4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 04


More talking I did not understand inside, the scrape of a bolt being drawn, and then Wendy’s voice. “Come in David, with your hands up and close the door behind you. Do not say anything except to answer questions.”

I opened the door, stepped in and then closed it behind me. I put my hands back up as another instruction was whispered in one language and translated by Wendy, somewhere in the darkness.

“Lock the door, David.” Wendy sounded tired.

I locked the door and turned to face the dark room, not able to make out much in the gloom. There were a couple of windows up at the roof level but my eyes were yet to adjust.

More whispering then “Stand still, do not move or talk no matter what she does.”

I nodded my understanding and a small figure with a very large gun approached. Louisa would have been about five foot three and very slight. She could easily have been mistaken for a child except for the menacing assault rifle. She motioned me to turn around and I did. Louisa then checked me for weapons, running a hand around my waist, under my arms and up and down my arms and legs. I thought it was good I had not come armed, as Jeff had suggested. Her final check was my groin and she took my cock in her hand and gave it a squeeze. I jumped a bit but said nothing, although plenty of questions came to mind.

Louisa stepped back and again the relayed instruction with Wendy saying, “Go and sit in the chair David.”

I tuned around and could vaguely make out a chair in the middle of the room. I went to it and sat, Louisa faded into the shadows behind me.

Then Wendy started talking.

“David, I have been talking to Louisa and the only way out for me is to give her a way out too.”

“No worries…” I started.

“Shhh. Do not talk, it makes her nervous and that thing is loaded.” Said Wendy quickly. As my eyes adjusted I saw Wendy was in front of me, sitting on a bed with her hands behind her back, tied up I guessed. Louisa was behind me somewhere. I decided not to talk.

“Louisa is Carlo’s cousin but does not agree with the family business. She wanted out but that is not the way they do things and Carlo has told Louisa’s father he will marry her this week. She does not want to marry him, as he is very cruel and violent. Carlo will punish her family if she runs away with us so the only solution is to make her unsuitable to marry, obviously against her will.”

How, I was thinking do we disfigure her? Do we…

“For her to marry Carlo she must be pure, a virgin,” Wendy said, “to make her unsuitable you must rape her.”

Oh fuck, I thought, what the hell am I getting in to now?

“It has to be obviously brutal, no taking it easy on her, because she wants to be honest when she tells her family how she was forced. To do this we will act out an entry to the building and all instructions will be from me in English, which she cannot understand.”

So many questions I thought.

“You have to answer yes now to say you will do it. If you say yes it must be a promise to me you will go through with it. If you say no she will shoot us both. There is no other way. What is your answer?”

There was no other choice.

“Yes.” I said with a waver in my voice. At my age I was going to become a rapist.

“Get up and go out the door. Give me a short time after I bolt it the tap on the door and call me.”

I did as Wendy said and when I called her I heard the thump of a heavy hit. Moments later the bolt slid aside and I went back in. Wendy’s hands were cuffed but were now in front of her. Louisa was laid out on the floor.

“Cuff keys in her pocket.” Wendy said.

I picked up the dazed Louisa and lay her on the bed. She was wearing military type fatigues and in a front trouser pocket I found the key. As I unlocked the cuffs Louisa started moaning.

“Hit her.” Said Wendy.

I hit her, a slap across the face.

“No,” said Wendy, “hit her hard like you hate her.”

Louisa was lying on the bed, moaning and I punched her hard in the jaw.

“Good, that’s better,” Wendy said firmly, rubbing her wrists, “now rape her, violently.”

I looked at Louisa, bleeding from the lip and trembling and turned to Wendy.

“You must,” She said, “you promised and I promised.” She picked the rifle up from the floor and pointed it at Louisa, saying something I did not understand.

I reached to the fatigues and tore the shirt open, buttons flying, exposing a large gold cross between small naked breasts. Be rough, I thought and squeezed the surprisingly long nipples tight as Louisa winced at the contact. I leaned down and bit firmly on her tits, drawing blood in one place and leaving marks that would become bruises in others.

“Good.” Wendy said.

