tagBDSM365 Days of Master

365 Days of Master


Training A 'tite chatte: Day One

Master came to me in January of 2007 because a friend of mine had told Him about a relationship, of mine, that had recently ended and it was not a pretty situation. Originally He came to me to be a "friend/Mentor" to guide me back to a sense of myself and to build my confidence in myself. i am a S/switch. i have been in the "lifestyle" for a little over a year and had very little real-time experience. The relationship that had just ended was completely online. i was feeling very degraded and very useless as a submissive/slave. i was also just as incapable of being dominant, effectively. Being caught in the middle like i was, in this body who desires nothing more than to be a slave to the Man she loves but keeping a sense of control with her self, drove me mad.

Over a period of three months and conversations by phone and online, Master delved into my mind and found the "true" slave inside, who was hiding out of a desire to be protected. In March, Master sent for this girl of His. It was a "trial" visit in that He was concerned that i might not see what i need and want for myself and He did not want to damage me in any way. He was, also, still gaging my desires of Him. While i submitted immediately to Him, online, i was still hanging on to some pretty tight control issues with myself. Also, i was switching within myself and did not know it. He put great pains in pulling each aspect of "me" to the surface so He could gauge the degree of my personality to see if He could take this girl and tame her. It was this meticulous and very personal digging into my psyche that found this girl falling in love with her Master.

The day before my trip to meet my Master was filled with anticipation and excitement. The nervousness i was feeling had me in a state of panic beyond anything i had ever experienced. Master was being so calm and had encouraged me to just "be myself" when i arrived. i had not flown much in my life and to make things more stressful, Master had required i wear a dress with no underwear. i trusted Him completely, but something deep inside of me was panicking beyond anything i had ever experienced, yet i was so wet between my legs.

i packed very lightly. Master had said i would need no clothes unless W/we went to town. i packed three outfits, two night suits and all of the "toys" He requested. i knew the airport security would see my luggage contents. This served to cause more trauma to my stress level, but i trusted my Master. So, i stoically loaded the luggage, dressed in the manner He requested, and made my way to the airport.

Airport security is the pits. Not only did i get "felt up" at the terminal because i was wearing a long dress, but my luggage got opened and searched. i think, the men at the airport got a thrill from making me feel that they "knew" what i was going to Michigan to do. i found myself sinking deep within myself to maintain some air of nonchalance. If i had allowed the "dominant" aspect out, i would have been a bitch and told them to fuck their flight, and went home. It was not for their pleasure that i had done any of this, but my Master's. So i kept my focus. my desire for my Master made me hold my tongue, bite back my embarrassment, and hold my head up proudly. All i could think about was, 'i am going to meet the Man who will be my Master and i love Him. There is no holding back for Him. The ends justify the means.'

The flight was uneventful. i read a few chapters in my book, listened to my headphones, and gave in to some deep thought. Daily, Master had fed me information on how to attend to His needs. Nothing He had said sparked any resistance from me. There were no flashing warning lights. i was completely at ease with "Him". It was my own fear of disappointing Him or not living up to the expectations i have of myself that kept me on edge. It was very liberating to stand up through submission instead of dominance. To me, dominance was always "bitch" mode. Through submission, i was finding my peace, my strength, my deep longing for mental clarity. The plane landed, and with the drop in altitude, so did my stomach as it was churning with butterflies. In less than fifteen minutes, i would be face to face with the Man i wished to have possess all of me.

As i stepped off of the plane and made my way to the pick-up area, i seen Him. Master is a tall Man, but much taller than i had anticipated. He had teased me for being a "shortie". When my eyes scanned the crowd, He stood a head taller than anyone in the crowd. His eyes caught mine and my breath stopped in my chest, my head bowed, and i rushed into His arms to hug Him. He had already gave permission to forgo the bowing in public because airports have become so meticulous with "rules". After what i had already encountered to get here, i was relieved that the "public" aspects of humiliation were completed. When my body hit His, my breath released and i nearly cried with relief as i felt all the love W/we have for O/one A/another course between us making electric sparks sizzle in the air. W/we picked up my scant luggage and went to the parking lot.

