tagIncest/TabooA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 54

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 54


A thousand "Thanks!" to Bob from Illinois for his valuable help.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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Many of these chapters could go into many different categories. For example, in Chapter 1 there's a small amount of male-male sex. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1's purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I'd hope a totally hetero or gay reader could to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied.

Thank you. W_S

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Chapter 54: Wayne Gets an Eyeful

Acting like newlyweds, Carly and I couldn't keep our hands out of each other's pants. We practiced being careful about not attracting our parent's attention. Any effort was worth it; we'd found something too good to give up. Happily, we found we could usually get in a quickie during chores. It might be a different story come colder weather, but for now it was a high point of every day to go outside together each day.

Careful clothing selections allowed us to do a lot during 'homework' time. If we wanted to get together at night, but couldn't explain being in each other's room, we'd sneak downstairs after our folks had gone to bed. Being sure to each have a glass of something just in case, we'd then head to the sofa. By wearing nothing under our bathrobes, we could get naked or covered in a second flat, making it easy to screw like rabbits.

Usually I'd get over to see Lynn and Beth a couple times between each Monday through Thursday. During the week I'd make love to Lynn a little more than with Beth, but I certainly didn't ignore her either. One of the most incredible weekends I ever had was when the Troutman's took Jim two states away because he won a regional 4H award. While I couldn't sleep over, most of the weekend was spent having sex with all three girls at once. It was just as well that I slept at home; I needed the rest. With Beth, Lynn, and Carly working on me, my penis was in a hand, mouth, or pussy almost constantly.

About 3 weeks after our first group party, we took a day trip as a group to Chicago to hit the incredible Museum of Science and Industry. On the way there and back we stopped at a number of Pharmacies to stock up on condoms.

Our gang of 5 went everywhere together. Jim and I were young and virile enough that any girl who wanted it never went home without having had intercourse. With three "sisters," any girl that wanted to feel a girl's tongue on her clit was never disappointed.

Just as I would visit Lynn and/or Beth. Jim would come over to my house sometimes. He, Munchkin, and I started taking after dinner 'walks'. We'd stroll casually until we were out of sight from the house, then head for the hayloft. Several unused horse blankets were now stored in a hidden pocket between hay bales. After quickly fashioning a "bed," Jim and I would take turns making love to Munchkin, or share her.

Often Munchkin enjoyed having a boy at each end. She'd suck on Jim while I screwed her; then we'd switch. Sometimes Carly liked to be on her hands and knees, sometimes on her back or side. Having Carly suck me from underneath as I knelt over her face was a particular favorite of mine; it excited me greatly to see her do that with Jim as well.

Roughly 2 months after our group formed, a new wrinkle was introduced into our sex lives. On a particular Wednesday night I'd gone over to see Lynn. One thing hadn't changed, I still had a special attraction for Lynn, and I wanted to make love to her very much that night. As usual, we'd slipped out of the house to go for a 'walk', doubling back to the Troutman's tiny guesthouse. Once inside we were all over each other.

Anytime we'd been apart for a day or two, we'd start by making out as if we hadn't seen each other for a month. We French kissed like mad; my hands worked frantically until they held her magical bared breasts.

Lynn liked to rub my chest and nipples first, then loosen my pants so she could grab my buns. It was normally 5, often 10 minutes, before we'd begin to grope between our lover's legs. Sometimes we'd 69 until we both came at least once, then we'd continue eating each other until I was ready to mount her.

Some nights we were both so turned on we'd just fight to bare our genitals and skip the foreplay. Afterwards, we'd make out or 69 while taking in all the sights until we were ready for a second serious screwing.

On that particular Wednesday evening Lynn and I were very happily feeling each other up. Our lips were locked, our tongues were playing nicely together, and our fingers were busy removing our partner's clothing. We'd been engaged in foreplay for 15 minutes, the time for penetration was nigh. What we didn't know was someone else was also looking forward to me mounting Lynn.

Warm and cloudless, it was a moonlit night. If you stood behind the guesthouse, the moonlight pouring in the front windows made it easy to see almost everything we did on the small bed we used. The bushes and canopy of trees behind the house kept it dark there on even the brightest night. The glare on a rear window from any light in the room, plus the screen beyond it, turned the window over the tiny 'kitchen' sink into a virtual one way mirror.

The man masturbating as he watched teenagers preparing to have intercourse knew he wouldn't be seen. He knew it because it was his house, he'd checked. He also knew because he'd watched them before.

