tagHumor & Satire365 Days Ch. 09

365 Days Ch. 09


Ch.9 - Four at Once

Day Seven -- Ruth, Denise, Carol, and Melinda

I was less distracted at work the next day (Tuesday), because I knew there weren't any new girls (women, damn it!) coming over tonight. Not that the idea didn't cross my mind from time to time. But I re-read the message Roger had sent me in envelope #1, and realized that I would have FOUR girls (women!) from the escort service at my house on Friday evening, and that they would be staying with me until at least noon on Saturday. Not only that, but ANOTHER girl would arrive Saturday morning! So, for at least half the day Saturday, I would have five women in my house, each eager (at least, if Cyndi, Rachel, and Carmen were typical) to fuck my brains out.

As enthusiastic as I might be about meeting and screwing several beautiful new young women, and as proud as I am of my new-found Enthusiasm, Energy, Endurance, and Explorations, and in spite of my male ego, even I realized I might be in over my head on this weekend.

So, instead of sitting in the lunchroom again enjoying the terrific sack lunch Carmen had made for me (I had noticed that there were four more of them in my fridge after she left this morning), I took the opportunity to go out to lunch with three of my cohorts in the office. We weren't exactly "friends," but we spent a lot of time together at work, and frequently ate lunch together.

After we were seated in an out-of-the-way booth in the restaurant and had our sodas, I cleared my throat and mentioned that I was having a party on Friday, and was wondering if anyone wanted to come?

I was not surprised when the invitation didn't get a real big, positive reception. I know I have the reputation as the office dead fish. I had never gone out with these guys after work, never gone to a bar to watch a game with them, or just have a drink with them, never invited any of them over for dinner, and of course had never been to one of their houses for dinner either. Not that a couple of them hadn't invited me; I just always turned them down, until they stopped asking. I think the others socialized outside the office, but by the time my work-day was done, the last thing I generally wanted to do was see guys from the office some more.

Rich, the guy from the cubicle next to mine looked at the others with a little grin, and spoke first: "Wow, Dale! What kind of party are you having?" I imagine he was thinking I would maybe be trying to sell my guests patented plastic food storage containers, or something.

"Well, it's a funny thing," I started out. But then I decided that I couldn't tell them the whole story about my brother's gift, so I improvised, "It's just going to be, you know, a regular sort of party. Four cute, single girls who are friends of my brother will be staying at my house Friday night, and I was wondering if any of you guys might like to come over and help me keep them company?"

My brother's reputation preceded me; I had told them enough stories about him that they all knew he was a horn-dog, but they also knew his women were generally very good-looking and, well, exceedingly friendly.

"Uh, sure, Dale!" Dan said immediately. "I'd be glad to help you out there!" Dan, I knew, had recently broken his engagement with a woman who unfortunately had turned up pregnant with someone else's baby. He had been understandably shy about getting "back into the game," as he called it, but I guess this situation sounded like a combination of minimum risk and maximum opportunity. Dan seemed genuinely excited about coming over to my house.

"Yeah, I'll have to see what Donna has in mind for Friday, but count me in!" Fred said.

"Uh, Fred," I said, with a worried frown, "I guess I'm trying to say that this party isn't really for wives and girlfriends, since I'm gonna have four unattached women there. They're actually, uhm, what you might call, er, 'escorts.' I think there might be, uhm, problems if ..."

"Yeah, Dale, I gotcha." Fred said. "What I meant is that I'd have to be sure Donna wasn't counting on me being with HER Friday night. We usually try to get together, but recently, she doesn't seem to be as excited about going out on Fridays after work as she used to be, so I imagine I can be there. You said cute, right?"

"Oh, yeah, they're real cute!" I actually had no idea WHAT they looked like, but I figured, they all work for an escort service, so odds are, right? "You'll like them a lot!"

"Count me out, I'm afraid," Richard said. I wasn't surprised; Rich was married. "I have to get home to the ole 'ball and chain' you know! Linda's keeping me on a kind of short leash recently!" Rich said that last with a big smile, but I felt that there was maybe more than a little bit of true feeling behind the expression. Recently, he seldom talked about how great his marriage was, like he used to do.

"Oh, that's okay, Rich! I completely understand. But you know you're still invited if you find you can spring loose for Friday night! It's all above board and innocent!" I said, sarcastically. "So, I'll have drinks and some snacks, you know, maybe a little music, some dancing, whatever!"

Dan smirked, "Yeah, it's the whatever I'm looking forward to! Too bad it's all so above board and innocent!"

They all laughed. If they only knew.

I finally got the nerve to drive the other GTO to work on the next morning (the OTHER other one, Carmen had taken back to the service on Monday morning. I assumed the girls would come in it on Friday. Wait, that didn't sound quite right ... what I mean is, I assume the girls coming on Friday would use it to get to my place.)

Fred and Dan saw me pull into the parking lot at our office and just gaped at me.

