tagRomanceA Bad Idea Ch. 03

A Bad Idea Ch. 03


"Hey, I'm on break. You called?" Her voice tugs the corners of his lips into a crooked smile.

"Strangely, hump day makes me think of you. Are you free this afternoon?" The sunlight hammering through the windshield is broken only sporadically by thin wisps of cloud. It has been as clear all day and is supposed to remain so for the next couple of days.

"Sure. I'm off in an hour."

"Alright, be ready at five and I'll come pick you up."

"Okay. Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise.

"But I don't like surprises."

"I know." His grin can probably be heard through the phone. "I'll see you at five." She starts to protest but his finger presses the button on his Bluetooth and the call goes dead. He continues to go over everything in his head as he turns up the radio and speeds home.

Short hours later she locks her door behind her and walks down the front walkway to his truck. She knows how much he loves her in those little skirts. He can feel parts of himself stir as he leers at her hungrily, that shoulderless, billowing blouse barely covering her naval dries his tongue all the more. She smiles at him, her movements exaggerated and drawing his eyes to every inch of exposed skin, drinking it all in like a man parched for days. Her secretive smile seems to suggest she knows exactly what she's doing to him. He takes a certain pleasure in how petite she is, needing to hoist herself up into the truck. After settling herself she turns to look at him and he guides her lips to his by the chin. The kiss isn't exactly tame.

"Hi there. You look amazing. Buckle up."

"Hi. Thank you. Where are we going?" She laces her voice with dramatic enthusiasm and bounces a little in her chair as she straps herself in.

"Crazy. Wanna come?" He grins at her as he checks traffic to see if he can pull out.

"It has been a few days. When are we going to get there?" She pretends to be patient. His head whips around to her, surprised and pleased by her cheeky comment.

"When we get there." He says, barely missing a beat and then pulling out onto the street.

"I don't like surprises." She says, crossing her arms beneath her breasts and glowering at him. He just grins.

"I know."

Within minutes they are outside of town taking the highway north. The late afternoon sun is still burning down on them, but the cab of the truck is cool and refreshing. Less than an hour later the tires crunch gravel as he turns onto a side road that encircles the north shore of the crystal lake below them. She looks at him quizzically. He looks at her innocently.

"I wonder where this goes." He says with an almost giddy voice. She scowls, but peers out the window with growing interest. The lake sparkles like sapphires through the gaps in the trees. Here and there a lonely cottage driveway is visible, but as a whole the little lake seems fairly isolated. She keeps shooting curious glances at him, and he keeps responding with the same growing smile, mischief gleaming in his emerald eyes.

Eventually the truck rolls to a stop down some abandoned laneway that backs onto the shore. A sprinkling of evergreens shade the lot, but other than that, there is nothing here. The rutted driveway is little more than a path, but the trees break away from a sloping beach at its end. Gazing out the windshield the two of them admire the scenery around them.

"It's possible I may have a friend that bought this lot but hasn't got around to building anything on it and it's possible that if I did have such a friend they might have given me permission to come hang out here." His grin nearly splits his face now. She rolls her eyes at him with her own fond smile and looks out the windows again. He turns the truck around between the trees and backs down to the beach, breaking back out into the radiant sunshine.

"So what are we up to here?" She asks as they climb out of the truck.

Peeling his shirt over his head and kicking away his sandals he replies, "Well I don't know about you, but I can hardly remember the last time I went skinny dipping!" With that he drops his shorts and bounds toward the beach. Being nearly naked already, it doesn't take her long to come splashing in behind him.

"You didn't need to bring me to a lake to get me wet." She boldly looks him up and down and bites her lip.

He wades close to her, one hand lingering on her hip, the other tilting her chin up for a kiss as they slowly come together. The water laps just below her hips and swells to and fro against his balls, his cock firmly trapped between them. Slowly he leads her deeper into the water, the water rising over her thighs, his hand slides to the small of her back. They continue to kiss as the water rises, up their middles, lapping above her naval. His left hand grabs her ass and lifts her up eyelevel with him, her legs easily wrapping around his waist, his other arm guides hers over his shoulder and around his neck so that he can hold her up and wrap his arms around her back. Deeper and deeper they wade until the water laps around the swells of her breasts, until it surrounds them and the water dances in the clefts of their necks.

