tagBDSM48 Hours on the Swallow Pt. 01

48 Hours on the Swallow Pt. 01


Author's note: This is my first attempt at a BDSM tale. I intend for it to be lighthearted. Many thanks to my co-author, J Spe, for a thorough editing job. He catches my typos and plot holes.



48 Hours on the Swallow

The Meeting

"Thank you for your interest in our little adventure. My name is Gary Braden." He looked around the conference table at the six nervous couples. None of the twelve made more than brief eye contact. He thought about the craigslist ad that had drawn these moths to his flame:

♥ Interviewing couples for D/s weekend miscellaneous romance (houston)

Novice/beginner lifestyle couples: email for info on a Dom/sub weekend on a yacht. M/f only.

Experienced leader. I will reply with fees, location. Serious inquiries ONLY.

• do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

"As I have explained in our email exchanges, I may or may not be taking all of you on this cruise. I have to believe in my mind that you have the suitable temperament for this. I need to collect your fee now. I will return your check if you are not chosen for this trip." The six men slid $6000 checks across the table. "Thank you. All of you understand the essential nature of this enterprise, or you wouldn't be here. The emphasis will be on Dominance and submission. Restraints are not always needed, except for instructional purposes. The women will assume the various positions on command. I will give you an example.

"Ladies, stand up!" Braden was looking for reluctance or resentment on the women's faces as they rose. "Hands behind your back in handcuffs!" Again, he watched as they assumed the position.

"Nose on the table!" One of the women gave a little huff and slowly bent over. "Thank you. Please have a seat. Hands on top of your head. Open your mouth wide."

He watched as each one complied. Satisfied, he picked up a bag and rolled a rubber ball across the table to each man. "Put this in your companion's mouth." Again he made a mental note of each couple's reaction to his command.

"I think you all understand the plan. We will take our little boat into international waters. You will be under my direction during special events on the deck. The gentlemen are always free to withdraw the couple from a session and return to your cabin. Ladies, your safe word with me is 'RED.' If you say it, or raise one finger, everything stops. Otherwise you will follow all instructions, including the state of your dress or undress. If you have any misgivings at this point, you should take a break and talk it over with your partner. This will not be easy. I will not take anyone who feels coerced." He waited. "Anyone?

"Ladies, put your hands on the table in cuffs." Six women placed their hands in imaginary handcuffs in front of them. Braden took a phone from his pocket. "Gentlemen, we are going to make a short video. Each of you will state your name and your partner's name and say that you are willingly going on this trip. Feel free to use a pseudonym. The women will nod yes or no. I expect enthusiasm." As the camera panned across the group, some of the women were drooling around their gags, but all six nodded vigorously. He thought, I believe we have six winners! This is a tough life. $36,000 for two days of bossing women around.

"I will email complete instructions. We will depart from Galveston in four weeks. You may bring any toys you wish, but we will also have a full complement of equipment onboard. You have all stated that you are novices at this practice. This trip will serve as a kind of school for Masters and subs. Any questions?"

One of the men spoke up. "We are concerned about injuries."

"Sir, I will not allow any permanent damage or injury to occur. Of course, there may be some pain, but I do not intend for skin to be broken."

"Um, will we have to share?"

"Sir, I am the Captain. You are the Master. It will always be your choice whether to allow others access and exactly how much access. That includes me. These experiences can be quite arousing. If you choose to send a 'gratuity' crawling to me with eager lips and tongue, you may." Braden smiled and looked directly at each woman in turn. None could look back at him for more than a few seconds.


The six men received an email the next day:

Congratulations. You are accepted for the cruise. You will arrive in Galveston on Friday, the 24th. You have reservations under your name at the Hotel Galvez.

Bring: A physician's certification that you and your companion are free of STDs.

Casual clothing and deck shoes, but including a full business suit for one scene. Your partner may bring a bikini, sun dresses, and heels, but no underwear.

The usual toiletries, sunscreen, etc. Dramamine, if needed. Be sure to bring a new razor.

