8 Days: Day 3 - FTDS


Jenna was still amazed that Lacey would insist on cheating on me after we were married, if I stuck to the deal. Dinner wasn't the most fun, romantic meal I'd ever had.

But she's my Jenna. She can read my moods, and manipulate them. She got me laughing over dessert, and by the time we were in her bed, she had brought me back out of my gloomy mood. We played in bed, keeping it light-hearted, and it helped.

I was enjoying holding her, after we'd finished. "Thank you," I said softly.

She gave me a tender kiss. "I hate to see you unhappy. I know seeing her like that must have hurt. You loved her after all. You were going to marry her. It doesn't all disappear overnight."

I nodded. "I... I wanted to be there so bad. Drag that asshole off of her and kick his ass. Take care of her. I didn't want that. I wanted to make it less fun for her, not a nightmare."

"Casualty of war." She snuggled into me, kissing my neck. "Be gentle with her, Ok? I hate the bitch, but she's gotta be seriously hurting, physically and emotionally. Don't kick her out yet. At least let her recover."

I sighed deeply. "I'll try. I'm not going to let her insult me or disrespect me. I'm tired of her shit."

"Just take it easy. For me?" she pleaded.

I chuckled. "Now that takes the cake. You, asking for her sake. What brought that on?"

Jenna nodded. "I feel bad. She's gonna lose you. That's punishment enough."

After dinner and a 'date' with Jenna, I figured I'd be exhausted. The truth was, I was exhilarated. I finally felt completely in control of the situation for the first time since my conniving fiancée returned from her bachelorette party. I'd just had a wonderful time with my best friend in the world, had a 'sample' blowjob from Lacey's maid of honor, and I was pretty confident, that the supposed love-of-my-life wasn't out fucking around on me.

Cale had left me a message, and asked me to stop by. I guess I'd been too busy with Jenna to hear my phone ring. It was only a little after 8:30, so I was in no hurry to get back home. It would be good to let the batteries recharge a bit.

He wasn't alone. "Damon, you know Fred," he said by way of introduction.

I had met him a few times, a friend of Cale's, but not part of our regular crowd. I nodded, extending my hand.

"Fred's recently single again. He went through a bit of a mess with his ex, and offered to help."

"I really don't want word of my private life getting out to everybody," I said, a little irritated. Bringing in virtual strangers, beating up the stripper. He seemed to be taking this harder than I was.

"Fred's a good friend. He understands—"

Fred interrupted. "My ex was a cheater. I hate that shit. I'd like to help. I know your situation is different, and whether she's cheating or not is kind of a gray area, with the deal you've got going. I did a lot of surveillance on my wife to catch her dead to rights. I thought you could borrow some of that gear to keep an eye on your woman. See if this is an aberration you might be able to deal with, or if you're thinking of marrying a cheating slut. I figured at least you would know."

"What are we talking about?" I asked.

"Hidden cameras, phone recording, car GPS, audio recording, that kind of stuff." He grinned, "Listen, I spent over $2,500 on the equipment. It helped me, and if it will help some other poor guy, well hell, it's already paid for and sitting idle in a box. It's yours to use, if you want to."

I didn't see much of a need. I knew what she was up to. She'd been pretty open about it. Then I thought about the night of my bachelor party, and her lies about staying at home watching TV. Bitch.

"Sure. I appreciate it. Never can have too much information, can we?"

Fred grinned, and he, Cale and I made plans. "I've got to go to work tomorrow. I don't know what she's got planned, if anything."

"I thought about that. Car GPS is easy to install. If we put it on her car tonight, then if she goes out tomorrow, we can do the inside installation. If not, you'll need to figure out a way to get her out of the house when you get home. We'll give you a call if we're successful during the day."

We discussed a few more details, and on my way out of his house, he put a baggie in my hand. I looked at what he'd given me. It contained several pills.

Cale grinned. "You've got to make us proud, Damon. Stick up for men everywhere. If you're going to fuck all of her friends, do a good job of it. That should help."

~ * ~ * ~

Fifteen minutes later, I was checking in on Lacey, who seemed to be doing better. "How did it go?" I asked her friend.

"She's been a pain. She's still pissed off that she doesn't get her share of the deal, if you're going to. She goes from itching like crazy to moderately calm. She's doing fine now. I think the Benadryl has knocked her out."

