A Bargain Ch. 07


Dianne began to gasp as she fucked herself faster and harder. Her hips were thrusting back against the downward movements of the dildo. She pulled at her nipples with one hand. She was so wet the dildo was making slurpy sounds as she pumped it up and down. "Don! . . . Don! . . . Don! . . . Fuck me, Don! . . . Oh! . . . Yes! . . . Oh Don! . . . AAAAH!"

I knew Dianne well enough to know that she had a real orgasm. Her calling my name puzzled me, given my present condition. As she relaxed back against the bed, I became aware of the powerful scent of her pussy. She turned her face toward me, and her pupils were so dilated her eyes appeared to be completely black. She grinned. "I guess he's not dead after all!"

I glanced down and my penis was erect. He wasn't as hard as he usually got, but he was definitely erect. As I stared he slowly drooped and softened. Dianne was more disappointed than I was when she unsuccessfully tried to get him hard when she slept with me that night.

Dianne masturbated in front of me again after lunch on Thursday. My penis stayed erect a little longer this time. "Pretty soon you'll be back!" she said. I wasn't so certain, but I no longer found myself thinking constantly about Jenn being fucked by that thick penis. I preferred to think about Dianne using her dildo as she lay on my bed, and images of blood on my hands had disappeared..

It was months later before I caught on. When Dianne realized that I couldn't forget the sexual scene that had effectively emasculated me, she deliberately provided me with an erotic replacement. She masturbated on my bed to provide ME with relief, not herself. And it worked.


That Thursday night about 10:00, Dianne left for a few minutes and returned with a cold six-pack of beer. We sat together, naked, on my bed and we each drank one. I quickly felt the buzz. Dianne looked at me and smiled. "You know, there's something I've always wanted to try. Will you help me?"

I was in no mood to disagree, so I asked Dianne what she wanted me to do. She handed me two cold beers. "Sit down in that chair, Don."

As soon as I sat down Dianne giggled and sat down on top of my thighs with her back against my chest. She tied a towel around her eyes as a blindfold. "Now I want you to reach around and touch my nipples with the cold cans. Just for a second, then off. Try to do it so I can't tell which nipple is next. Or when the cold is coming. Okay?"

"What's this supposed to do? I mean, besides freeze your nipples?"

"I've heard it turns some women on. I want to see. Can you do it?"

The beer had made me mellow. "Sure. I hope you don't scream too much."

Dianne's body jerked and she gasped the first few times I touched the cans to her nipples. I paused for several seconds, and when I touched her again she jerked again. But rather than gasp, she moaned in obvious pleasure. I became more interested in what I was doing.

After another few minutes Dianne was getting really aroused. She no longer jerked when I touched her nipples. Instead she trembled. Her moans got louder and longer. Between touches she wiggled on my lap.

Dianne suddenly screamed "Yes!" and she reached between her legs. I felt her take hold of my erect penis. I'd been so interested in her responses that I hadn't even been aware I'd gotten hard.

Dianne lifted herself off my lap, then sat down slowly so that my penis slipped into her. In this position half of my penis didn't go in. But it still felt wonderful."The cans! Touch me again!"

I remained hard as Dianne got more and more excited. Several minutes later when I pressed the cans against both of her nipples at the same time she threw her head back and screamed. I could feel her vagina squeezing my penis. I put the beers down and cupped her breasts. She slowly calmed down.

"Wow! That was really different! You just fucked me, didn't you? You even got me to climax."

"Well, I guess. But I didn't . . . I didn't ejaculate, so it really . . . wasn't the same, was it?"

Dianne smiled. "Maybe not, but it's a start!" She dropped to her knees and began to fellate me. "Yum! I love tasting myself on your penis! It would be even better with cream!" It took her a long, long time. I don't know where she found the stamina, but I finally ejaculated into her mouth. So much cum came out that she choked on it.

Dianne kissed me with streaks of my cum running from the sides of her mouth to her breasts. She was giggling. "I should have known you'd do that! I've never blown you when you've been saving it up. I can usually swallow it all. But not that much!"

That Thursday night I was much more aware of Dianne's nakedness as she slept against me. In the morning I had another erection. It disappeared after I urinated in the bathroom, but Dianne didn't mind. "Almost back!" she said. "I can wait."

I wasn't able to get it up that night. It had been one week since I had come home early and seen Jenn fucking that freak of nature. But the following night I managed to make love to Dianne. I was barely adequate, but Dianne treated me as if I were the world's best lover. It didn't fool me, but I felt better than I had for a long time.