Many times on the phone, Master had teased me about allowing/demanding me to give Him a blowjob in the car. i will not pretend to know what my Master was thinking, but He was a true gentleman with me and His only "overture" towards me was to slip His hand under the hem of my dress and lift it so my thighs were exposed. i nearly fainted at the thought of Him pushing His hand further up my dress and wrapping it around His pussy. i have learned, about myself, that i do not enjoy public displays that cause a deep sense of humiliation for me. i have no desire to be broken, humiliated, or made to feel sub-human. These discomforts have been discussed with Master. While others have the right to feel all the above and enjoy it, i simply do not enjoy it. So, feeling my pause, He settled for gently leaving His hand on my thigh. His body touching mine had me so lost in a mental place that i had no idea what was happening to me. i clearly wanted everything He offered to me, yet i was so petrified of what was to come. He sensed this of His girl and made small talk until W/we reached His house.

It was already established that i would be completely naked when i was in my Master's house. When W/we walked in the door, i waited until i heard the front door click shut and a lock slide closed, then reached up with trembling fingers and began to undress. Master laid His car keys on the table and kicked off His shoes. Completely naked, i knelt at His entryway to His house with eyes cast downward. my whole body shook with pure nerves. He had stripped Himself down to His underwear by the time i had knelt before Him.

He moved to stand in front of me and i brought my gaze up to His face. He reached His hand down and caressed my face and whispered, "Fear, uncertainty, and a wild gleam shows in your eyes like a scared kitty cat wanting to be rubbed so it can purr in contentment. What do you want, today, My scared pussy?"

i blushed and swallowed hard, speaking softly, "Master, your girl presents herself to You for Your pleasure." Master did something so unexpected, i nearly came on the spot with true desire to be His slave. He knelt in front of this girl and took her face in His hands and kissed me so deeply, my body ached in every atom of my being to be consumed by Him. With no words, He stood and pulled me up with Him to take me to His bedroom.

i lost all reserve and desired nothing more than to be made love to by my Master. The nervous energy was replaced by a burning desire deep inside of me as my soul singed its way to the surface. As His hands brushed down my chest and over my breast, i felt heat trailing long after His hand moved to other areas. Before the heat of His hand could dissipate, His mouth covered my breast and His tongue teased my nipples with slow, torturous little swirls. His teeth lightly bit into me as if testing my ability to handle them. i groaned in pleasure and arched into Him as my hands held His head gently.

Everything i had been told about how a Master will "rape" His women and treat them with such brutality, was suddenly gone from my memory. my concentration was focused on the desire burning within me as He touched every inch of the body He was claiming as His territory, His slave. All of the trauma of making this trip was gone from my mind as i melted into Him and gave, so willingly, everything i possessed to Him.

As His hands trailed down to the heat pulsing between my legs, i opened my eyes and He was staring at me with intense desire. When His fingers parted the lips that He was claiming as His, i took a sharp intake of breath and felt my first orgasm surging to the surface. With pleading in my eyes, i whispered softly, "Master, may i cum?"

The intensity in His gaze was mind altering and i felt myself slipping into a darkness beyond anything i have ever felt. 'This,' i thought somewhere in my mind, 'is power exchange.' i drunk in His gaze as if i was dying of thirst as the burning between my legs intensified and i was on the brink of insanity, awaiting His permission to cum.

He manipulated my clit between His fingers and kept His bondage with me through His eyes. my body arched against His. my pelvic muscles spasmed around His hand as i felt a wave of pleasure hit me that burned so deep it made my legs spread completely against the bed and every muscle tensed in an effort not to cum before He gave permission. i groaned hard and gritted my teeth as my gaze was held by His, the agony of waiting for His release making it all the more intense and pleasurable. He released my orgasm with one word, "Cum." His voice, the intensity of His gaze holding mine, the movement of His hand, the complete openness that i felt from my pure soul, sent me spiraling into a convulsive state as my pussy juices squirted into His hands.

He broke His gaze and looked down to His hand. Then He brought it up to my lips and i took His fingers into my mouth and softly sucked His fingers clean. He kissed me deeply and then slipped between my legs. Master folded my pussy lips apart and smiled, "This is Mine, girl."