We closed the door on her, and walked out to the living room. Ours is a small place. The second bedroom is tiny, and we've converted it to a study. Unless Stacy and I were going to get busy on top of my fiancée, we were stuck with the living room.

I could see she was nervous, a little surprising after her unsolicited blowjob earlier. I gave her a quick one-armed squeeze. "Relax, Stacy. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to. I hope to God that by now you know me that well. It's been over a year, right?"

She smiled. "Yeah. It's just weird, you know?"

I nodded. "Kick off your shoes, I'll make us a drink. How's a mimosa work for you?" I knew it was one of her favorites.

"Perfect," she answered.

I opened the bottle of sparkling, poured a tall glass two thirds full. Added a shot of Vodka for a little extra kick, and topped it off with OJ. A beer was good enough for me. That, and one of the pills that Cale had given me. I handed her the glass and went over to the stereo. I accessed my easy rock play-list and started it, not too loud, just enough for ambiance. At the same time, I plugged my Flip-video into the charger, aimed it at the couch and started recording.

I wouldn't call it a seduction. We already knew where things were headed. We talked, about the stupid plan, and Stacy admitted her part in encouraging Lacey, regretting it now.

"How could you guys think that was a good idea?" I asked.

"We were drunk, Damon. Feelin' up strippers. We all know Lacey, she's gorgeous but the least experienced of any of us. We were playing one of the party games, I Never. Let me tell you, she never. None of it. The teasing got to be too much, and we talked about her learning a little something for the honeymoon."

"I'm supposed to believe that was supposed to be for me? I saw her, Stace. She was a complete slut."

Stacy moved closer, her hand rubbing my chest. "I swear, that was the idea. I'm not saying she didn't get carried away. I don't know. I can only tell you my part in it. She felt inadequate sexually." She sighed, resting her head on my shoulder. "Why'd you have to go do Jenna? That messed everything up," she murmured.

"You still don't get it. I only went to Jenna once I accidentally stumbled on Jenna the slut destroying our deal. She told me she was doing nothing that night. No plans, watching a movie. All a lie. She'd already set up her date. I found the asshole's business card in her purse, and, no, I wasn't snooping. She told me to get some gum out of it." I leaned back drawing her with me.

"I was having a bad night. The bachelor party didn't work out, Cale got pulled over and his car was impounded. I had to walk home. What do I find? My slut fiancée doing all the things she wouldn't do with me. I teasingly called her a slut once, in bed, and I did without for two weeks. Slept on the couch. She was begging that jerk to insult her, slap her around, use her like a slut and a whore. She was getting off on all kinds of name calling. She sucked his cock, like it was the best thing in the world, while she acts like mine is the most horrible. She even gave him her virgin ass which she'd promised me! Do you know what it's like to find out your girlfriend is a lying cheating dirty whore? Some other man's willing slut? She disgusts me." I felt myself getting angry, and tried to calm down.

"That's when I seriously doubted we had any future. Only after she broke our deal. After she gave away her ass, which she'd promised to give to me first. After she sucked him off, something else she never did for me. She took him down her throat. She won't even suck my cock. Only then did I go to Jenna. By that time it was pretty much over. Too much lying and trickery. Too much betrayal. That's not how you treat the man you're supposed to love."

Stacy was trying to calm me down, rubbing my chest, pressing her body against mine. "I'm sure she didn't mean it. She got carried away."

"Do you have any idea, Stace? She's supposed to love me! Give her love to me! Not to some asshole stripper because he has a big dick. How insulting is that, to do all those things with him, when she wouldn't let me? To give him her virgin butt, which she promised to give me on our wedding night."

She hushed me, silencing me with her lips. "It was a mistake. She loves you. She was letting herself go, so she could open up with you. I believe that, Damon. You have to believe it too, if we're going to make any progress."

"I'm not sure I want to make progress. You know she told him he'd get to keep doing her after we're married? You still think I should trust her?"

Stacy stopped, obviously shocked. "I... I don't believe it. She wouldn't."

"She did. I have it on video, if you'd like to see it later."

Stacy seemed to deflate, lying atop me. "No. She wouldn't. She loves you."

"In my bed, she promised him. Asked him if he minded fucking a married woman. Said she could never return to my little dick, after getting his," I snapped, bitterly. "She called me her 'cucky fiancée'."

Stacy gave me a squeeze. "Something's wrong. That's not possible."

