tagGroup Sex90% True Ch. 06

90% True Ch. 06


Chapter 6 -- Better Than Expected

- - -

Author's note: Thanks for hanging out with me through chapter 5, I know there wasn't any overt sex, but I hope the story titillated and excited you enough to stick with it. This chapter is also heavy on the plot, but definitely more sexiness. I hope you stay tuned though, because I promise you, chapter 7 will more then make up for all this plot.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments / 5 star ratings. Your feedback encourages me to keep writing, and I love you... no really... I... I love you. *sniff*

- - -

"No, no, no," My wife Ann called as she chased me into the living room. "Un uh," she said shaking her head, "You're not going to get away with that. I want to hear what happened when you told Jen that you'd cheated on her with Keri. I'm not waiting for a couple more days for that."

I chuckled again, her anger was actually a little amusing to me. Not the healthiest way to feel about your wife, but I had totally set her up only to leave her hanging. "Sweety, think of me as Scheherazade. You don't get all of your tales in one night."

Ann literally shoved my shoulder and pushed me towards the couch. "No way," she said as she pushed me back towards the couch, "I'm no homicidal king and you sure as fuck aren't a story telling virgin."

"Well," I raised one eyebrow, "You're no king at least."

She shook a fist at me, "Yeah and if you want to make sure I'm not homicidal, you keep talking mister."

I relented, "Okay, fine, I give up. So Keri and I had a little lunch date in the car that Monday. Well my whole week was crazy full of sexual tension as the school rumor mill went nuts with the fact that she and I had hooked up and that apparently I had a huge cock."

- - -

"For the love of god Melly," I whispered at her looking around to see that no one nearby could hear us. "I swear, I'm just average sized."

The overweight blonde girl chuckled and hid her laugh behind her hand. She shook her head no, "Nope, no way Pete. It was one thing when it was a rumor, but then Staci said she confirmed it." She put her hands on her hips and glared at me with mock anger. "How did Staci confirm that anyways and why not let me confirm it?"

Melly laughed as my face went a deep shade of crimson, "I don't know, but seriously Melly..." I tried to convince the chubby friend of mine that this was all getting blown out of proportion. I was well aware that my dick, a little over seven inches long, wasn't anything that unusual. I did have a decent thickness to my shaft, but nothing of porn quality proportions or anything like that. Certainly not like the rumor that was going around the school that I was hung like a horse.

Melly waved her hands, barely able to control her laughing fits. "Peter, you've got half of the single girls in our grade interested in your dick, and probably half of the attached girls too, and you're trying to convince everyone that you're not well hung?" She laughed again and had to pause to catch her breath, "Do you realize how crazy that is?"

I didn't know how to respond to that. I'd always been popular with the kids in my school. But it was only because I was very friendly and treated everyone really well. I'd been raised to try to make everyone else feel as comfortable as possible, even if it was at my own expense sometimes. Because of that, I felt comfortable saying there were very few people in my senior grade that didn't like me and consider me a friend. A good chunk of the juniors and underclassmen as well. But while I was friendly, I'd always been a little nervous with women, and that nervousness meant that I never closed the deal with any of my classmates.

It wasn't until I met Jen in my junior year that I really had any luck with women. She'd been drawn to my athletic runners build as she was also a healthy casual athlete. She liked my confidence and charisma and when we were introduced at a party, she'd been the one to make the first move and kiss me. I remember it was October then and we went for a walk outside. I'd slipped on some slick fallen leaves and she actually caught me as I started to fall backwards. After straightening me upright she'd pulled me to her and kissed me for the first time. I asked her out after that and we'd dated ever since. We had sex with each other a few months after that, each of us giving the other our virginity.

We had both been absolutely awful at sex at first. Just really the terrible fumbling sex that seventeen year olds have while thinking that they might be doing a good job. But some part of me knew that we weren't very good. So over the summer between our junior and senior year I went on a mission to improve. I read books at the library about sex. I watched 'how to' type porno videos that I bought at the local adult store. My fake ID came into use buying porn before it ever did for booze, which always amused me since I'd been sneaking into bars and drinking since sixteen. But most of all, Jen and I got a lot of practice. By the time her eighteenth birthday rolled around on new years eve of this past year, I felt confident to say that we were at least pretty good at sex, if not great.