Louisa moaned in pain and I hit her again. Without being told.

“Shut up,” I said, as viciously as I could make it, “or it will be harder on you.”

I reached down to her waist and unbuttoned her pants. Louisa tried to push my hands away but stopped as Wendy held the rifle to her body. I ripped the fly open and pulled her pants down and off roughly. Her shoes came off at the same time. Louisa lay on the bed, eyes wide and trembling as I reached down to her underwear, a pair of small white panties. I grabbed them and pulled.

In stories they would have ripped off but these must have been industrial strength undies because I couldn’t tear them. I tried, but just could not do it. I could just pull them down, I thought, but did not want to let them beat me. I tugged and pulled lifting Louisa off the bed at times but they wouldn’t budge. Wendy finally got sick of watching and handed me a knife. I cut the super pants off and Louisa lay naked in front of me, her legs tight together, her dark pubic hair a smudge on pale coffee skin.

Louisa whimpered as I ran the back of the knife blade along her throat, down over her tits, over the flat smooth stomach to her crutch and then down her slit.

“Open.” I said motioning the meaning of the word.

She shook her head.

I slowly cut her stomach, just deep enough to draw blood. She would have screamed out loud if Wendy had not covered her mouth.

“Open.” I said again and Louisa spread her legs slowly.


I looked at this young, pretty girl, barely twenty I guessed, spread on front of me, bleeding from the mouth, a tit and her stomach and wondered what the hell could be worse for her than this.

I looked at Wendy. “Are you sure…?” I asked.

Wendy looked at Louisa who gave her a tiny nod.

“Do it.” Wendy said.

I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor, kicking off my shoes and stepping out of them. I dropped my underwear revealing my cock, totally limp.

“It does not turn me on.” I said.

“Maybe this will.” Wendy said walking up to me and dropping to her knees. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard, pulling it all the way in. Without using her hands she sucked me in and pulled away over and over as I felt the blood start to pump. Soon she was limited to about half of my length without gagging and she looked up at me. I nodded.

Wendy moved back to Louisa’s head, holding her mouth shut as I got on the bed, spreading her legs wide. My cock was close to its target as I spat in my hand and rubbed it into Louisa’s entrance.

“You cannot be gentle David.” Wendy said. “She must be believed when she describes what was done to her.”

Another spit for my cock and then without warning I drove it in to the hilt in one vicious stroke. Louisa screamed into Wendy’s hand, her back arching as she bucked against me, her eyes were shut and her tears flowed. In that one stroke I had felt resistance all the way and it actually hurt me too, being so dry.

I waited a moment before pulling out entirely, again in a fast movement, before another spit on the cock then plunging in again. Louisa cried out over and over as I started to build up a rhythm driving my cock in full length and pulling totally out, over and over.

This vicious fucking lasted about ten minutes then my cock went soft. I suppose it’s no surprise as with my age I was finding this could happen if I was not mentally totally switched on and to be honest having a woman crying in pain and bleeding because of me was not a turn on. I had experienced enough power in my life and did not get off on this type.

“Is that enough,” I asked Wendy, “can we go now?”

Wendy spoke to Louisa, who spoke back, her voice quite level. I wondered how much of her distress had been her acting the part. A lot I hoped. The answer, unfortunately, was not what I wanted.

“You have to cum in her.” Wendy said bluntly.

“I can’t just do this on demand any more,” I told her, “I need to be inspired, not turned off.”

“We are running out of time, David. What does turn you on then?” Wendy was looking at me and this was the first time I had really seen her since I had gone in to the warehouse. Her hair was tied up in a loose disheveled ponytail, she had no makeup on but looked more distinguished rather than older, she wore a khaki shirt that was wrinkled and stained from being lived in for too long, the top couple of buttons undone showing the sheen of sweat on her tits. She had a rather wrinkled long skirt on and a pair of hiking boots. She was very much the bedraggled lady and just looking at her, thinking about the hurried head job earlier, made my thoughts turn to the sex we were going to enjoy together for the rest of our lives.


She looked at me, thought for a bit and then unbuttoned her shirt.