Favorite toys, lubes, condoms [Ours may not be large enough.] ;-)

Departure will be on Saturday at 7 PM. This leaves you Friday evening and Saturday to enjoy the many diversions found on the island. There is an amusement park on a pier, a large water park, and a spectacular nature park called Moody Gardens.[This is not a place for your companion to be moody; Mr. Moody was a giant in Galveston's past.] If you prefer a deserted beach, take the Bolivar Ferry. [Bring a few pieces of bread.] For an interesting walk, find the Seawall at water's edge. You will find a beach at either end.

I recommend these activities as a way to keep your minds off of the weekend to 'come.'

Last, I suggest refraining from sex at the hotel. You will need your stamina!

Pier 126E, Galveston wharves.

Captain Braden

Setting Sail

Everyone grinned as the name of the yacht came into view:



"Welcome aboard! Please make your way aft and I'll show you to your rooms. Please join me on the aft deck in 45 minutes."

As the group gathered, they noticed that there were only seven chairs on the deck and Captain Braden occupied one. After a moment's confusion, the first man, Mark, sat down and pointed to the floor. Quickly, the six women settled, curling their legs beneath them. The Captain waited a few moments, all eyes on him.

"Ladies, when you first enter a room where men are present, you will kneel with wrists crossed behind you and eyes down."

One, then the rest, moved into position. "Tomorrow, we will begin posture training. For now, you may relax when I say, 'As you were.'"

He waved his hand. "Always place one hand on your Master's leg." He glanced at a nearby crewman, who brought a tray with seven wine glasses. "This is a Beringer Cabernet. Enjoy and share with your companion if you choose." He raised his glass. "Here's to a pleasant weekend.

"We will begin in the morning at 10. For now, let's get to know one another. I have lived in Texas my entire life. In fact, I am BOI. That is native-speak for 'Born on Island.' There are also those who are IBC, 'Island by Choice,' though there are fewer of those since a hurricane called Ike visited us a few years ago. I spent 20 years in the Navy and another 12 in the Merchant Marine. I was a Captain of an ore freighter on frigid Lake Superior. I can only say that, if Hell ever freezes over, no one will even notice the difference on the Great Lakes. I finally came home a few years ago, traded long johns for shorts, and started my company, Captain's Cooperative.

"Mark, tell us about yourself and your lady."

"Captain, my companion is Marissa. We're from Plano in the Dallas area. I have to say we're both a little nervous about this."

"Mark, please relax. Remember, you are completely free to decide how you will participate. Marissa, tell us what you did today."

"Umm, Captain, we walked along the Seawall last night after dark. We found this long, craggy pier. Way out at the end there were four or five old guys fishing. Then we heard this bedraggled old cat in the rocks. We took pity and walked back to a 7-11 and got some hot dogs and walked all the way back out there in the rain. The cat was gone, so we left the meat. I hope he found it."

"I know that old jetty. Those same men have probably been fishing there for 30 years! Good for you, though it's a little dangerous to walk around down there after dark. And the cat — he probably gets a feast of fish heads every night. Let's see, Larry, How about you?"

"Well, this is my wife, Betsy. This morning we hooked up with Robert, here, and his girl, Maddie. We asked our Lyft driver about that ferry. He offered to take us across in his car and bring us back for a couple of hours. And we remembered the bread. He took us to the back of the boat where hundreds of squawking seagulls followed us all the way across the bay. Some were brave enough to fly up and take the bread right out of our fingers. Amazing! That driver earned a big tip."

"I'm glad you enjoyed that. David, you are from Baton Rouge?"

"Yes, Sir. This is my fiancée, Loretta. We like to walk around cemeteries and soak up the history. Today, we found a fascinating gravestone in a section of an old cemetery that seemed to be fenced off for soldiers." He drew a notebook from his pocket. "The inscription said, 'Cpl. David Lynch, C.S.A. January 7th, 1847-September 8th, 1900.' Captain, that means this poor man survived the Civil War, only to drown in the Hurricane of 1900. What a sad story. We also found the grave of an infant who only lived one day."

The other two couples had visited the Pleasure Pier and strolled the historic District called the Strand.

"Thank you. I deliberately made this first evening a relaxing conversation for a reason. I don't advise trying to live a D/s lifestyle 24/7. That is generally too stressful and can turn a bit tedious. Much better to pick a day, or a weekend, to immerse yourselves intensely. For now, feel free to explore the ship. She's a 75-foot Viking yacht. I will see you at 10 AM. Breakfast buffet at 9.

