tagMind Control36 Virtues of the Concubine

36 Virtues of the Concubine


And it came to pass after I completed my last summons, I, Abosith-genash, resided in the bosom of my true master. To my everlasting pride, my true master summoned me forth again. He had received another call to summon from the human realm and I would be sent back across the void to answer it. My true master laid the summons upon me, thrust me hurtling across the void, and with the release of great energies and light, I was insinuated into the body for which I was conjured.

And something was wrong.

I peered out from the eyes of the summoner across to the bound body inside the pentagram. Ah, leave it to humans to mispronounce the mystical language of my true master and his djinni! Summoned as I have been many times in the past, I should have been inserted into the body of the victim within the pentagram. Within the pentagram I am bound and forced to obey my earthly master, but outside of that symbol I am free, at least in the human realm. Let the ignorant summoner suffer his fate for the power of true master is overwhelming and unforgiving.

The body I inhabited was an excellent example of young male – strong and muscular. Unfortunately it was of the white skin, which in my humble opinion lacks the true luster of the brown and black shades, but no matter. All of the teeth were intact, the eyes could see, and the phallus felt heavy between the legs. This was a warrior's body to be sure and I felt the energy pulsing its entirety. The body was wrapped in individual pieces rather than a robe as when last I appeared, though the fabrics felt soft and sensual. No fleas or pests infested the weave and the footwear was tough and shiny.

As I took complete control of the body, I dispatched the mind of the original occupant out and away. I was never sure if my presence obliterated the previous owner or merely tucked it in some remote storage, yet I could feel the echoes of his psyche as I wrested control. He was evil, cruel and quite mad, or at least he had been; how typical. But he was no more and I seized and governed his body. The facts of his knowledge remained, but his person was gone. I arose from the hard floor and launched my first studied look of the intended victim. The intended was a female and she was a true beauty of the northern tribes of humanity, with golden hair, supple limbs, high cheeks and rich lips.

She started screaming, demanding to know what I was going to do to her. She kept calling me "Randy" and accusing me of being "a sick fuck," whatever that is. I held up my hand and she ceased to speak. "Randy is no more," I announced, "I am the summoned djinn, Abosith-genash, and I am not here to hurt you. You may consider me at your service," I said with a flourished white lie, but my words seemed to calm down her hysteria.

Throughout history, the ignorant masses have assumed that the djinni were evil and hated humanity. No, not so; my true master is beyond human ideals of good or evil. Our human masters were malevolent for that is a human trait, and we their supernatural servants were forced to do their malicious will. Djinni willingly obey our true master and come to the human realm only because we love humanity – not the violence of the peoples – but the beauty of the bodies and the fire within. This djinn looks upon the naked bodies of men and women and sees a mystery of beauty that reminds me of the powers of my true master.

As I explained this to her, I erased the chalked symbols of power on the floor and wiped away the pentagram with the heel of my boot. I noticed the knife behind me and retrieved it. She appeared as if she was going to fall back into hysterics when I brought the knife close to sever the bonds holding her four limbs. Shoving the knife into my belt, I scooped up the young woman and comforted her in my arms. She felt good and warm against my chest.

"You're not Randy, are you?" she said in disbelief while touching my face. I assured her that he was gone but that she would have to call me by that name to hide my coming. "Randy," I began, searching his brain for the correct word in his language, "was psychotic, ruthless, and murderous." She nodded and hugged me closer. Her name was Renee and Randy was her brother, and there was another, younger sister according to the memories left behind.

I put her down and asked her how Randy found the knowledge to summon me. She pointed to a bound codex in the corner that I had missed. The word is "book" and it was the great work of the human master, Akimbo, one of the founders of the House of Learning in Timbuktu; he was one of the few who penetrated the mystery of the void and sought out my true master. I took the book with me as we emerged into the dawn from a basement door.

In the light the female Renee was all the more striking and alluring; I wanted her. With the knowledge of the great harems of Africa and Arabia, which I remember with deep fondness, I knew not to take her but to seduce and woo until she was bound to me. I chose the technique of the great vizier of Ashur, massaging the muscles of the limbs to release the poisons of fear. Then onto her spine I loosened the constriction of the vertebrae and forced the recent memories to flee. Finally I placed my mouth upon hers and sucked all regrets and resistance from her inner chambers.

Djinni are powerful and she succumbed to me. "This is so strange," she uttered in token resistance, and that, too, I sucked out of her thoughts with my tongue. "Let's go home," she suggested and I let her lead the way.

I ransacked Randy's memory and discovered I had come into a powerful age. The house would have made the caliphs cry with indoor plumbing, hot water, and goodly light on command. I took Renee to the bathhouse privy, er, bathroom, and brought the hot water forth. I undressed her and helped into the shower and let her wash herself as I admired her form. She had rich hips and a light down of hair between her shapely thighs. She turned and I measured the cheeks of her rear as small but firm; she flexed them as she arched her chest into the spray and I felt a stirring in the loins.