"She's a lying, cheating slut. We're just now finding that out. She got a big dick, and now can't get enough of it. Great idea you guys had."

She was talking softly. "No, no, no. She loves you. You love her." She rose up on her arms, looking down at me, her face more serious. "I'm gonna find out, alright? Let me get to the bottom of this. Something's wrong."

"I'll say. I almost married a cheating whore."

"No! Don't say that! I know it's a mistake."

I pulled her down, hugging her. "Tell me the truth, Stacy, alright? Please don't lie to me like her. I couldn't stand it right now."

"I am telling you the truth," she whined.

"She told all of you to stay away from me, didn't she? Threatened to destroy you, and make your lives hell."

She was quiet, then nodded. "Yeah, but it wasn't like that. We knew she was mostly joking around."

"Bullshit. You know she meant it."

"There're a lot of women out there, Damon. Not just us. It's not that big a deal. She was going to a stranger. She wanted for both of you to do it with people who wouldn't be in your lives afterward. Don't you see? It could be awkward afterward, with people you know. The stripper was just a fling, that she could walk away from and never see again. She wanted the same for you. That's why none of us were supposed to hook up with you, and no Jenna."

"So are we going to be awkward, after?" I asked.

She grinned, and sat up. She pulled her shirt off, and started unbuckling her bra. "No, Damon. We're going to be friends. Best friends. Once you're married to her, you're never going to get me again, but until then, you and I, we're going to create some great memories. Deal?"

"Friends, no matter what?"

She nodded. "Best of friends."

She had a great body. Then again, all of them did. They worked at it, and it paid off. I moved her onto her back, and stripped her. Standing, I removed my shirt, while she started on my pants. I kind of liked that, and let her continue, without help. She got my pants and boxers off, coming face-to-face with her new best friend, at least if I had my way.

"What do you want?" she asked.


She giggled. "What do you want first?"

"Take turns going down on each other?"

She grinned, leaning forward and kissing the head of my cock. "I guess that makes it your turn."

After my earlier gift, that seemed only fair, and I buried my face between her legs, making her laugh and squeal. I hushed her, and went to work.

Yes, I said work. Not that I didn't love it. I do, but I attacked her pussy with a purpose. I wanted her to know what Lacey was losing, through her own stupidity and evil ways. Which meant that her best friend Stacy was going to get hers, in a big way.

I tried all the old standbys. Teasing, fingering, the whole tongue alphabet. Sucking away on her little nub. Unlike Lacey, I wasn't without experience. I tried to pay attention, see what she liked. It took a while to dial her in, but I finally sensed I had her, and before much longer she was coming for me. I licked, sucked and fingered another one out of her, before sliding my aching cock in. I fucked her on our couch, fucked her hard, and after I made her come for me again, pulled out and went down on her once more. Back and forth, fucking and licking.

Stacy was nicely responsive. Slow to warm up, but easy to keep on a slow simmer. After half a dozen switches, I got a huge response out of her, and was satisfied. I turned her over, pinned her down with my weight, straddled her legs and pounded her.

The little tease seemed to really like that. I held her tight, pinning her arms down, resting my head on hers. Pounded into her until she was thrusting back desperately, moaning and gasping. Got a couple of more nice ones out of her until I couldn't hang on anymore. Blasted her hot little pussy, pressing in as deeply as possible.

"God," she groaned. "Fuck, that was nice."

I kissed her neck. "Your turn, gorgeous."

"My turn?"

"I pleasured you. Now it's your turn to pleasure me."

You've got to give the girl credit. She was willing. She climbed off the couch, and got conscientious. Grabbing a couple of towels for underneath us, she laid them out then wiped me down with a warm washcloth. She had me lay on my back and went to work. She sucked me for a good long time, getting me hard, and then harder.

I had to laugh. "Damn, Stace, you're so much better at that when you're not in a hurry."

She raised her head smiling. "Yeah, sorry about that. You had me scared. Sorry you agreed to my little plan?"

"Not at all. Keep convincing me, hot stuff."

She did that. She rode me like a professional cowgirl. I was amazed at how well she took advantage of the couch logistics, hanging on the back, putting one foot on the floor, all kinds of little tricks. It had been a busy day, and it took her a long time to get her way. She was straddling my hips, sitting upright, bouncing merrily away, using the springiness of the cushions to help. It looked like she was forgetting about me, working on her own release. I had no problem with that. She'd shudder through an orgasm, slowing down for a second, leaning forward, crying out softly, then return to bouncing.