“Could you get it up for me?” She asked seductively, slowly dropping the shirt off her shoulders revealing a dark bra.

A twitch in my cock. “I think so.”

Wendy took the bra off revealing tits firm enough to make a woman half her age proud. Her nipples were firm. My cock started to follow suit.

“Still only think so?” Wendy said, slowly lowering her skirt to the ground leaving a brief pair of dark panties and her boots the only covering. Damn, she looked good.

“For you, yes,” I said as my cock reached horizontal and continued to rise, “for Louisa I don’t think so.”

Louisa had been watching from the bed and Wendy said something to her. She nodded. Wendy went to her and rolled her onto her stomach with her legs off the side of the bed, her abused pussy was displayed to me and was slightly open. Wendy dropped her panties and lay over Louisa’s back. They were now both displayed and my dick was hard.

“Fuck me David,” Wendy said in a husky voice, “I have waited for so long, just fuck me now.”

I walked over to them and slowly slid my cock into Wendy’s pussy. Short strokes lengthening as we got into it. She was not very wet and Wendy said, “Use Louisa for lubrication, David, she is wet now.”

I pulled out of Wendy and entered Louisa again. She shuddered at the contact but after a few strokes it was clear she was wetter, so I got my cock good and wet in her and then lifted my aim and entered Wendy again.

When I was fucking Wendy she groaned in ecstasy, when I was fucking Louisa she was groaning in pain and revulsion. She is acting, I thought, trying to convince myself, and I kept it up, fucking Wendy about ninety percent and just slipping into Louisa often enough for her to be able to say we were toying with her. I built up to a faster pace and could feel the cum rising from my balls.

“You must cum in Louisa.” Wendy panted, I wondered why but as the feeling got close I slipped out of Wendy one last time and plunged, full length, into Louisa. She cried out as my cock sprayed its load deep in her recently virgin pussy.

We lay there panting for a while, and then Wendy said, “We have to go quickly, now.”

Wendy and I hurriedly dressed and we secured Louisa to the bed with the cuffs, her torn shirt providing minimal modesty. Wendy looked at her and said something. Louisa replied in her language and then turned to me.

“Thank you David.” Was what I made out. I told Wendy to tell her how to contact me if she managed to escape to Australia, and she did.

Without further delay Wendy and I slipped out into the early morning and headed back to the dinghy, not going too fast as this would have attracted attention. I asked Wendy why I had to cum in Louisa and she told me that if she got pregnant she would be exiled and could escape the family, and if she did not get prenant it would still be more realistic. We had reached the dinghy and I had rowed half way to my boat when a commotion broke out where we had been earlier. Shots were being fired and car horns were blowing. The noise started to move our way.

“Carlo must have found her,” Wendy said, “we had best not be here.” I rowed as fast as I could toward the shape of my boat. Some vehicles pulled up at the dock and a group of men in military type dress got out, guns held at the ready. They scanned the water but we were far enough out to be too hard to see. They went into the harbormasters office and as we were climbing aboard a searchlight came on and started spotlighting the boats.

Soon Jeff was helping us up and he asked, “After us are they?”

“Yes, and they are pretty pissed off.” I answered, puffing heavily.

“Get out of sight.” Jeff said and we went below to where Mary Ann waited. Mother and daughter had a huge hug and a quick “Are you all right, Yes I’m fine” discussion.

Mary Ann turned to me, “Thank you, David.” She said. Second woman in the last half an hour to thank me. I must be doing something right.

Jeff had started the engines and we were slowly moving forward when the spotlight picked us up.

An amplified voice boomed out, first in the local language, and then in English. “Stop your vessel now and prepare for inspection.”

Jeff continued slowly forward.

The message was repeated and then Jeff, wearing a large hat I had not seen him put on turned on a megaphone and said something to them in Vietnamese followed by “No English.”

A brief discussion on shore with the next announcement being “Stop or we will shoot.”

Jeff said quietly to us, “Hold on tight this will get very bumpy.” Then again called out “No English.”, in his best Vietnamese accent.