He continues to dance them around in that depth, never going out so far he can't hold her up out of the water, never going in enough that her breasts breach the surface. Their hands explore. He easily holds her up, she easily hangs off his shoulders as their hands roam and their lips grow swollen with kissing. Their hair trails out around them and they both lean back to soak it. The water continues to glisten in the summer sun, clear and clean. The sand is soft beneath his feet. The pines and maples, birches and ironwoods sway in the lazy breeze and the wildlife throughout sings along quietly.

Gradually his grip on her ass becomes more aggressive. Her grip on his shoulders tightens and her nails begin to bite. Their kissing grows more frenzied. She grinds her sex along his swollen girth and his lips travel to her throat, taking small nips between hot kisses, his hands grasping her ass, her back, her hips, grinding against each other and growing hot. Their breathing becomes shallow, hands can't touch enough.

Wading out of the lake significantly faster than they went in, he carries her to the truck where he pulls open the back door and grabs a pile of towels. Setting all but two on the dropped tailgate he sets her down and offers her one. Taking the second he leads her to the beach again and spreads his out on the sand.

"Come here." He growls lustily as he lies out on the towel. She needs no greater encouragement as she kneels beside him and takes his swollen head between her lips, soaking him with her spit before straddling him and slowly guiding his pulsing prick inside her. They groan together as she lowers herself down onto him.

"Mmm..." She hums.

"Mmm..." He echoes. Slowly she eases herself up, and then back down, each time she grows more wet and he becomes more lubricated. "Shit. Condom." He groans.

"Shit." She agrees. She regretfully climbs off him and he hurries back to the truck returning with a condom already being rolled down his length.

"Lie down!" She says impatiently. He grins at her but doesn't hesitate to do exactly that. Before he has completely lain down she is already taking him in her mouth again, wetting the condom. As soon as she's satisfied she straddles him again and they both groan their appreciation a second time as his head pushes inside her and begins to slowly sink deeper.

Slowly she eases herself down on him. Taking him deeper, and deeper. Back up, and slowly easing him a bit deeper, back, and then a bit deeper. They both groan again as her pelvis meets his and his cock fills her. She drops down on him, her breasts pressed between them and she moans again as he flexes inside her and his hands begin to roam her back. Slowly she rocks back and forth on him, her hips undulating and his length stroking all the right places.

She sits up and whimpers as his engorged head presses hard against her cervix. He groans and his hands settle onto her hips, she takes one breast in either hand and grinds back and forth across his pelvis. With each pass his cock flicks across her cervix and they both shudder, their grips both tighten on her body and her whimpers and gasps grow more and more high pitched. His grip tightens almost painfully, he flexes his hips and pulls her down harder, forcing every inch of his fierce erection as deep as he can. She cries out and collapses on his chest panting.

"Too much! Oh... Not yet. Too much." She gasps against his chest, trembling.

"Get back up there and take it all." He swats her ass hard and she jumps with a strangled gasp, he moans at the way her pussy clenches around his girth. "Now." He growls with a mirrored slap on the other cheek. She cries out and clenches again before bracing her hands against his chest and lifting herself back up.

Her breath catches in a delicate sob as his head thrusts into her tender places again. He pulls down on her hips and flexes his forward again and she cries out again, her nails biting into his chest. Her hips grind back and forth slowly and with every pass she flinches or gasps. His grip never lets up, holding his pelvis pressed hard up into her she's forced to impale herself on him.

"Faster." His voice takes on a gravely edge. She trembles at the dark command, and bites her lip to hold back her cries as she undulates along him faster. He growls and she pants above him. Her juices begin to drip onto his pelvis and balls.

"Faster." He growls again and punctuates the command with a swift crack on either ass cheek. She cries out, her nails digging hard into the hard muscle of his chest as she desperately grinds him, trying to go faster and her cries turn to groans. Her pussy squelches audibly, her juices pooling on his pelvis and dripping down. Her hands shift to his abdomen and clench, nails biting into his flesh enough to break the skin as she rides his terrible cock hard. Without being told her tempo continues to grow more and more frantic, the whimpers begin to be replaced with long cries and throaty groans , her head hung down, her long hair tickling along his abdomen as she fucks his cock, fucks herself. Her nails draw small rivulets of blood. She pants and cries and a sheen of sweat makes her glow in the sinking sunlight.

