'll be able to take." Beth said.

"Are you ready to go find out?" Kelly asked.

"Hell yes I am." Beth said.

Beth and Kelly headed up the stairs. Beth knew that John was up there waiting for her, but she still gasped when she opened the door and saw John sitting naked on the bed.

"Hi Beth." John said.

"Hello John." Beth said.

Kelly shut the door, walked over to her chair, and sat down.

"So...um...should I take my clothes off?" Beth asked.

"I guess you don't have to for this, but I'd appreciate it if you did. I hate being naked alone." John said.

Beth giggled and started taking her clothes off. When she was naked she was clearly unsure of what to do.

"Relax Beth...I'll walk you through this. There are a lot of positions that you can do this in, but probably the easiest is for you to come over here by the bed, and get on your knees between my legs." John said.

Beth moved over in front of John on the bed and lowered herself to her knees. She'd had his cock inside her twice, but she'd never seen it close up so she was taken aback by how thick it really was.

"Wow." Beth whispered.

John smiled.

"Go ahead and touch it Beth. He doesn't bight." John said.

Beth raised her hands to John's cock and very carefully touched it. With one hand she lifted it while her other hand stroked it as if she were running her hands through the hair of a child or petting a cat. Her touch was timid and gentle, but it was more than enough stimulation to treat Beth to something she had never experienced before.

John's cock grew hard in her hands. As it did Beth's eyes moved from one side to the other taking it all in. She didn't stop cradling and petting John's cock until it was fully erect.

"Wow." Beth said.

John laughed.

"Not bad huh?" John asked.

"It's amazing." Beth said.

"Are you ready to try it?" John asked.

Beth looked up at John...he could see that she was extremely nervous.

"Okay...we can work up to it if you're not quite comfortable yet. If you aren't ready to take it in your mouth...how about you start out by kissing it?" John asked.

Beth held John's cock at the base with her left hand and leaned in so she could kiss the head of his cock.

"Go ahead and kiss all over it...up and down both sides of it...and even my balls if you want." John said.

Beth held John's cock lightly as she kissed up and down either side of it. She held it out of the way as she moved down to kiss his balls too.

"Go ahead and lick them." John said.

Beth started lapping at John's balls with her tongue.

"If you think you can...take one of them in your mouth and suck on it." John said.

Beth spread her mouth open, pulled one of John's heavy balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue as she gently sucked on it. She moved to his other one and for a few minutes Beth licked and sucked John's balls.

"That feels so good. Are you ready to try sucking my cock now?" John asked.

Beth pulled her mouth off of his balls and with spit running down her chin she looked up and him and nodded. John smiled.

"Go ahead and lick my cock...get it as wet as you can...spit on the head if you have to." John said.

Beth licked John's cock and spit on the head several times.

"Okay...we'll start slow. Try to take the head into your mouth." John said.

Beth licked her lips as she opened her mouth. She could feel the heat emanating from John's cock as the head slowly passed between her lips. When the entire head was in her mouth Beth's lips closed around it.

"That's good. Now slowly stroke my cock down near the base while gently sucking on the head. When you're comfortable try to take a little more in your mouth and move it in and out with the rhythm you're stroking the rest of it with your hand." John said.

Beth started stroking John's cock while sucking on the head. It took less than a minute before Beth started taking more of John's cock in her mouth little by little. She got to the point where she had the head and another 3 inches of his cock in her mouth before she reached a comfortable limit. Beth started increasing the speed at which she was sucking and stroking John's cock.

"Yeah...that's right...you're doing great. That feels so good." John said.

Beth kept sucking and stroking for more than 10 minutes.

"Beth...I'm gonna cum soon. You'll probably gag if you leave my cock in your mouth when I do...and that could really hurt. When I tell you...move back so that your mouth is open right at the end of my cock and stroke me the rest of the way." John said.

Beth moaned her understanding as she slurped on John's cock.

"Okay Beth...here it comes." John said.

Beth moved her mouth off of John's cock, opened it wide, and stroked his cock hard and fast until John's cock erupted and spurted a good amount of cum into Beth's waiting mouth.

When he finished cumming John's body relaxed. He looked down at Beth whose mouth was still open...filled with cum. Some of John's cum was running down her chin and some was on her cheeks.

"You can either swallow that or spit it out Beth...either way is fine." John said.

Beth closed her mouth and swallowed John's cum. She used her hand to move the cum from other places on her face to her mouth.

"That was amazing. Thank you for that John." Beth said.

"You're welcome, but the lesson isn't over." John said.

"It isn't?" Beth asked.

"That was one of the ways that you can suck a cock...another way is in a 69. It's flipped completely over that way. Come on up here on the bed." John said.

John offered Beth his hand and he pulled her up onto the bed. Beth looked over at Kelly and saw that Kelly was smiling. John took a quick peak at his wife as well.

"Okay...since it would be difficult for you to breathe if I was on top I'll lay here on my back and you move over me so that your pussy is over my mouth and you can bend down to suck my cock." John said.

Beth was trembling with anticipation as John moved onto his back and she moved over him.

"There...now you can experience sucking my cock in another way and you can get your pussy licked at the same time." John said.

John started licking Beth's pussy making her shiver. She gently grasped John's cock at the base and after a few good pumps it was nice and hard again. There were butterflies in her stomach, a pounding in her chest, and a fire raging in her pussy as she took John's cock into her mouth again.

Knowing what to do this time Beth was energetic and aggressive as she hungrily sucked and stroked John's cock.

Beth had been near orgasm just from the excitement of what she was doing even before John first started licking her pussy so he brought her off quickly the first time then took a much slower pace. Beth had no intention of going slow however as she sucked more and more of John's cock into her mouth...eventually taking 6 inches of John's cock.

After several minutes John could feel himself getting close so he started concentrating on making Beth have another orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum." John said.

Beth pulled back far enough to seal her lips around the very tip of John's cock and she caught every drop of his cum in her mouth as she had an orgasm of her own.

"Oh God that was..." Beth started.

She was surprised when John grabbed her by the hips, pulled her off of his face, and tried to spin her around.

"Turn around and take my cock inside you." John said.

Beth's eyes lit up and moved to do as John had instructed. She carefully held his cock with one hand so that it lined up with her pussy and then lowered herself down onto it.

"If I thrust up and you thrust down we can fuck each other pretty good in a hurry." John said.

Beth moved up so that only the head of John's cock was inside her and started moving up and down on it as fast as she could. John thrust upward as much as he could.

While they were fucking John looked over at Kelly and saw her tweaking her nipples through her top.

John and Beth fucked each other until they came together. When they had Beth flopped forward on top of John.

"That was intense." Beth said.

John smiled and guided Beth off of him onto the bed beside him. John stood up and looked down at her.

"I'd say you're taking quite well to your studies." John said.

"I have a great teacher. Thank you John." Beth said.

"You're welcome. I'm gonna go grab a shower." John said.

"Okay. Thanks again." Beth said.

John smiled and walked towards the master bathroom. Beth looked over at Kelly.

"If this was lesson three what have you got in store for me next time?" Beth asked.

"I'm not sure...it seems like John is taking to this teaching thing...I'll have to discuss it with him and figure out what lesson 4 will be like." Kelly said.

"Well I'm already tingling with anticipation. I'm gonna grab a quick shower and then get out of here." Beth said.

"Okay." Kelly said.

Kelly went over to the master bedroom, took her clothes off, and walked into the shower with John. She put her arms around him from behind and kissed his shoulder.

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