Wayne Troutman had quite by chance seen his daughter and me head into the guesthouse one night. Once a lonely farm boy himself, his instincts instantly told him what was likely happening inside his guesthouse. The first time he'd spotted us, he told himself he was just going to "see how far those two kids are going."

His wife was a fanatical Baptist. Wayne loved God and hoped God loved him, as most farmers do. Unlike his wife, and a lot of the hypocrites at his church, Wayne felt sex was a wonderful, natural part of life. He'd long been sick of sex being decried as evil by people who'd cheerfully fuck over their neighbors to make $5 off them. He knew how hard it was to find a little happiness in this neck of the woods, so Wayne was reluctant to run in shouting before he knew what they were up to.

At first, watching the two kids making out was nostalgic, and it wasn't like they were babies any longer. It reminded him of how he felt at that age when he'd discovered girls for himself. His parents had both been Bible-thumpers who felt the answer to everything was in the Bible, even if it was written by people who thought the world was flat and every disease was caused by an angry God, not a germ.

Wayne enjoyed reading scripture, but as far as girls, sex, and birth control, it didn't help at all. In fact some parts of the Good Book were pretty racy, it only made him want to fool around even more. He'd come to believe their "good people wait until their married" line was mostly a big load of bull dung they used to avoid having to explain anything tricky to their three kids. Hey, like what was going to happen then? Would someone slip them a copy of the "Really Good Fucking" manual 5 minutes after their wedding vows?

Wayne and his wife were both virgins when they'd first made love. He'd impregnated her the third time they'd had sex. She'd been almost as ignorant about her own body as he was. Marge had enjoyed sex at first, but once she'd gotten pregnant she nearly dried up. Marge liked having babies to mother, so she'd put up with sex from time to time, but only so she could have her family. In fact, for years now, Marge was actually embarrassed by sex, having grown up brainwashed that God only wanted people to have sex when they tried to make a baby. In addition, she had a stupid notion that people should pretty much limit themselves to the "missionary position." This had made sex with Marge damned near like work. Like God really cares who's on top when a baby gets made, geeezzz!

As Wayne watched his daughter in action, he soon realized she was the kind of lover he'd always wanted. Wayne hadn't been laid in a month of Sundays, so he became exceptionally aroused watching. He hadn't intended to be a voyeur, but even as he thought about barging in, the realization that he might get to see his beautiful daughter naked froze him into inaction.

As her clothes came off, and his fantasies were at last fulfilled, he soon needed relief. Never in his life had he seen anything as exciting as when Larry's hard penis began pumping between Lynn's legs. His erection had grown to its fullest dimensions all on it's own; his penis was deviling him for release.

The protective Father SHOULD have run in to "save" his daughter. However, the terminally frustrated man unzipped his pants, freed his aching erection, then masturbated. He came within a minute. An exceptional amount of semen shot against the side of the house long before the lovers inside reached their climax. At least it looked like an exceptional amount to Beth who'd followed her father from the house.

Beth had set out to warn her sister that their Dad was on the prowl, or maybe distract him if he got close, but she never got the chance. When she'd seen him start watching, she froze, not knowing what to do. When he'd taken out his penis, then began to stroke himself furiously, she instantly knew what to do. Keeping out of sight, Beth lowered her panties and strummed like hell until she came with an earth-moving orgasm.

Seeing her father's erection weeks ago in the barn, stilled haunted her fantasy life. He had a magnificent cock, and Beth loved looking at it. Certainly she'd seen that breath-taking erection in more than one dream. Moments after Wayne had come, his youngest daughter came as well. The coupling couple in the guesthouse had no idea how many people were deriving pleasure from their love making.

Once Wayne knew that Lynn and Larry were an item, he watched like a hawk, waiting for them to "sneak out" so he could observe them having sex. Following years of frustration, he was enjoying the best orgasms he'd had since his sexually barren marriage began.

Damned if the kids weren't teaching him things about having sex he'd never dreamed of. The first time he'd seen them 69, he came so hard his knees buckled. Wayne always had an excuse ready if his wife asked where he was going. "Hurmffpp, well the calf had a fever this morning, just going to check on her. Maybe give her a bottle."

Beth always knew when Lynn was planning to go out. She'd usually leave first, so she'd be hiding out of sight in the old outhouse, just waiting with her panties off to see her father stroke his lovely penis until it spit. She always had spine-melting orgasms, yet there was something more she wanted.

* * * * *

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