tagIncest/TabooA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 56

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 56


A thousand "Thanks!" to Bob from Illinois for his valuable help.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people.

By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you'll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you'll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

Many of these chapters could go into many different categories. For example, in Chapter 1 there's a small amount of male-male sex. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1's purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I'd hope a totally hetero or gay reader could to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Thank you. W_S

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* * * * *

Chapter 56: Daddy Gets The Best Birthday Present Ever!

The day after she first made love with her father, Beth was waiting naked in the empty stall next to Blaze. She did not intend to give her horny Dad a chance to back out. When Wayne found Beth, she had her bare ass waving before his eyes. Having spread her vaginal lips wide apart, her pink, wet opening was already calling to him. Beth nickered like a mare in heat; her swaying caused her breasts to shimmy beneath her.

Any misgivings Wayne had been having flew right out the barn door the moment he spotted that ready, willing, and randy young filly. Wayne was hard before he reached her. Neither lover spoke a word. Wayne dropped his jeans, then mounted the teenage goddess who was inviting him to bury his erection within her sweet body. Having played with herself while waiting for her new lover, Beth was slick and ready to ride.

Despite his intention to go slow and make their joining last, the shock of the raw sensuality presented to him (combined with the hundred times he'd relived the incredible sex of the night before) caused him to ejaculate into his sexy daughter's depths sooner than he would have liked. As soon as Beth felt hot sperm surging into her womb, she climaxed along with her father.

Beth loved the way he flooded her with semen; so far he seemed able to deliver bigger loads than either of her young lovers. She reached between her legs to grab the hot flow as it dripped out so she could rub the warm goo onto her clit.

Wayne knew there was no longer any turning back. He wouldn't miss any opportunity to make love to beautiful Beth for as long as she was available. Suddenly the thought of her leaving for college or getting married was even harder to bear. Trying to remain in the moment, he shut out the future and concentrated on the warm grip her vagina had upon his waning erection as he continued to slide in and out between her firm buns.

The moment Wayne was too soft to continue screwing her, Beth did a 180 turn so she could satisfy her overpowering desire to suck his penis clean. Secretly she hoped to make him hard again in time for another quickie before they had to go in.

God bless horny women! They actually conducted something of a conversation during Beth's oral after and foreplay. Beth would ask or answer questions around his reawakening penis. Wayne would ask or answer, but not necessarily in a normal conversational tone.

* * * * *

Over the next ten days Wayne had more great sex with Beth than he'd had during the past ten years of marriage. One of the unused stalls in the modest stable was kept ultra clean and loaded with a deep layer of fresh shavings, in one corner they piled hay from a few broken bales. Put a couple of horse blankets on that hay pile and you had a pretty cushy bed.

It wasn't hard to keep his wife in the dark. Marge tended to her house and garden, she never went to the outbuildings. If Beth and Wayne went out 10 or 15 minutes early for chores, plus got back 5 or 10 minute later most nights, it always went unnoticed as long as they weren't late for dinner.

Before long they'd shared some of their intimate secrets. Soon Beth came to understand how much her Father had been sexually neglected by her mother, hence why he'd been so horny all the time.

Wayne learned that both his daughters were now sexually active, but not the full extent of their 'activities'. Beth and he struck a bargain of sorts, Wayne wouldn't 'see' much and Beth would make sure he was happy. Beth promised to tell him more over time, but for now she preferred to keep a few secrets.

That tenth day later, ten days from their first sexual union, was Wayne's birthday. Beth had promised him a very special present or two. He'd taken an early shower, then headed to the stable a half-hour earlier than usual.

When she saw him, Beth lit up and shouted, "Happy Birthday Daddy." Beth trotted over to hug and kiss him. Taking his right hand, she led him into the center of the small barn. "Daddy, are you ready for your first present?"

While not knowing what he was going to get, he knew damned well he wanted it. "I think I'm very ready sweetheart."

"Great, then close you eyes and trust me!" Grinning like a buffoon, Wayne did as requested. Soon he felt a blindfold being fit into place. "Now, keep this on until I say to remove it. We're going to play a game, and you are going to enjoy it."

That said, he felt Beth lead him into the clean stall. He was sure of that from the sound of the latch and the rustle of the shavings. Soft hands stopped him. First he heard the faint rustling of shavings again, then Beth's voice directly in front of him say "First you need to unwrap your present." as soft fingers guided his hands to the buttons of the blouse before him.

He proceeded rather slowly, not because he wasn't eager and excited, but because not being able to see forced him to take his time. The buttons eventually got unbuttoned; the blouse came off. Wayne couldn't resist fondling the tender teats he found through the soft seamless cups. Finally he managed to remove the satiny bra. Before moving lower, he enjoyed a long couple of minutes playing with the warm, pliant flesh of both bared breasts.

