tagBDSM4-Birthday Bound

4-Birthday Bound


The cool, hard touch of my dining room table fades as your nude spread eagled body lays bound upon it; its surface absorbing the warmth emanating from your hot, lithe form. I stand over you to one side softly singing happy birthday to you in that whispering voice you crave so much. The hot wax from the candles that adorned your cake drips onto your skin, searing points of heat landing upon your nipples and breasts as I slowly wave the candle over them in lazy, random motions keeping you off guard and denying you the ability to anticipate where the next drop will land. I move further down letting the drops land on your stomach and thighs covering you in a constellation of wax stars that at first feel as hot as the sun before slowly cooling to a soft warmth radiating throughout your body.

I add to these sensations with my wandering fingers meandering across your skin touching you here and there, softly massaging your sides, rolling and pinching your nipples, flicking your clit and dragging several fingers along your slit teasing you and watching you arch your back and moan softly to my sweet, sensual torture. Candles exhausted, I set the last of them down and pick up my flogger as it is time for you birthday spanking with a twist. I loosen your bonds enough to flip you over onto your stomach and tighten the ropes once again and begin, you hear the sound of the falls swooshing through the air as the first blow lands on your shoulders, the next blow lands on your thighs as I pick random parts of your body to strike. I reach between your thighs and you feel me playing with your clit once more as I continue to flog you. Your soft moans become urgent cries of pleasure as I drive you further into subspace, each blow and each motion of my fingers inside you urging you on towards your climax.

I begin to concentrate the blows of the flogger on your ass, giving you the 19 blows plus one to grow on making your ass turn a nice bright shade of pink. Driving you right to the edge I stop and loosen the ropes holding you down and drag you across the table so you are bent over the table with your feet on the floor. You hear me unbuckle and lower my pants as I move to position myself behind you, my raging cock bumping gently at your entrance, I line up and slowly push my cock into your cunt a soft guttural "yessssss" comes from your lips as I bury myself deep within you. Pulling back slowly I begin to fuck you, building up the speed and force at which I pound away at you. My fingers find your clit once more and strum it in time with my thrusts causing you to gasp loudly at each thrust; you turn your head to one side urging me on "Yessss... Please baby... Fuck me like a slut, take me, rape me..." I lean in to whisper harshly in your ear, "Yes, I am going to take you, rape you like the filthy little cum slut you are and I'm going to keep you and rape you whenever it pleases me because that's what you want; for me to use you, take my pleasure in you and make you my little fuck toy."

Thrusting in and out hard and fast, I fuck you as roughly as I can, clawing at your body with my hands, slapping and punching you as I drive you towards an earth shattering orgasm. I feel you grip my cock hard and grind against it as you cry out once more cumming hard, causing me to tense up and shoot my cum deep into your pussy... I pause for a moment then pick you up and flip you over, shoving my cock back into you... The animal has taken over and I begin to fuck you again with your legs resting on my shoulders, I pound away furiously making your orgasm roll on and on in waves of sheer bliss. The animal instinct has taken control of you as well as you try to grind yourself on my cock, your muscles gripping and squeezing it with all your might. Your legs lift off my shoulders and wrap themselves around my waist and pull me deeper into you, ankles locking behind my back. We have become trapped by our lust for each other and have become one. I feel myself reaching my peak and with one final thrust, shoot another load of cum deep into your pussy before collapsing on top of you. As we slowly regain our senses, I begin to kiss you softly and run a hand through your hair... I whisper to you "Happy Birthday, my sweet little subbie."

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