As i was saying, "Yes, Master," i felt His lips come down to my pussy and as His tongue snaked out and touched my bare clit, i cried out as if i had been touched with hot fire. He looked up at me and chuckled, "you can come as many times as you want and you do not have to ask Me for permission for now."

Every movement this Darling mouth made against this raging pussy had me writhing under Him. Darkness encased me as i closed my eyes and gave myself over to the complete essence of feeling Him and i gave Him all. As His tongue pushed into me and His mouth covered my clit sucking it hard between His teeth, i came in consecutive bouts each time He pulled against my clit. Master drank from His slave until He had His desire satiated.

Master raised up and i caught sight of His cock for the first time as He stripped Himself of His underwear. As my Master's cock sprang forth, i gasped. He had warned me that He was "big", but just as His height had surprised me, so did this massive organ that would come to bring me hours of pleasure and pain in O/our relationship. i wanted desperately to wrap my hands around it and take it deep into my mouth and taste my Master. His desire was on taking His slave in every way He wanted and my desire to come up off the bed and take Him was overshadowed by His desires.

He smiled at my obvious "shock" of seeing His cock. He moved quickly between my legs and positioned Himself to enter my soaked pussy. There was no resistance, even as big as His cock was, it touched my pussy lips and gently slid in to its new home. i moaned softly as i felt Him stretch me to accommodate Himself. i relaxed completely and let the feeling of fullness engulf me. When He hit the back of my pussy with the tip of His cock, He pushed against me and ground into me. i cried out, "Oh Master!"

He pushed into me several times as He raised my pleasure and my cries rose in decibels until i could stand no more and i came around Him, spraying His cock with my cum. He didn't stop, He began to thrust in and out of me. Each time His cock pushed into me deeply, the pain and pleasure was so intense i screamed His name and braced myself against His assault. Each ripping thrust sent me over the edge with shuddering orgasms that had my legs shaking with lust and desire. my hands clawed at the covers and my back was arched up with muscles as tight as rubber bands about to snap.

Suddenly He pulled out of me and grabbed my hips. With one fluid motion, He flipped me over onto my stomach and with one more quick pull against my hips, He pulled my ass up into the air. He slammed His cock into my pussy and continued His assault against my swollen, wet, hot, pussy. i quivered under Him and bucked against Him wildly as i felt His cock swelling inside of me. B/both of O/our bodies were sweating and heaving in pleasure as something begin to metamorphic between U/us. No longer were W/we two L/lovers giving in to the desires of E/each O/other. Something primal began to surface. Master's thrust were deep, hard, focused, as if His cock was seeking to reach the center of my soul. my heart pounded and my body opened to suck Him deeper and deeper into me until i felt i would pass out with pleasures i had never felt before. i cried out and rammed into Him as if He was giving me life. Each movement made between U/us was bringing me closer to something i can't describe even today. Then ... it happened.

Master slammed into me hard and as i felt His cock shudder inside of me, i felt His teeth slam into my shoulder. i cried out in surprise but it wasn't painful. As His teeth sank deep into my flesh, i seen a white light flash behind my closed eyelids, my heart stopped, my chest exploded with pleasure, my pussy gushed hot lava liquid, my body relaxed and i sunk into a state that felt as close to heaven as a girl deserves to go without dying. He kept the "death" grip with His teeth as His cum shot deep into me. i felt complete, at peace, and i melted under Him. i had just been given the gift of subspace. i languished in it for as long as He allowed, as He held me like a kitten dangling from its mother's mouth. i was completely helpless, completely absorbed, and completely His.

As Master's orgasm relaxed, so did His mouth on my shoulder. He rolled over to the side and pulled me with Him as His mouth softened and began to lick the angry red spot where He entered this girl's portal to subspace. i softly purred against Him and opened my neck for His bathing. "What do you desire, my slave?" He whispered against my ear.

"You have more than made me happy with everything You have given me, Master," i whispered back to Him as O/our arms caressed and held O/one A/another. "What more could a girl desire but to be completely consumed by her Master?"

"I am offering you a chance to do whatever you want to with Me. Tell me what you 'want' from My body."

i blushed softly against Him and gently rolled over to face Him. With eyes sparkling and a shy smile, i whispered against Master's mouth, "if You are offering me permission to quench my own desires, Master, i desire Your cock deep in my mouth. i desire sucking Your cock until You explode in my mouth and i drink Your cum. What i crave most, my Master, is to taste You."

