tagLoving WivesA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 61

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 61


Dear readers. I rushed this story a bit in order to give you one final chapter, before a very, very long break. I have left a place for a partially written chapter 60 for which I simply don't have time or enthusiasm to finish these days.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people. This story should read well alone, but...

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Chapter 61: Lynn and Larry's Detour

I'm amazed how much has changed in a mere two years. Not only can I drive now, but also last year I recovered an abandoned '53 Chevy. After cutting away a couple small trees that had grown up around it, I pulled the rusty relic out of a ditch in the woods near Bennett's Pond. Dad began teaching me how to repair the farm's John Deere tractor as soon as I grew bigger than the wrenches used to repair it. My acquired skills as a mechanic, combined with a bit of willing help from Dad, was enough to get the ancient motor running again.

Mom helped too...her garden provided considerable material for bribes to a family friend with a large junkyard. Her tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini put a rebuilt carb from a wrecked hot rod and suitable fuel pump under the hood.

Duke, of Duke's Auto Body, taught me what I needed to know to make the car look fairly impressive in exchange for me snow plowing his house and business for the rest of my life. [Just joking! I'm sure he'll let me off when he dies of old age.] Bottom line...I'm driving a fairly respectable looking set of wheels.

Why all the mention of a car. Because it made me feel more confident when I visited Lynn at college. Her grades have been stellar thus far, she has a mind as fine as her body! Now that she's getting into more lab and fieldwork, her talents are truly showing. Every Saturday Lynn always makes time for me, but she's never lost sight of her educational goals that I can see.

I'm seriously reading everything about agriculture I can get my hands on, but I don't plan to attend college as anything but a weekend visitor. While I enjoy learning, I hate school; too many bullshit courses and too much academic hypocrisy. Anyway, I'm already as good a cattleman as there is in these parts, and I plan to be better still. After all, it looks like I'll have a wife to support in a year or two. Oh! Did I mention that I proposed to Lynn?

Lynn told me I was a "Little shit for making her cry..." but she said yes anyway. One sunny Saturday, before she moved to her current apartment, I parked a borrowed school bus that I'd painted with a washable paint in front of her dorm. When Lynn was dragged out of her dorm by a hysterical mob of her floor-mates, she was greeted with a bus-sized message reading "LYNN WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

As a junior, Lynn was allowed to share a large house off campus instead of living the dorm. Since neither of our folks would be very happy about me staying overnight, we sort of reverse our dates these days. Early Saturday I show up, we spend all day in bed, then go out for a meal or a movie before I head for home.

Over some pillow talk one day, I sensed Lynn had something to tell me that was too embarrassing to share easily. We'd always be so open with each other about so many intimate things that her struggle to share surprised me. Eventually I was able to pry away all the details about her relationship with her Father, plus the fact that her Mom had practically stopped sleeping with her father years ago.

To put her at ease, I shared details about my 'improved' relationship with my Mom, and how she had the same problem with my Dad...virtual sexual abandonment. Gradually Lynn and I shared enough information that we ending up agreeing that someday when we went off on our own, that my Mom and Lynn's Dad would certainly miss having us around. Considerable discussion led us to a plan.

The following summer when Lynn was home again, we managed to talk my Mom and her Dad into helping us on a 4th of July planning committee for the big annual to-do in the park adjoining the church. As chairperson, it was easy for Lynn to invite them to a non-existent meeting on lovely, warm evening just to get them out of the house for a couple hours without their spouses wondering.

On the night I'm about to describe, Lynn drove her big old boat of an Oldsmobile. The folks were steered into the back seat, while my fiancée [still sounds weird to me] and I naturally took the front seat. Just before making a turn we knew they'd spot as not being the way to church, they were informed that Lynn and I wanted to speak with them privately...hence the deception.

Watching both parents begin to ask a question, then change their mind and remain silent but puzzled was rather amusing to me. I could almost her my Mom thinking "After all, there were people from another family in the car."

Another mile of driving brought us to Bennett's pond. As expected, we had the secluded clearing by the pond completely to ourselves. The parking lights were left on mostly so we could see each other by the dim dashboard lights. The moon had barely risen. With the sky being totally overcast, it was nearly pitch black.

While Lynn and I were clearly amused, our respective parents just as clearly weren't. As they sensed we weren't up tight, they seemed to relax. Suppose they figured that Lynn and I wouldn't be so at ease if she was pregnant or there was some other big problem.