"Wow, Dale! You're really coming out of your shell!" Dan said, as the two of them came over to "ooh" and "ahh" over my car. "Where'd you get the wheels?"

"This looks like a frame-off restoration, guy! Where'd you get the dough for a car like this?" Fred asked.

"My brother, Roger, won the lottery and gave it to me as a gift," I said. I didn't mention that I had another one almost exactly like it. "And it's not really a restoration," I explained, as they looked under the hood and poked their heads in to check out the interior. It's a what they call a 'resto-mod.' All the mechanicals and convenience items are state-of-the-art and completely up-to-date. The body, frame and interior, though, are original!"

As we walked into the building, we were joined by Rich. "Whose fine Goat is that out in the parking lot?" Rich asked.

"That's Dale's! Can you believe it?" Fred answered.

"You're kidding! Wow, Dale, you're really coming out of your shell!" said Rich.

"So I've been told," I remarked quietly, a little dismayed about how low their opinion of me must have been -- I had apparently sunk to the rank of snail. It was probably deserved, but still.

We arrived in "the Cavern," which is the name we all gave to the giant room we worked in, which was filled with cubicles, seeming to stretch out as far as the eye could see. Here and there, you could see just the tops of peoples' heads as they walked down the aisles, and there was a low hum of voices and business machines as people got to work. Dan and Fred peeled off at their cubicles, as Rich and I plunged deeper into the Cavern. When we arrived at my cubie, Rich stepped in for a minute.

"Look, Dale," he began, "if it's still an open invitation, I'd like to take you up on that party Friday night?"

"Oh, yeah, Rich!" I was genuinely glad Rich could come; he was the closest thing to a real friend I had at work. "The others are coming over straight from work."

"Well, I might be a little late, then. I've got to drop off the kids at their grandparents'. Linda is apparently having some kind of sales meeting up in Ponunka, and she's not going to be home until Saturday afternoon."

"No problem, Rich. It's all loose and casual. Get there when you get there! I'm glad you can make it!"

I started to get nervous again by Friday. I could hardly eat the last of Carmen's lunches. I had called Professional Escorts and told them that I was going to have some friends over on Friday evening. Their response was, "That's entirely at your discretion, sir." They agreed that the girls would come to my house at 4:00 in the afternoon. I was planning on taking off early to meet them before the guys showed up, Just to make their acquaintance, of course. I also asked them to have the girls (women!) set out all the party treats I had bought and prepared. They said they would pass the message along.

When I got home a little after 4:00, the other GTO was there. I thought I might have to do a little song and dance to explain to the guys why my car had a twin, but as it turned out, I had much bigger fish to fry tonight.

Inside, the place was all set up. There was music on, and the girls had pushed the dining table back to serve as a bar and make room for a dance floor. The snacks and drinks were all set up and ready to go. I introduced myself to Ruth, Denise, Carol, and Melinda. To my immense relief, they were each either very, very cute, or simply beautiful, and they had knock-out figures, too. I was a little surprised, and then embarrassed at my pre-conceptions, to discover that Denise was a black woman. She was wearing some kind of Afro-print wrap that showed off her spectacular figure, and her hair was worn in a very very short, tight Afro curl. She had bare feet. Ruth, the brunette, and Carol, the one with the auburn hair, were wearing flouncy party dresses, and sandals. Melinda was wearing a fire-engine-red velour jumpsuit with short-short legs and a pink t-shirt underneath. She had slave sandals on ... you know, those ones with the laces that wrap back and forth up the girl's calves and look so sexy? These wrapped themselves around Melinda's calves and looked SO sexy!

I had hardly had time to tell them about the guys who were coming over before the doorbell rang.

Fred and Dan had arrived together in Dan's car. I greeted them at the door, and when Fred stepped through into my place and got a look at the girls, he immediately backed out again, almost knocking poor Dan off my front stoop.

Fred grabbed me by my shirt, and pulled me out, too, then reached around me and pulled the front door shut. "We may have a little problem, here, Dale!" Fred said, his voice low and filled with concern. "How well do you know these girls?"

"Well, like I said, I don't really know them at all. They're friends of my brother Roger!"

"You said Rich is coming tonight, right?" I nodded. "What did you say their names are?" Fred asked, still talking in conspiratorial mode, and very worried-sounding.

"Well, the black lady is Denise, there's Ruth and Carol, and the striking one in the red jumpsuit is Melinda." I replied.

"No it isn't." said Fred.

"What? What do you mean, 'no it isn't'? No, what isn't what?" I asked.

"That last one's not named 'Melinda.' That's LINDA, Rich's wife!" Fred said.

"No!" I said. Fred made a grimace and nodded. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't see how that can be!"

"Oh, I'm sure, all right! I've been over to their house many times. And, last time I was there, Rich gave her hell for coming down dressed in that same red jumpsuit, and made her go back upstairs and change into something 'decent.'"