"Having a good time?" I teased.

"She's... a fucking... idiot. Never... never came... so... much," she moaned, trembling through another one.

She finally collapsed on my chest, trembling. I lifted her hips with my hands, and continued to pound up into her. The feeling was much better, using more of my length, controlling things and she was begging me to fill her as I approached my end. I slammed her hips down hard, thrusting as deeply as possible and holding her there, filling her up. She looked almost in pain, as she tensed up, taking my gift.

She became boneless, lying there well satisfied. I could say much the same for myself.

"Holy Shit, Damon. That was incredible," she finally said, kissing my neck. "We might have to renegotiate our deal. I'm going to want a lot more of that, and not just this week."

The words hit me hard. As much a cheater as Lacey. "Really? You think I'd cheat?"

She froze up. "No," she said cautiously. "It was just sex talk. That was amazing, but I..." She abruptly sat up. "Sex talk!" she said, eagerly.

"What the fuck?" I growled.

"I didn't mean it. I know it's just for now. But it was good, and I was just trying to tell you that. Just sex talk. Things we say in bed," she giggled, "or on the couch."

"Alright, you didn't mean it."

"Don't you see? I bet she didn't mean it either. She wasn't going to cheat on you with him. It was sex talk. I know it. I know I'm right."

She wiggled her hips, teasingly. "So many stupid little mistakes. But they all add up, don't they?"

"It's more than little mistakes. She lied about everything. Gave away her ass, which she promised me. That's not a mistake."

"But it was! She thought you wanted her ass. She didn't think it mattered if it was virgin or not. Huge mistake. I get it. One part of her that was yours, and only yours, forever. She missed that. She figured she was learning to accept it, maybe even like it, so that you two could share that. Bad communication, huge fucking mistake on her part."

"What about lying about what she was doing? That was premeditated. Not a 'mistake'."

"C'mon, Damon. That one's obvious. I bet she was trying to spare your feelings. She didn't want to rub it in your face. You were never supposed to even know!" She got up off of me, and wiped between her legs. "I stand by the fact that she's an idiot. Why would she ever look somewhere else? You're a fucking terrific lover."

It felt good to hear it. My ego had taken a bit of a beating, watching my fiancée do all that slutty stuff she denied me, the way she responded to that asshole. I sat up and pulled Stacy into my lap, playfully. "You're pretty damn awesome yourself. I take it you have a little couch experience. I'd never even seen half that stuff you did."

She grinned, and planted a big kiss on me. "Maybe I've ridden a couch or two." She snuggled in close, while I caressed her body. "Experience isn't a bad thing, Damon. Maybe if you couldn't stand up to the competition, but you've got no issues there. Trust me. I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times."

Stacy kissed me deeply. "That's all she wanted. Some experience to bring to you, to make things better."

"She could have got that with me," I reminded her.

Stacy grinned. "Yep. No doubt about that. But she didn't know that. You spoiled her. How could she know she already had filet mignon, until she'd had some chuck and shoulder?" Another quick kiss, that dragged out a little. "Foolish girl. Hell, we were all fools. If you'd only nailed one of us before, we could have straightened her out. I feel like such an idiot."

"You're not making sense, Stacy. She's twenty-eight years old. She's had plenty of experience."

"Three long-term, mediocre relationships before you. Less than thrilling bedroom sex. No quickies, no one-night stands. Nothing that lasted shorter than two years! That's not experience."

I sighed. "I appreciate you trying to help her, but there's so much. So much deceit. And this business of using sex to get what you want? First, making me that promise to get her way? What the fuck? If she really loved me, she wouldn't insist on 8 days of being a slut to give me her ass. If she was willing to do it, she should do it out of love, not to get her way. And telling me what she was going to be the biggest slut in the world? That her sex game was war? That's just not right."

Stacy sighed. "Sex as a weapon is bad. I know. It's what we do. You and I wouldn't be here now, if we didn't think like that. Is it so horrible that I let you fuck my brains out, to get my way? Really?"

"I don't think I can ever trust her again, don't you see? That's the real problem. She lied, she tricked me, she used sex to get her way, she snuck behind my back, she sucked that bastard before our deal, that's cheating no matter how you look at it."

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