"Ladies, kneel up. At your Master's direction, rise and grasp the back of his belt with one finger as you leave. Good Evening."

As the couples made their way to the rail, David spotted a giant cruise ship moored some distance away. "Hey everybody! Look at the name of that ship!" All eyes took in the innuendo:



During the night, the passengers sensed the sounds and rolling movements of the ship. The breakfast room was set up with chairs alternating with flat pillows on the floor. The guests were beginning to get the picture: The furniture was for men. Some of them fed their lady by hand while others just put a plate on the floor.

Session I — Exam

The women trailed their Masters onto the deck and fell to a kneel at 10 AM. Six portable massage tables dotted the large area.

"Welcome to Session One. We are about 40 nautical miles from shore, in international waters. The only legal authority you will find here is me. My responsibility is for your safety, and my goal is your gratification. As such, I expect you to follow my rules and commands. Listen carefully. Move deliberately. Ladies, remember your safe word. However, if you use it too readily, you probably don't belong here.

"The first activity is your physical exam. I have your certificates, but there are other factors to assess. This will also be a test of obedience. Ladies, gracefully remove all your clothing and lay face down on your table."

Amid a few blushes and throat-clearings, the first act of compliance went well. Sundresses slipped to the deck, shoes dropped, and six backsides flashed sunny-side up to the group of men.

"Gentlemen, you are to use fingers and eyes to inspect each square centimeter of her body. The two-fold purpose is for health and stimulation. Start with the scalp. Pull and separate the hair. Look for cleanliness. Tug from the roots to the tips. Women find this relaxing and arousing." He waited a few moments. "Move to the face. Gently press on the eyes and cheeks. Ladies, take his finger in your mouth and make love to it." A gentle slurping sound floated in the air.

"Now, move down to the shoulders and back. Massage while you look for any skin blemishes. My partner and I make a very sexy game each month out of looking for skin problems over every inch of our bodies. Now ladies, try not to move. Gentlemen, rake your fingers down the sides of her body from underarms to hips.

"Ladies! I said not to move! We'll have to try it again." On the third or fourth try, most of the women managed to hold reasonably still, though the Captain still saw little squirms and heard sudden intakes of breath. Marissa could not take the tickling and tried to push Mark's hands off. Captain Braden walked over and whispered in his ear. Then he and Mark handcuffed her wrists to the legs of the table. Mark repeated the maneuver two more times as Marissa bucked and wailed.

"Repeat your massage and inspection down each leg. Pay particular attention to the feet. A soothing rub there can be quite stimulating." The Captain sat in a chair to conceal his arousal. He had a particular control fantasy about naked women with fully dressed men. He was on the edge, but there was work to do!

"Now for the next step. Ladies, separate your legs a bit and, except for Marissa, reach back and open your cheeks for your Master. Gentlemen, other than the occasional doctor, no one ever inspects this area, but you have a right to examine your property at any time. Look for cleanliness and healthy pink tissue. I would be greatly surprised if you don't find signs and smells of arousal. Penetrate her anus to check her response. Be sure to clean your hand afterward for sanitary reasons." As he watched, the Captain found it impossible to stand up. He could tell from the squirms and grunts which women were probably anal virgins.

The women flipped over at the Captain's command. Even at this point, some were still blushing. "Have any of you ever looked closely at a vagina? Few have. Let me show you some finer points. Ladies, place your hands behind your knees and open yourself.

"Marissa, are you going to cooperate?"

"Yes, Sir." He uncuffed her hands and helped her turn over. At a snap of his fingers, she pulled her legs back and apart. She had a small triangle of black hair pointing the way to her vulva.

He motioned to the other men to gather around Marissa. "First, gentlemen, an aroused female lubricates, but it doesn't drip on the floor as you might read in erotic stories. It gathers inside." He glanced at Mark. "May I?" He lightly traced a finger across her slit, then went deeper, producing a shudder. He held his shiny index finger up.