He chuckled softly. "Permission granted."

i moved gently and seductively down between His legs as He moved to lay flat of His back. my hands moved liquidly down His body and i attempted to push all of the pleasure i had felt from His hands against my skin, into His skin, as i traveled down to that gorgeous cock i had briefly caught a glimpse of. i got myself situated comfortably and picked it up gently using delicate hands. i heard Him sigh and felt a tender shudder run through Him. i smiled inside as i took my Master's cock into the warmth of my mouth and licked the head of it with soft lips and a swirling tongue. i sucked His residual cum from the edges and savored the taste of myself on Him as well. Together, O/our juices created a blend of tangy mingled with sweet that can not be created with anyone but U/us.

i let my mouth gently move further down His flaccid cock. When i reached the base of Him, i swallowed softly and pulled up firmly. His cock shuddered inside of my mouth and i felt the blood pouring back into it as it slowly began to harden. His hands brushed against my hair as this "lazy" teasing slowly brought His desire back to life. i cupped my hands under His balls and softly rolled them between my fingers as i continued to gently suck Him deeply into my mouth. The harder my Master's cock became, the more difficult it was to go all the way down. i wanted to take all of Him but as He grew to His full length, my ability to take all of Him was impossible. i had never had a cock this size so i had never learned to relax my throat muscles to deep throat Him. i wanted to and as i forced myself to breathe through my nose, i could go far enough down that i knew i was pleasing Him. But i made a mental note to ask for more so i could become more apt with this task. This task was my favorite of all Master had given me. To taste His cum, to bring this organ the same pleasures my Master had given me, was my one burning desire.

Master's hands weaved them self into each side of my hair and i felt Him tugging me in a rhythm. my head began to bob up and down on His cock and i tightened my lips. Using suction, i created a vacuum. His body moved with my motions and i pulled firmly against Him. His cock began to vibrate at the base. i moved in a swirling motion up and down, never letting His cock stay in the air for very long. A burning sensation was aching between my legs as i felt Him start to quiver under my touch. i quickened my upward strokes and sucked harder. He tightened His fingers through my hair and forced me deeper onto Him. my throat constricted and i struggled to relax against His cock as i gagged softly around Him, but i didn't stop my motions. i had one goal in mind and the rest was just details. i wanted my Master's cum. i wanted to taste His cum and feel it shooting down my throat. The burning between my legs was being ignored and i ached to feel Him explode. Only then would i allow my pussy to relax and cum with my Master. This was His pleasure, not mine. my focus was to pull every drop of Him into me.

Master made a guttural cry and i felt Him shake as He snarled sexily and raised up from the bed by holding my hair between His hands. The hot liquid shot into my mouth and i held tight to Him as He released all of the cum He had left in His body. Feeling His orgasm course into me, my pussy sighed and reacted with a mind of its own as my own juices flowed between my legs and i came with my Master.

When Master stopped moving under me, i tightened my mouth and made one long suction to the tip of Him, careful not to "pop" Him out of my mouth. At the tip, i sucked gently as i drained all of His cum. He grunted and jerked under me and then pulled me off of Himself by my hair.

After a moment of silence, He said, "God, that was good, girl!" i smiled with a closed mouth at Him. When i did not respond in a verbal fashion, He opened one eye and squinted down to me. i sat there quietly and it dawned on Him what i was waiting for. He chuckled and said softly, "Swallow."

i twirled the delicate juices around in my mouth and swallowed sadly, letting the taste linger on my tongue. Then, i smiled at Master and said, "Thank You, Master."

He smiled back to me and said, "your welcome," and He pulled me up against Him and snuggled with me. W/we fell asleep for some while.

i awoke to the sound of soft snoring beside me that made me smile. i slipped out of the bed and down to the floor beside Him and sat there with my arms folded, head in my arms. i thought about how scared and nervous i had been less than three hours ago. i remembered the agony of the plane trip. i smiled softly to myself and whispered in my mind, "Yes, He is worth it... this Man is my Master."

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