On the jetty they finally responded with the international shot across the bow, but only from a rifle, then Jeff opened the throttles and the boat leapt into motion. A volley of rifle shots followed and I heard a couple of hits. We shot out of the harbor at full speed and another boat started to give chase.

I looked around as Jeff asked, “Anyone hurt?” and was about to say no when I saw Wendy was holding her arm, and there was a fair bit of blood.

We panicked a bit and eventually I was steering the boat as Jeff applied a field dressing.

Mary Ann came up and shouted; “Don’t lose them.” as the boat behind us fell away.

“Why not?” I yelled over the screaming motors.

“Carlo will be on board,” she replied, “if we can get them out in international waters Rupert will get them.”

I backed off the throttles slightly, and Mary Ann went back to the radio.

We allowed the pursuing boat to slowly gain on us and they occasionally fired shots, but none came close. As we went Jeff came up with a number of packages which he fiddled with. Mary Ann came up and said “Now.” And Jeff started throwing them in the water behind us.

We watched and waited for what seemed an eternity then a waterspout erupted behind the boat chasing us, they swerved quickly but it was too late as the second explosion flipped them into the sea. We saw a chopper coming up and smiled as the rest of the bombs showered the swimmers with water.

I went below to see how Wendy was and it was bad, but not life threatening, Mary Ann spoke to Rupert and they had picked up Carlo and his henchmen who were all in custody. We arranged to have Wendy taken off the boat for treatment and I chose to go with her.

Eventually we were stopped, waiting for the chopper discussing the future.

“Wendy and I will go straight back to Australia,” I said to Jeff and Mary Ann, “what do you guys want to do, this will leave you shorthanded.”

They looked at each other and smiled in anticipation.

“This is nice.” Said Mary Ann.

“We might explore for a bit.” Said Jeff.

“Just come back in time for the wedding.” Wendy said.

“Yours or ours?” Mary Ann asked grinning.

Wendy looked at me and I nodded.

“Both.” Said Wendy.

I gave Jeff a credit card and an authorization to use it and the boat, “An early wedding present.” I told him.

We hugged the girls, shook hands with each other and Wendy was winched aboard the chopper and I climbed the rope ladder.

As we drew away from the boat I think I was the only one that saw Mary Ann waving her bikini top over her head. Have fun kids, I thought.

Seventeen years on and I am lying in bed with Wendy, my wife, sleeping beside me. We have aged a bit and are a little frailer, but life is good. We got married as soon as Jeff and Mary Ann returned, and went to their wedding the next weekend. They honeymooned in the Pacific Islands and we honeymooned in the Australian inland. I remember the excitement of packing the old Chevy pickup and just going exploring. We could not keep our hands off each other and made love on the original seat, next to Ularu, in Kings Canyon, in Standley Chasm, at the Devil’s Marbles and in countless other places. We touched each other up at the Mataranka thermal springs, in a cruise boat up Katherine Gorge, on Cable Beach in Broome and even on a plane above the Bungle Bungle National park. One of my favorite memories is of Tunnel Creek, where in the cave running through the mountain I took Wendy from behind, both of us standing calf deep in water where the harmless fresh water crocodiles swim, the bat colony above restless due to our cries of passion. We had a lot of lost years to catch up on, and the eventual introduction of Viagra meant we could catch up that much quicker.

We play with the grandchildren, between trips abroad, and we still enjoy sex immensely. I have bought a retirement home and converted it to double beds for couples, something that did not exist before. We had to improve the soundproofing because some of the younger staff were quite disturbed to find out that people that are old and wrinkly still had sex, but bad luck, we do.

Wendy’s theory of four seasons is right. I had four virgins in my life, one for each of my four seasons, Wendy, my first, for Spring, Wendy brought me Mary Ann for Summer, she brought me Tash for Autumn (Fall) and also took me to Louisa for Winter. The reasons varied but each one holds a special place in my heart, with Wendy the pivotal part of it all. My life has been very good.

All this thinking about sex has made me horny, I might just see if Wendy is awake.





Fade to the sound of squeaking bed springs.

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A stretch....but fun!

A chance to be grateful for
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