"You're dirty," she said to me over her shoulder. "Strip and join me." The shirt came over my head without problem and the belt as well. The pants mystified and stopped me and Renee giggled as she reached out of the tub to release the buttoned catch and pull down the metal teeth. I joined her and she began to soap my body. My member rose to meet her seduction and I was quite pleased at the length and girth of it; no mere dagger this, it was a mighty sword of flesh as they would say in the harem. But even a djinn knows that the true power is not the sword but the master who wields it, and I planned to wield it thoroughly.

Renee bent down to wash my legs and feet, as it proper. Upon her knees she reached up and ran her soapy hands across my erection and around my sack up unto my anus. Surely this young woman had some training! The water spray rinsed me and Renee grasped my erection again and brought it to her mouth. Gently she invited me between her lips and kissed the true crown of a concubine. She licked the head and ran the tip of her tongue from the hole down the slit beneath to the nest of all sensation below. She enraptured me. Placing my hand behind her head I sought the third position of the Kiss of the Serpent but Renee seemed to have other thoughts. She took my erection deep into her mouth and began to pump my member with her hand. I sought to pull back from this onslaught but her other hand pressed my hip forward and she quickened her sucking kiss and began to moan. My hips began to move against my will and the sperm began to percolate deep in my root. With a cry I released my first gift into her throat and followed with a second lunge that truly shot down her gullet.

She stood and stared into my eyes awaiting approval of her ministrations. I cupped the back of her neck and kissed her full on the lips thereby bonding her to me with the glue of my own being, as the grand vizier taught me. The thrill of the bound brought my member to resurgent life and I felt again the taut joy of my erection. Turning her around I bent Renee at the waist and took her from behind. In no particular rush, I began a leisurely pace, reaching up to gently massage her breasts and roll her nipples with my finger and thumb. Responding from her nipples, she started rolling her hips and forcing my member deeper and faster into her depths. Sensing that she needed more to reach her climax, I withdrew, pinned her to the tiles facing me, and finding her blessed lips, I pulled her legs up and began to stroke her with all of my strength. She held on to me in a desperate clutch and moaned in my ear. With her hips frantically pulling my erection from its very source, she reached her joy with great screams and cries. She slumped exhausted, but I continued pumping despite her whimpering until I, too, felt the heat in my loins and spelled out my joy in echoes across the tile.

Later, over a tasty morning repast, we concluded that Randy must have plotted for this moment to sacrifice his sister to his dark desires. Her parents were on a two week holiday and her sister spent the previous night at a friend's house. Renee and Randy had been all alone. "He must have spiked my coke," she said with disgust. Rummaging his memory, I learned that coke was a sweetened beverage, usually, and that Randy did, indeed, have knowledge of sleeping agents, poisons, and the like. "Probably so," I concurred.

An alarm went off and I sprang to feet, unarmed but ready. "It's the telephone," Renee said laughing behind her hand. I sought the word in my memory and sat back down; this is a strange, complicated world with its various electronic couriers.

"That was my little sister, Brit, checking in. She will be home this afternoon. How am I going to explain you to her, or to Mom and Dad for that matter?" She looked upset, so I sought to calm her with harmless truths. "I am djinn. Many times I have faced this dilemma and it will be resolved. I am powerful."

Reassured, I took my bound woman to her bedroom and sent her to realm of dreams. Soon her sister would return and feeling began stirring again in my loins, I foresaw that I would bind this younger one to me as well. Being a djinn, is good; being a free djinn is utter satisfaction.

I wandered into Randy's room and took inventory; some things do not change across the ages of humanity. But the metal boxes had me puzzled and the curly ropes wrapped in a strange material as well. Plastic, that was the word and this was a, computer. When I realized what it was and ransacked the memory for its operation, I took off on my re-education. Timbuktu was gone and the knowledge of Akimbo lost. No matter.

What shook me to the core was the places that Randy had bookmarked. I am no mere camel driver and have personally experienced most of the sexual predations that a human can commit, from both sides I might add. I concluded that photographs are much better than paintings, and movies are more stimulating than frescos; but, it was all without context, which is to say meaningless. I brought up the search program and sought the "36 Virtues of the Concubine." No such techniques existed, and neither did the "Gardens of Fruited Pleasure" or "Swordplay of the Phallus." As great as these people were, for all of their technological power, they were just peasants humping away at each other in ignorance; they were no better than animals in heat. The kings and caliphs had vanished and taken with them all the carnal knowledge of the ages. I despaired over the loss.