"That's it." He grunts, his grip perhaps tight enough to bruise. "Make me cum. Make me cum, baby. I know you want to. That's it. Make me cum." She shudders violently above him, losing her rhythm and then redoubles on him, if possible even more frantic, more desperate. Hard and fast she slams herself against him, his engorged head slamming into her cervix, flicking back and forth. She shudders again and cries out, her grip like a vice biting into him. He urges her on, "Come on... Come on." He pants too, his body growing more and more tense beneath her. His arms shake and his fingers cramp into the soft flesh of her hips.

With a near roar he arches up onto his heels and shoulders, pulling her down hard and thrusting up as deep as he can. Paralyzed like that he grunts and growls as he swells and spasms inside her, hot cum shooting forth and filling the condom with pulse after powerful pulse. She cries out, throwing her head back, the waterfall of dark chestnut tresses tumbling down her back and brushing across her ass, her arms thrown out at her sides she cries out and shudders. The muscles of her belly clench and tremble and she collapses back down onto him, driving him back to the ground. His arms wrap around her like a vice and crush her small body against him, crushing the air out of both of them as their orgasms thunder through them beneath the clear summer sky.

After what might have only been seconds, what might have been hours, the two of them go limp as one. Panting, gasping, gulping air. His hands stroke her back tenderly, he kisses her hair between struggled breaths. Her fingers twine in his curls and she kisses his collar.

"It's always been intense with you. It's always been incredible." He whispers into her hair. A lazy moan is her only reply as they lie there. Gradually he shrinks inside her, until a significantly less impressive appendage slips free. Neither of them move. Still recovering their breath. His hands lazily roam her back and she snuggles into him, breathing deeply. The lake laps at the shore lazily and the sunshine continues to pound down on them. They lie there a content, sweaty mess with no sign that they'll move for hours yet.

"Hungry?" He grumbles, little more than a whisper.

"A bit." She replies in a similar fashion.

He hugs her tight for a moment, then slowly sits up with her, scooping her legs around so that she can sit on his lap. He leans in and kisses her, her lips are soft, supple and perfect against his own. Gathering her in his embrace, and gathering his legs beneath him he stands easily with her in his arms. Carrying her to the truck, he sets her down gently on the pile of towels on the tailgate and goes around to open the back door of the truck again, this time returning with a small cooler and bag. He sets them on the tailgate beside her and starts pulling out an entourage of snack and finger foods. Crackers and cheese and muscles and sliced fruit and dried meats and veggie dishes and dips. The cooler is full of water, pop and beer. Arranging the collection she laughs at him.

"You put some thought into this."

"I always put too much thought into everything." He replies dryly, rolling his eyes. He grabs a grocery bag and rolls the condom off his limp shaft, tossing it in the bag and setting the bag in the corner of the bed of the truck. Dropping down from the tailgate she kneels in front of him and, placing her hands on his thighs, takes his slick cock into her mouth. With her lips pressed firmly to his base she strokes him with her tongue, massages him with her lips, rocking her head up and down, coaxing him. Quickly he grows under her ministrations, his crown stretching toward her throat and cutting off her air. She lets him swell there a moment, knowing that cutting her off is what's making him swell even faster now. He swells thicker, filling her mouth and throat more completely, she pulls back until she can suck air through her nose again and continue to stroke and suck him until he lengthens to the point where she can't breathe again. One more time and he is firm along her tongue, hard beneath her lips, filling her throat almost uncomfortably. She holds him a moment, she can feel his pulse on her tongue, then she pulls back and takes him in one hand, carefully lapping up every drop of cum before kissing his tip and releasing him, looking up at him while daintily wiping at the corners of her mouth.

He moans despairingly as her attentions cease, but she just smiles and kisses him as she stands. He smiles too as he lifts her back up onto the tailgate and then joins her, the two of them picking through the assortment of treats between them and gulping down a water each before opening beers. The sun stands little more than its own height from the horizon along the western end of the lake when the two of them pack away the food and return it to the truck.