By prior arrangement, I spoke up first. "Mr. Troutman, Lynn and I have spoken about many things since we got engaged. One of these days we'll finally be married, then move into a place of our own. I expect my Mom will be even lonely than she is now. You see, my Dad loves us all and everything...he is a good man...but he's lost his interest in sex." The gasp from my mother confirmed the shock her expression showed. Wayne simply looked stunned that I'd share such private information.

Before either parent could react any further, Lynn added "Mrs. ..., Betty...my father has the same situation with my mother. Mom is wonderful to us and all, but religion has her so brain-washed about sex that she almost never 'sleeps' with Daddy anymore. I know for a fact he gets mighty lonely. Also, he's never said a word, but I have eyes...he thinks you're real pretty, but he's too shy to EVER tell ya. Larry and I are going take a blanket and go study the night life of a the Midwestern Bullfrog."

Following Lynn out of the car I parted with, "We'll be gone at least an hour and a half, hope you two can find something to talk about. See ya later." Turning off the parking lights, hand-in-hand Lynn and I picked our way to the grassy clear spot near the water's edge.

* * * * * *

The silence was deafening in the car.

"Wayne, are you feeling anywhere near as embarrassed as I am?"

"Uuuuh, let's see. My daughter just aired my sex life to my next door neighbor, then added that I've been lusting after you in case I had any self-respect left. No, I'm not embarrassed, just a typical day."

Betty laughed a self-conscious kind of chuckle; despite feeling mortified, Wayne soon joined her in some tension-releasing snickering.

"Wayne, do you honestly find me attractive?"

"Geeeez...hell yes Betty. You're a living doll."

"Are you really that shy?"

"Yeah. Guess I am."

"How long as Marge...been...turning you away?"

"Since Jimmy was born more or less. You?"

"Hard to say exactly, he ran hot and cold for years. For a time he'd be 'on', then suddenly he'd be 'off'. If I had to say, I guess about 5 years ago he went 'off' and never went 'on' again. Mostly I've felt loved, but not exactly 'fulfilled'. You certainly know what I mean."

"Wish I didn't, but yeah, I know what you mean."

Silenced reigned. Heartbeats marked the passing of seconds, passing seconds turned into passing minutes. A myriad of unspoken thoughts flashed then fled.

The inky darkness suddenly yielded to unexpected light. The persistent overcast broke. The low new moon reflected off the glass smooth surface of the pond. Betty's gasp caused Wayne to follow her gaze. Before them, framed by the huge white ball of the moon on the still pond, was a profoundly erotic vision. Betty saw her son stretched out on his back. Wayne saw his obviously naked daughter rising and falling above her intended, his hands clearly fondling her swaying breasts.

"Oh my God, Wayne. That is the sexiest things I've even seen!" hissed Betty.

"Were we ever that young?" mused Wayne, using a far away voice.

Never taking her eyes from the sight of young love expressing itself as nature intended, Betty groped for Wayne's hand. Finding it, she guided it to her right breast. Using both of her hand's atop his single larger one, she helped him massage her arouse flesh.

Moments later, Betty released his fondling fingers. Turning, the thoroughly aroused wife methodically exposed Wayne's stiffening penis.

"Unbutton my blouse." she whispered.

The thrill of feeling his penis being fondled by his adorable neighbor caused his strong hands to tremble like a fawn first standing on new borne legs; he struggled to overcome the tiny buttons. New sooner was her bra exposed than he felt her bending towards his lap. Every bit if air was expelled from his body as he felt first her warm breath, then her far warmer mouth slowly, slowly engulf him.

For a time Wayne was nearly catatonic from the all-consuming pleasure of Betty's sucking mouth. Gradually his rising passion directed him to undress her as best he could. Every bit of newly exposed skin was explored worshipfully by his rough hands. His fingers at long last discovered her puffy, humid pussy. He fondled, then probed her until he could wait no longer.

Sliding his hips into the best possible position, Wayne forcefully pulled Betty onto his lap.

"Betty. Beautiful Betty. I only have the tiniest bit of sanity left. If you say stop I will. But if you don't...I'm going to be inside you in a heartbeat."

Reaching beneath her, Betty guided her new lover into her cloud soft depths.


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A most erotic tale

Young love is certainly erotic, as I remember my first attempts to steal a kiss from the chubby girl down the street. I thought she was the very vision of beauty and sexy as hell! I never got that kissmore...

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