Dan was peeking through the slit in the front window curtains. "Oh, yeah, that's Linda, all right!" he said. "Oh, man, she looks hot! This could get ugly!"

Our attention was diverted by the arrival of Rich's car in my driveway. "Shit!" I said. I had to think fast! "Look, you guys go on inside, and I'll try to stall Rich out here. See if you can hustle her out the back door or something! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Some party this was turning out to be.

Fred and Dan went inside, and I heard a startled shriek when "Melinda" saw who they were, then a stifled cry that I guessed was a result of them explaining to her who was arriving right then out front.

Meantime, Rich had pulled up close to my place and gotten out of his car. He seemed really eager to get inside and meet the 'cute young single girls.' Who wouldn't be?

"Uh, Rich, how's it going?" I asked, lamely, trying to physically block his path. I could hear some sort of verbal fireworks going on inside, so I knew the coast wasn't clear, yet.

"Huh? It's going fine, same as it was earlier when we left work!" Rich said with a frown on his face. "Let's go meet those girls, huh?" He said, and breezed right past me and straight through my front door.

I waited for the explosion. But there was only silence.

I peeked my head inside, and there was a calm party scene. Ruth, Denise, and Carol were introducing themselves to Fred, who was already holding some kind of a drink. Dan and 'Melinda' were nowhere to be seen.

"Uh, hi everybody!" I said in a loud dramatic voice. "This is my friend, RICH!"

"Jeez, Dale," Rich said. "You don't have to shout! The music's not that loud!"

"How's EVERYBODY doing?" I asked, emphasizing the "everybody" so that someone might throw me a hint as to what the hell was going on.

"I'll kill that bastard!" a voice shouted out from one of the bedrooms. 'Melinda' stormed out of the back hallway, and laid into Rich, pounding on him with her little fists for all she was worth. "What the fuck do YOU think you're doing here?" she screamed.

"Linda?" Rich was holding up his arms to defend himself while trying to figure out what was going on. "I thought you were in Ponunka tonight at a sales meeting!"

At that point, it apparently dawned on Linda/Melinda that maybe she was in more trouble here than her husband was. Sure, he was looking to get laid tonight, but she had apparently been working as an escort for some time, unbeknownst to her husband. They both seemed to figure this out at the same time. A pregnant silence fell over the room.

Denise saved the moment. "Tell you what, you guys. Why don't we take this into the back room. I think you two have quite a bit to talk about that you probably don't want the rest of us to hear!" Denise took Rich and Linda by their elbows and 'escorted' them to the spare bedroom. We heard a door shut back there, and Denise came back in a few seconds, with a big grin on her face. "So, Dale! You're going to have to go quite a ways to top that for the rest of your party! You really know how to entertain!"

It broke the tension, and everybody laughed as we heard raised voices from the back. Carol leaned over and turned up the music, and those remaining out front started to pair up. Fred put his arm around Carol's shoulders and started to whisper something into her ear (actually, he was probably shouting ... the music was pretty loud, now.) Dan and Ruth sat down together on the couch, knee to knee, and seemed to be communicating somehow.

Denise and I headed for the kitchen. "Thanks, Denise," I said. "You're a life-saver!"

"For you, maybe. I'm not so sure about Melinda ... I mean Linda! She's going to have a tough time explaining why she's been named 'escort of the month' seven times in three years."

"Yeah, sorry. Kinda took the fun out of my party!" I said.

"Oh, I don't know about that!" Denise said. She raised up on her tip-toes, kissed me on the lips, then tugged me back to the doorway to look out into the living room. There were two flouncy party dresses on the floor over by the front door, and Ruth was on her knees in front of the sofa, giving Dan a blowjob. Carol was naked, on her back on the floor, and Fred had his head between her legs doing God-knows-what.

"Wow!" I said. "Those guys are fast workers!"

"Well," Denise replied, grabbing my hardening cock though my Dockers, "time flies when you're having fun, you know. And these guys aren't getting a new girl every day like you are! They just don't want to waste a minute of this evening!"

Denise rose up again, and gave me a tongue-probing kiss that curled my toes. But I was worried.

"Denise, no offense, but I'm worried about Rich and Mel ... er ... Linda. It's gotten awful quiet back there! I don't want any domestic violence here tonight!"

"Okay, good call. Let's go check!"

Denise and I crept quietly back to my guest bedroom, opened the door a crack, and peeked in. The door wouldn't open much due to the crumpled up lump of red velour on the floor. But it was just enough to see Rich humping wildly into Linda on the queen-sized bed.

"Okay," I said. "I don't know quite what happened there, but it looks like they seem to be working everything out."

"Yeah," said Denise. "And you know what?"

"What?" I asked.

"Right now, we're the only ones at your party who aren't having sex! What do you think we should do about that?"

... to be continued in "Day Eight -- Samantha"

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