"Mark, as you can see, Marissa is in a state of arousal. Let's have a closer look. He stepped around her legs, bent over her torso and grasped her rubbery outer lips. "This, of course, is her clitoris. It's like a tiny penis, only far more sensitive. Graze your thumb over it." Marissa bucked and gasped. "Below that, inside the inner lips, is the urethra. It should look and smell clean. During an orgasm, some fluid will often come out of the urethra, mix with the other fluids and cause what we call the "wet spot."

He held the lips even wider. "Below that is the wondrous opening that will not only accommodate your penis perfectly but also allow a baby to pass. That, gentlemen, is a minor miracle!" As the giggles died down, the Captain noticed that the other five women, still positioned with legs akimbo, patiently awaited their embarrassing audit.

"Gentlemen, please complete your examination. If, at some point, she seems to want an orgasm, she must ask, and you must agree. However, proceed with caution as we don't want to break the tables." He grinned. "You may return to your cabin as you finish."

He sat down quickly to watch the tableau. Before long, whimpers and gasps filled the space. Marissa came first, followed by two others. Shortly, the men were pulling on their women in haste to get back to the rooms.

"Gentlemen, I'll be in my cabin until lunch."

The Captain showered quickly and waited, confident that his comments at the first meeting would be remembered. In 45 minutes, there was a soft knock at the door. "Enter." Marissa came in and fell to her knees, followed by Loretta. Each was back in her dress.

"Captain, our Masters sent us to thank you. They are extremely pleased."

"You are welcome. All in a day's work! Please proceed." The woman crawled forward. "Please stand up and twirl a bit for me." As they spun around on tiptoes, their garments lifted to mid-thigh. Ahh! the Captain thought. Sundresses, bare feet, ankles, tight calf muscles. Lovely. His brain dimmed a bit. He motioned. "Undress each other."

Loretta unzipped Marissa's dress and let it fall. Soon, two naked women tugged at his pants. Marissa leaned up to begin a deep, wet kiss while Loretta began fondling his man parts. He closed his eyes and thought of the morning session. He had produced and directed each woman to her moaning, morning climax. Slippery lips and tongues now presented him his achievement award. No business like show business!

"Thank you, ladies. That was wonderful. Now, I want you to go to the other women and tell them to find the razor I requested. You are to take it to your Master and ask him to shave you bare for the afternoon session. I'll see you at 2 PM." Loretta's mouth fell a little open, but she nodded.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

Captain Braden remembered that she alone sported a full bush.

The men, delighted at the new order, quickly found additional shaving supplies and a trimmer in the cabin. Mark and David positioned their women on the edge of the tub. The rest used the bed and a towel. For the second time this day, while they held themselves open, the women began to simmer as the trimmer buzzed, the razor skimmed, and fingers tugged at tender folds.

There is no aphrodisiac more powerful than the sounds and smells of an aroused woman, and none of the men lost any time sliding home on the bathroom floor or the bed.

Session II — Positions

The Captain noticed an understandable air of exhaustion among the group, though the women were kneeling at attention as instructed. "As you were. I am going to shorten this session a bit, as I think we all need a nap. But I want to point out the powerful stimulating effect of dominance and submission. I doubt if most of you have ever had sex twice in three hours before, but from the looks of you, I think most of you have today.

"Ladies, if any of you were turned off today as you stripped and opened yourself to a man, please tell me now and I will excuse you." He glanced around at each woman's eyes, but each was a little red-faced and looking down. "Anyone?" He heard a catch in Marissa's throat. "Marissa, what are you thinking right now?"

She hesitated. "Umm, Sir, I was completely mortified today when you touched me. I was ready to jump in the water. But, uh, I've also never been so aroused. Mark has always had a hard time bringing me off. But not today." She stood up and pulled the sundress over her head and dropped it. "Sir, please, I'm ready for more."

At this, the group froze. Then, one or two at a time, the other women cast their "yes" vote in the same fashion. Betsy hesitated, sighed, but finally dropped her dress. Once again, the Captain witnessed his little fantasy: six kneeling, naked women looking up at six fully dressed men.

"Very nice. I don't believe a survey of the men is needed, right?" Smiles all around. "Let's begin position training. These positions have many names and many variations. You can work out your Master's preferences back at home. The first one is 'Attention.' You only need to stand tall and keep your wrists crossed. Try it."

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