Unfortunately he hadn't seen enough earlier to remember how her jeans were fastened, but he soon discovered it was just a simple snap and zipper in front like a man's pants. The jeans headed towards the floor moments later. Already he was seriously getting into the tactile sensations he experienced from feeling up his daughter without being able to see her. A couple more minutes were spent rubbing her butt, then fondling his daughter's swelling pussy through her panties.

Her underwear was soon totally soaked in the crotch; he lowered the panties so he could finally feel her shaved lips. When he felt her legs spread so he'd have complete access to her pussy, Wayne groaned from the bubbling excitement rising within his body.

Beth murmured, "I'd like you to put your middle finger as deep inside as you can."

The slippery vagina was as ready as could be; his finger slid straight in. Two loud sighs filled the air. Unseen fingers unbuckled his belt, then lowered his zipper. When his pants fell to his knees, two hands became active between his legs; one hefted his balls the other stroked his now raging erection. Delicate digits spread the clear fluid oozing from his slit all around his glans, then the pumping resumed.

Soon Wayne's hips were humping to and fro as the natural rhythm of sex began to drive them. One hand kept stroking his cock, but the other moved to his shoulder, pressing down, signaling him to bend his knees. It was a little awkward, but by keeping his other hand on her firm bottom, he kept his balance as his knees bent slightly. Wayne felt his penis being guided into her hot slit, so he removed his finger, choosing instead to grab her butt with both hands.

His glans was being rubbed around her opening, but the guiding hand stopped him from pushing it inside her. Just as he was about to beg to penetrate her, Beth said. "Happy Birthday Daddy, I'm removing the blindfold first so you can fully enjoy your present."

As the blindfold came off, Wayne opened his eyes then blinked, then blinked again. He froze, dumbfounded, as Lynn's smiling face came into focus. "Happy Birthday Daddy." Lynn purred as she commenced impaling herself on her Father's throbbing penis. Wayne's chin dropped like a rock, Lynn pulled his face to hers so she could initiate a deep French kiss as his erection sank into her body. Lynn hopped up into his arms; she wrapped her legs around his waist. As Wayne straightened his legs, Lynn rode his cock like there was no tomorrow.

Almost immediately, Lynn began to come. She'd almost climaxed when his hands first touched her breasts, then again when he'd first grazed her panty-covered clit. She actually did have a small orgasm as his finger first entered her.

Wayne had wondered about what it would feel like to screw Lynn long before he'd first wondered about Beth. After the exciting foreplay, suddenly finding himself balls deep inside his first born was more than his mind and body could cope with. Wayne came. He came long. He came hard. He came deep. His testicles emptied themselves into the dream girl who had his penis snaking into her convulsing interior. Their hips drove together as years of mutual fantasizing were unleashed.

The two newly joined lovers discovered that the body they'd often masturbated over was even more exciting than they'd imagined.

Lust ruled for the next few minutes. Actually, Lynn went limp before Wayne. The familial farmer remained fairly firm, his shaft kept pumping into the matured girl he used to carry to bed not so long ago after she'd fall asleep in the family room.

Long ago disrobed, Beth was lying on the 'bed', legs splayed, madly frigging her clit. Holding Lynn close, Wayne explored her body thoroughly as he screwed her magnificent form. Seeing Beth masturbate for the first time all the while kept his erection more up than ever.

Beth was pretty far along with her quest for the big O; her voice was husky when she said, "Daddy, whenever you're ready for your second present, put Lynn down beside me."

To Wayne the whole world seemed a bit surreal. He couldn't imagine what else Beth had in mind. Emotionally inebriated as was, Wayne dumbly stepped his way to Beth's side. He held onto Lynn as long as possible, each step caused his cock to slide in and out of his precious armful. Finally, reluctantly, he lifted Lynn off of his contented cock, laying Lynn out where Beth motioned, lengthwise beside her.

Beth whispered something into Lynn's ear. Nodding her head groggily, Lynn rose up on an elbow then opened her eyes to gaze at her father's face.

Sporting a Cheshire cat grin, Beth purred, "Daddy, would you like to watch two girls making out. I very badly need to come after watching you screw my sister so nicely."

Wayne had been kicked in the head by a horse once; it had left him feeling just like he did at that moment.

"Dear God, yes honey. I'd liked to see that so much I can't tell you."

Beth patted the blanket close beside them. The moment he was seated, Lynn moved into position to eat her sister's pussy. Spreading her legs wide, Beth's eyes rolled back as Lynn's tongue bore into her sensitive flesh. Lying back, Beth's face contorted from intense pleasure. "Daddy, I'm so close. Lynn's warm tongue is about to make me come. Kiss me while I come, please." As soon as she opened her arms, Wayne fell into them. As her orgasm broke over her, Beth drove her tongue into his mouth.