"Let's go play in the water." He takes her little hand in his and guides her back down to the water's edge. "It's beautiful here." He pulls her in front of him and wraps her up in his strong arms, the two of them gazing out at the lake with the waters lapping around their ankles. He eases them further in, the warm water rising up their legs as they wade deeper. Once the water level reaches her breasts, roughly the middle of his back, he leans back, lying her back on him and pulls her through the water leisurely, the water breaking around his shoulders and swirling around her. His arms hold her securely beneath her breasts, hugging her against him, pulling her high enough to lie her head back on his shoulder where he can kiss her cheek, her feet floating free of the lake bottom as they meander through the water. The sun is brilliant, the water is warm and the breeze is light. The two of them surrender to the serenity of this little heaven made better by each other's presence and touch.

As the sun kisses the horizon he lazily pulls her back toward the shore, lying in the sand and letting the water lap around their bodies. Turning in his grasp she lies atop him and kisses him.

"This is fun." She mumbles contently as she settles her cheek on his chest.

"It's not quite done yet." He replies as easily. His hand slowly running over her back again. She breathes deeply while they lie there.

As the second half of the sun begins to slip behind the horizon and the sky is set on fire, its beauty reflected in the water as calm as glass, he sits up, disturbing her cat nap. "I'm going to go rinse off the sand." He says.

"I want to get wet again." She just smiles at his sharp look. He grins as he takes her hand and they wade into the water to brush the sand off. Toweling off, they drop the towels on the tailgate and he goes around to the cab of the truck one more time.

"I've got one more little surprise." He calls, as he comes back with a couple of pillow and blanket in his arms. Her smile rivals the brilliance of the sunset over the water. Tossing the blanket and pillows deep into the bed of the truck he lies out and she nestles into his side, his arm beneath her head performing the duties of pillow better than the pillow itself. The two of them lie there in each other's arms and watch the sky darken to deeper reds and oranges that evolve to heavy purples and tinted greys that eventually fade to a soft glow in the west and the stars begin to twinkle in the inky black that stretches out from the east that comes to blanket everything.

"How did we never get around to this, before?" He whispers, pulling the blanket around them to shield them from the cooling air and few bugs. She hums noncommittally at his side as they admire everything above them, a waning gibbous hanging low over the lake and shining off of it.

He rolls on his side slightly, his hand envelopes one breast, calloused palm scraping along the nipple, rough fingers tracing down and along the sensitive skin of her ribs. He cups her, kneads her. She looks at him with smoky eyes and he leans in for a slow and tender kiss. His lips brush hers, press. His tongue delves between her lips to taste her tongue quickly, before his lips trap her bottom one and pull it gently. He keeps the kiss deep but gentle, he rolls himself firmly against her, one leg between hers. His sex presses firmly against her leg, his hand comes up to cup her cheek as they kiss, then travels down the sensitive skin of her neck to support it while the kiss continues. Down his hand travels across her chest, to stop and cup her breast again, his thumb playing along her nipple, teasing it, drawing it hard and pert. Down, tickling along the smooth skin of her belly, gently pressing, massaging. His hand nestles in the hollow of her hip, leg reaching over hers and scooping it close, he pulls her hip and rolls her onto her side to face him.

Their kiss continues as his heavy thigh settles on her hip, holding her in place, his hand smoothly transitions to the small of her back and pulls her closer, his cock hard and hot against her tummy. His hand continues up her spine, finger tips light as they drift across her skin. Her free hand comes up to touch his face as they continue to kiss, the intensity wants to climb but he doesn't let it. Much. His hand settles between her shoulders and pulls her close, then loops around and holds her close. Her own hand drapes over his heavy shoulder to hold him too.

"I'll be right back." He whispers against her lips. Her swollen lips give him a quick peck before he extracts himself from the embrace and jumps over the side of the truck, opening the cab he clambers back over with the box of condoms, still plainly visible in the glowing moonlight. She smiles as she sits up and rips one free from the chain. Tearing the foil she tosses it aside and reaches out to grasp him. He takes a knee beside her, the other foot straddling her legs. She checks the direction of the condom as best she can in the moonlight before rolling it over his head and gradually rolling it down to his root. Her eyes smolder as she lies back in the blanket, opening her legs in invitation.

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