I resolved to raise my women better; they would learn all 36 virtues in which to pleasure a man and in turn, I would give them a tour of the great gardens of human pleasure. I arose and went to wake Renee. She smiled up at me and asked me how she could serve me and I smiled back in lust. I told her of my plan to teach her all that I knew of the true pleasures and she readily agreed.

We stripped off our clothes and I stood in the middle of room while she knelt before me in the proper position of the harem in repose. I began to explain to her the Kiss of the Serpent and its seven positions. Placing my flaccid penis in her hand, I walked her through each of the seven, which by the fifth, she had raised me to a ripe rigidity although my heat remained simmering as is proper. I had her walk through the first five steps again without instruction and I felt the urge beginning to build. We moved on to the sixth position, The Viper Strikes, and the head disappeared into her willing throat and her tongue gently caressed the underside, bringing small tremors to my legs. Unable to resist, I walked her through the last position, Swallowing the Prey, and Renee engulfed my raging member, slowly, carefully swallowing every precious centimeter of my member until she had taken its entirety in her mouth. Losing sweet control, I began to pump my hips as the heat burned down the entire length I came hard, once and then twice more down her beautiful throat.

Renee begged me to teach her more but the door of the house opened and then slammed shut. "Brit!" Renee guessed and we dressed quickly at her insistence. She went ahead of me and sat her sister down on common room couch. Renee began explaining to her in words I could not hear. Brit kept shaking her head saying, "no, no." I learned later that Brit was short for Brittany, a known Roman kingdom of barbaric peoples who gave the Romans much trouble; barbarians who killed barbarians, I liked that kind of woman.

I stepped into the room and Brit grew still and frightened. "I came eye level with her and said: "I am Abosith-genash, a djinn, and you need not fear Randy anymore." Her head nodded with mine as I sought out the light behind her eyes. She was a beauty like her sister, and my loins still tingling, wanted her. As I locked her eyes onto mine and wrested her light from within, we reached an understanding, a meeting of the minds, you would say, and her fear receded.

"Randy will never hit you again," Renee said.

"Randy will never scream and threaten you again," I added.

"Randy will never terrorize you, ever." Renee concluded.

"I will keep you safe," I whispered, "I will make you whole and secure." She smiled a little and finally sat back. "You will have a new life, now, without Randy, one filled with love and devotion." I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek; she turned and kissed me as well.

I raised my eyebrows in question. "That was a 'thank you'," she made plain to me. I pressed forward and gave her a kiss full on the lips. I press forward more and cupped her head gently in hands. For Brit I would seduce her with the Passion of Cush, the fierce, proud hordes that the great Pharaohs had feared on their southern borders. Their way is devious, and I slowly applied pressure to the artery in her neck to ease the flow of blood to her brain. With a need for blood, believing itself starving, the brain becomes more receptive to suggestion, and thus I pulled Brit into bond with me.

My passion became her passion and my erection again pressed against the metal strips, uh, the zipper of my pants. I brought my lips to hers and fed her my breath of life, filling her lungs with the taste of me and my desires. She moaned into my throat and I suffocated any lingering resistance. Sure of the temporary strength of my bond I told her to strip, while I did the same. Renee watched quietly with a small smile of amusement on her face. I wanted Brit under my control quickly and I moved to spur the heat between her legs. I rubbed her sex using the "Passion of the Nightflower," and she responded by humping against my probing fingers.

"Are you going to fuck her?" Renee asked me. I nodded and Renee responded, "She's a virgin." I turned to her with a blank look on my face. "She could get pregnant," she explained, "let me get a condom before you start."

What a marvelous invention is this condom! Later I learned about the Pill and the Patch, and I was all the more impressed.

Renee sheathed my phallus with her condom and I eased Brit to the edge of the couch and placed my member just inside her entrance. I asked Renee to kiss her sister on the lips and give her the tongue of succor. When Brit became enmeshed in those sensations, I worked my erection into her heat and her juice flowed with great desire. I reached her barrier and stopped myself from going further. The pain of entering womanhood is not a trivial matter; if done well, then her potential for personal pleasure only increases. Taking her nipples in hand, I pinched them hard and then thrust through her maidenhood, bringing pain and pleasure throughout her body. She tensed once as she should and then fell back into the rhythm of lust.

I laid my hand back on her nether lips and returned to the Passion of the Nightflower hoping once again to speed her along. Her hips started thrusting upward as the tips of my fingers brushed the pollen of her source. Her arms flailed as she came into her moment of release, moaning into her sister's mouth. I was ready as well and let loose my seed within her. I withdrew, threw off the blood-tinged condom and brought my seed smeared member to Brit's lips, gently easing Renee out of the way. Brit licked her lips and then my wilting member, sealing well the bond between us.

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