In the last month, Jen and I had a threesome with Nina, had swapped partners with Rich and Nina in a hotel room orgy, and now I'd deflowered one of my good friends at school who was apparently in love with me. Just to add to this, I had cheerleaders and other cute girls in my grade talking to me and flirting with me like never before. But despite all of this, I just couldn't think of myself as a ladies man. I still felt comfortable talking to women, but the idea of closing the deal with them seemed so out of place to me. I was that good guy that everyone liked, not the guy that had threesomes, wasn't I?

I asked Melly, "But I'm just Pete, the nice guy. I'm not some crazy Don Juan that makes the ladies swoon."

Melly shook her head and turned to pick up her backpack, "You're wrong Pete, because apparently now you're both." With that the chubby friend of mine turned and walked away down the hall, leaving me to ponder the situation.

Could it be true? Was I turning into one of those guys? I know that my guy friends had been almost in awe of me when the details of some of my sex life had started to slip out. Well, the guys who believed it at least. I had more then one person tell me flat out that he didn't believe the lies that I was spreading. That bothered me of course. I was used to being the nice guy, the guy everyone liked. But now it was like there were a few people in the school who looked at me like a liar or braggart, even though I wasn't the one starting or spreading the rumors.

I sighed and headed off to my typing class, knowing I'd see my most recent lover, Keri, there. We'd been chatting on the phone, and I knew she was trying to play it cool, but really wanted to 'hook up' with me on a more permanent basis. She wanted to be my girlfriend, and she wanted Jen gone.

I sat down in the class room and took the assignment sheet for that day's work. I knew I could blow through it in five or ten minutes, leaving me more then half an hour to screw off. I fired up the Apple II and began to start the task. My fingers flew across the keys and I was already a quarter of the way done with it before the second bell rang to start the class.

"Jesus Pete," Keri said to me as she slid into the chair next to me and flipped on her computer, "Type much?"

I grinned at her, she knew that I was a touch typist and had been for a few years. I worked part time at a local computer store. We built and repaired computers, created website, ran a network gaming room, a whole bunch of things. One of the reasons the owner of the small business hired me is because I worked for peanuts and I could type over forty words per minute without ever looking at my keyboard. She whispered to me as her computer booted up and I approached the one third mark of the assignment, "Hey, slide me a copy then we can 'chat' for the rest of the class?"

I nodded, feeling a little guilty. Most of the keyboarding class was underclassmen that took it in their freshmen year. But Keri and I were seniors who were literally just taking it for the credit. Both of us could already touch type, and the teacher knew it. So he let us sit in the very back row of the class room and as long as we turned in the assignment at the end of class, we got to do pretty much anything we wanted. We usually whispered very quietly when we were done with our assignments, but more often we would 'chat' with the computer screens. I'd type something on my screen, she'd read it, then type a response on her screen. I'd read her screen then type a response on mine. It wasn't the best system, nothing like the AOL instant messenger I had on my home computer, but it worked for us.

I probably would have felt a little more guilty about basically cheating on the assignment, but I was excited to 'chat' with Keri today. We'd had phone sex last night and I was just feeling social. I banged out the rest of the assignment as the teacher was still up front explaining it to the rest of the class. Then saving it to my floppy disk, I passed the disk to Keri. She loaded the file, changed my name to hers, and then passed the disk back. Just for the sake of authenticity, she then went in and threw in a few typos, because she was no where near as good a typist as me.

Once that was done she saved her file to her data disk, which had to be turned in at the end of every class for the grade, and then opened a new file so we could chat. "I had fun last night," she typed out, "But not as much fun as if you'd been there."

I grinned and nodded, "Yeah, but then again, I don't need you walking around bow legged and getting the rumor mill even worse."

She typed, "You love it. I heard Staci, Heather B, and Jen C. all talking in the locker room after gym class. Apparently Staci is saying that the rumors are true." Keri frowned for a moment and then typed, "that's not all she said."

I raised an eyebrow and typed out, "Oh? What aren't you telling me?"