It was terribly exciting for Wayne to feel her young body writhing against him as he lay partially atop her. Knowing that lovely Lynn was eating her sexy sister was turning his mind to mush. Beth came for a very long time, the entire time he played with her wondrous long nipples. Now he knew why the nipples he'd played while he was blindfolded had felt shorter and thicker. As much as the girls looked alike, his delighted digits could discern subtle differences.

When she'd finally come somewhat back to earth, Beth ended the kissing session.

"Daddy, sit back and enjoy the show we've planned for you. We want you to look closely at anything you feel like; it is your birthday. After we've entertained you enough, you can put your beautiful penis in both of us. If you can manage it, I'd like to feel your sperm shoot inside of me this time."

As Wayne reclined, Lynn immediately threw her leg over Beth's face so she could lower her pussy onto Beth's open mouth. The sisters provided their "Birthday Boy" with a million-dollar show. They came loud and often. Wayne rested on an elbow where he could see every detail of Beth burrowing into Lynn's shaved pussy. After shifting just a bit he could see, hear, and smell everything as Lynn ate her younger sister. Reaching out to fondle Lynn's swaying teats, his body reacted strongly to her jiggling mammary glands; each time he grabbed a teat his dick jumped or throbbed.

The performance was outstanding. Soon Wayne was standing out himself; his cock begged to enter a soft young pussy, so Wayne moved behind Lynn. Beth already had Lynn's vulva wide open, so her pink opening gaped at Wayne, beckoning him to penetrate her.

Wayne mounted the sweet little filly with one steady push. Lynn gave out a loud "Oooooooohhh!!" as she felt herself impaled by her father's fully engorged penis. His hips at first moved like a runaway jackhammer, but Wayne slowed his thrusting to a very slow, even erratic pace when he realized he'd come too soon if he didn't fight for control.

So that his penis would twirl inside of Lynn, Wayne worked his hips in circles. This made them both feel great, and the change from thrusting did forestall his climax. A minute later, Lynn began to climax forcefully. Keeping his groin pressed against Lynn's soft cheeks, Wayne continued the circular motion with his embedded cock so Lynn's vagina felt him, and had something to grasp onto.

It wasn't overly long before Lynn's orgasm finished. Wayne slowly withdrew, but Beth kept munching away on her sister. As Wayne moved around to Beth's pussy, the sisters rolled so Lynn was on her back with Beth's butt s high in the air, ready for penetration. Beth was so very ready to be screwed that again Wayne easily slid into her body with one long, slow push. Both lovers sighed as the erection found its way home.

Wayne adopted a rhythm reminiscent of a small oil rig. All the way out, all the way in, all the way out, all the way in. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk... Slow and steady sometimes wins the race, especially when the last to cross the finish line wins.

Both male and female were in a perfect place. What they were doing felt like heaven, and the longer it went on the better. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk... They were primed. Both were ready to climax when the other did. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk...

Lynn was about ready to explode. Seeing her father's balls swinging like a pendulum above her face, watching his hard shaft moving like a piston in and out of the pussy she was sucking, feeling her clit being sucked to perfection by her sister, all had brought Lynn to the point of no return. Lynn was going over the edge, but she was determined not to go alone.

With one hand she milked Beth's right nipple in a way she knew especially turned Beth on. Her other hand moved between Beth and her father until she could make a circle around his shaft. She loved how it felt as the erection fucked the ring her fingers had formed, she liked how it felt as his hips pushed her palm into Beth's soft buns.

Lynn came big time; she loosed a groan that could make a corpse come, which pushed Beth over the edge. Beth's contractions triggered a torrent of semen that rushed through Wayne's penis. The hot ejaculate soon flooded her depths which triggered more contractions, more moans, more intense pleasure. All this caused Beth to eat Lynn like she was possessed. The intensity of Beth's oral assault reverberated through Lynn, then reflected back into Beth, who fed the loosed sexual energy into Wayne.

Lynn licked the shaft and surrounding pussy that it disappeared into, her hand moved onto her father's hard clenching buns so she could savor the power in his thrusts. Coming in a teen beauty, while a nubile fox licked your penis and played with your butt crack was about as sure a way to guarantee a man would stay hard and keep pumping as there ever was. Therefore, Wayne kept humping away until his body collapsed. Beth and Lynn ate each other until the 'Birthday Boy' couldn't continue any longer.

When the girls reached their final climaxes, they made a Daddy sandwich with their warm flesh. This being Lynn's first time with her Dad, she took the front so she could see and explore his resting form.

Lynn toyed with her father's limp penis then joked "Guess the birthday party's over, we've blown out Daddy's candle."

Sweeter gifts no man ever had ever received.

* * * * *

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