Keri sighed audibly and then typed out, "She must not have known I was in the locker room, or at least that I couldn't hear her. Because she said that she and Dave have been fighting and if he doesn't shape up, she's going to dump him and just start going out with you."

I chuckled quietly as my fingers danced across the keyboard, "Good to know that I have a choice in the matter I guess."

She smiled, "Well, she is arguably the prettiest girl in the school, at least in the top five."

I took a deep breath. Staci was in my opinion the hottest girl in the entire school. Five and a half feet tall, full C cup breasts, a perfectly toned absolutely perfectly proportioned body, and a face that could be on a magazine. The dirty blonde haired cheerleader had absolutely factored into my masturbation fantasies a few times over the last few years. I knew that if I had a chance to fuck her, I'd have taken it without a doubt in my mind. It annoyed me though, that this girl, decided that if she was done with her football player boyfriend, she could just turn around and have me. Then again, maybe I was more annoyed at the fact that she was right.

I sighed, "Hey, look, why would I even look at her when I've got you?"

Keri didn't type a response, she simply folded her arms across her petite tight breasts and looked at me. Her look was all I needed, as if she was saying, 'you're not fooling me with that bullshit.'

I pressed my luck and said, "Or maybe Staci and you could share!"

She glared at me even harder and then typed out, "I gave that a lot of thought actually." I was shocked but waited to see what Keri was going to type. She continued, "I really want to be with you. I'm not gay, but if you decided that you wanted to have a threesome type of relationship, I'd be willing to talk about that."

"WHAT?" I typed all in caps, my fingers pounding the keys far harder then needed.

"Well," she typed back, "It's not that I'd WANT to share you with another woman, but, I mean..." She sighed and shrugged her shoulders, "I mean that we're young, and this is when we're supposed to kind of... experiment right? 18 yrs old, about to go off to college. I don't know how I'd feel about licking another woman's..... but I mean, it might not be too bad sharing you."

I gawked. She knew I was meeting with Jen and Nina tonight and I wondered if this wasn't a ploy. I typed out, "If you're just saying that to try to get me to break up with Jen..." My fingers paused as I realized I didn't know what the end of that sentence would be.

She shook her head, her blonde hair, slightly tussled, flying around her head wildly, "No, I'm serious. I mean, I've only had sex with you that one time, but I know I want to again. I like..." She paused for several seconds before finishing, "... I ache to feel that way again. I mean, as it is, with things how they are now, I'm already kind of sharing you aren't I? I mean you're more Jen's boyfriend then you are mine."

I nodded. I wouldn't even say that Keri and I were boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but she'd decided we were in some capacity, and I wasn't willing to change that mental image. So instead I typed out, "So Staci huh?"

Keri pulled a face of disgust, "Ugh, no. It would have to be someone that didn't make me look like an ugly little boy in comparison."

I scowled, "You're beautiful and you know it, don't type things like that."

She responded, "Well, I'm nothing next to Staci. She's a 10, I'm like a 6 or a 7 maybe."

I shook my head, "A 9, easily."

She smiled, "You're sweet when you lie." Keri was really pretty, she had a very cute face, and a nice body, though it was slim and trim. But I was lying I suppose. I would have put Keri at about a seven on a scale of one to ten, not a nine. But there are some things you just don't say.

So I changed my tact, "So who then? I really don't want someone that I'm not attracted too, like Melly."

Keri smiled, and I thought to myself that it was the type of smile a fisherman has when he has one on the line and begins to reel in his catch. "Oh," she typed, "I've actually got a few in mind. I started floating the idea to two or three girls that I know you wouldn't oppose too yesterday. I got mixed reviews, but the whole 'big dick' thing is totally working in your favor. Since my mom works night shift and doubles a lot, you know we could have parties at my house a lot more often too. Nana can't hear a damn thing, and my mom wouldn't have a problem with a girl sleeping in my room. We'd just have to sneak you in and out past Nana."

I sighed and leaned back in my chair for a few moments as I thought. I was ashamed of myself for already thinking this through. It was like I was already assuming that Jen and I were going to break up. It wasn't right. Finally I typed out, "Well, let's put that on the back shelf for now. Let me see what happens this weekend with Jen, okay?"

She nodded and began to type but then quickly nodded her head forwards and typed, "clear screen, Mr. Brown coming." She then closed out the word processor file she had been typing in and pulled up the copy of today's assignment. Hitting CTRL X to cut out the last few paragraphs she looked at her assignment sheet and began retyping the cut information.

I pulled up my assignment, but didn't bother faking that I was working on it. Mr. Brown, the typing teacher would know better then to think I wasn't done by now. He walked behind us and gave us a friendly nod as he glanced at our screens. He didn't really care what we did as long as we were quiet, respectful, and turned in the assignment every day, but that didn't mean he didn't like to keep up appearances. As he began walking away, Keri hit CTRL V and re-pasted her assignment back together.

Then at the bottom she typed to me, "Think it was obvious we weren't working?"

I nodded, "Probably, why don't we pretend to get some work done for the next ten minutes or so, just to make him happy. Then I promise, I'll call you on Saturday, or as soon as I'm free this weekend, cool?"

Keri nodded, then typed out a smile face followed by a less than sign and a three. I pondered that for a minute. I knew she was doing the sign for a smiley face and then a heart, but it struck me that it was a less then sign and a three. It was like she was saying 'happiness is less then three.' the ramifications of which, considering our conversation, were vast.

I couldn't get out of school fast enough that day. I'd been talking to Jen as well all week trying to get her to tell me what she had in store for today. She'd told me I'd need my car, a change of clothes, and that I wouldn't be coming home Friday night. I was glad she told me that last part, because I was scheduled to work on Saturday. I called in and asked if I could pick up a shift or two during the week instead. Since it was mid January, business was slow and my boss had no problem with it.

I'd packed that morning, so I left straight from my school over to Jen and Nina's private school. I picked them up and they were ready and waiting for me as I pulled into the lot. As they walked to my car, I was struck how sexy and beautiful they both were. How could I throw away Jen for Keri? Hell, how could I throw away Nina for Keri? I felt like a dirty filthy dog for having cheated on the two of them.

The fact that Jen had lied to me and had been telling me one thing so she could fuck Nina alone didn't even occur to me in that moment of doubt. I couldn't be mad at them, only feel guilty for what I'd done.

They slid into my truck and Jen leaned over to give me a deep kiss. Nina popped into the back seat, and pushed aside a large duffel bag. She leaned forwards and planted a kiss on my cheek as I said hello. I sighed, I didn't want to lose my girlfriend and this curvy blonde in my backseat. But I knew I had to tell them what happened last weekend.

"Where too?" I asked, dodging the question for now.

"Let's go to the diner," Jen said referring to our favorite little local diner in her town. Our whole gang of friends would eat there, they were very good to us, unlike other restaurants which would give a gang of teenagers the rush out. The place she was talking about would have no problem with letting us take a back corner booth and just drink iced teas for two hours or more. We always tried to be respectful and leave good tips whenever we did that. Some of the chain diners in our area would rush us out the moment we were done eating, or harass us to leave if we tried to just order coffee. But Jen followed up her suggestion with words that made my stomach drop out, "We need to have a serious talk."

My mind whirled as I put my truck in gear and began the drive. I tried to think if there was anyone who went to my school who was dating someone from her school. There very well could be, I knew everyone in my grade, but not who everyone was dating. I certainly didn't know all of the underclassmen either, it could be one of them. My night with Keri was still hot on the rumor mill even today, almost a week later. Plus there was the whole 'Pete's hung like a horse' thing that was going around.

I swallowed audibly as I pulled out of the parking lot, "Uh, is everything ok? Usually 'we need to talk' is what's said right before someone breaks up with someone else."

Jen turned and looked at Nina in the back seat and the two were silent. "Oh god!" I cried out, "You're breaking up with me?" I should have seen it coming but still, it was painful.

"No Pete!" Nina cried from the back seat, "Calm down."

"Yeah," Jen said, bobbing her chocolate hair frantically, "It's not that, it's just that..." She paused and I could swear I could hear the gears turning in her head, "I just want to sit down and get something to drink ok? We need to talk about our relationship is all. You, me, Nina, we need to figure some things out, that's all. I swear."

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