My roommate came back the next afternoon, and spending every waking hour naked with Dianne had to end. But when Jenn didn't move back in that day, Dianne invited me to her room for the night. I did a better job that time.

Several days passed and Jenn failed to appear, so I slept with Dianne every night. When Jenn failed to appear for the class she was supposed to teach, the department started looking for her. She had moved all of her belongings out of the professor's apartment and disappeared. They assigned another graduate student to teach her class, and everyone forgot about her. There was nobody on the waiting list for the dorm, and Jenn's bed remained empty.

With Jenn gone, I began spending my days in my official dorm room, and my nights in Dianne's room. Within two weeks I felt almost normal again, and Dianne and I managed to pick up our relationship where we had left it, two days before Jenn had come back from her parents' home. In spite of both our fears about my experiencing a rebound, not real feelings, I knew I was once again falling in love with Dianne.


By the end of the semester Dianne finally believed that I loved her. I sold the ring I'd given to Jenn, and I bought another for Dianne. Once we were officially engaged, we moved in together in an off-campus apartment. A year later, when we both completed our degrees, we were married in a small ceremony.

A year after that our first daughter was born. Two years later, our second. I had a full-time job, and Dianne was working part-time. We shared parenting duties so that one of us was always with the girls. It worked for all of us. Dianne proved to be a wonderful mother, and her C-cups grew to DD as she nursed. When the nursing ended, she dropped back to a firm D. I enjoyed buying her all new underwear!

I was attending a convention near Chicago almost exactly five years to the day when I caught Jenn fucking that guy. One night there wasn't anything interesting scheduled, and several of the guys wanted to go out and do something they couldn't do when their wives were around. They had heard about a live sex show in a private club about thirty miles from Chicago, and they all wanted to go. I declined amid a lot of snide comments about how pussy-whipped I was. They all piled into a rented car with a lot of hoops and hollers, and away they went. They reminded me of the guys I knew in the army who were heading out looking for prostitutes.

Frankly I wasn't interested in watching other people fuck, particularly at this time each year. I called Dianne and talked to her for almost an hour. We both knew I was thinking about that day five years earlier, but we both avoided mentioning it. After I hung up the phone, I tossed and turned for several hours before I fell asleep. When your nightmares - even those that are just memories - are real, it's sometimes better to stay awake.

In the morning the guys gathered around me as I finished my breakfast. They all had silly grins on their faces. "You missed the sex show of the century!" Lloyd told me. "Unfuckingbelievable!"

"Here! We brought you a little souvenir," said Gene. "Man, you really shoulda been there!" He handed me a brochure. "This'll give you an idea of what you missed. God, I've never seen a woman cum like that! It was incredible!"

I felt bad memories bubbling to the surface as I read the front of the brochure. "The Amazing Orgasma and Bruno the Human Bull. You are guaranteed to see at least ten authentic, body-shaking female orgasms and one voluminous male ejaculation - live, right before your eyes! Seating limited to 100 people per show. Minimum age: Men - 25, women 21. Proof of age required. Gallery tickets, $100 - $150 per person, depending upon location. Three front-row private-entry windowed booths with padded table for six - $2500 each."

The pictures inside showed a man and a black-haired woman, both scantily clad, both smiling, with their arms around each other. She had huge DD breasts, and his barely-covered penis and balls bulged obscenely in a tight, skimpy pouch. There was also a sketch of the seating diagram with the various prices marked. Finally there was a waiver form, acknowledging, among other things, that the purchaser was aware that actual sexual acts would be performed on the stage, and possibly by members of the audience, during the show.

I had a very bad feeling about this, even though Orgasma and Bruno didn't look like anyone I had ever seen before. I put the brochure in my pocket, and Ed, Gene, Lloyd, Ken, and Louis described the act they had seen. Their comments came so fast it was like one continuous story.

"The place was packed!" said Ed. "They only let us in after we paid a hundred bucks each just to stand at the back!"

"There were these little private areas down front," added Lloyd. "Right at the stage. Nobody else could get inside them, but everyone could see inside. Each one had five guys and a hot-looking woman. Those people spent a mint to get so close!"

"This great-lookin' broad came out wearing a shorty baby-doll. The guy with her looked pretty average except for his crotch," said Ken. "All he had on was a silver jockstrap and his dork was soft in it. But we could tell he was really hung. Hell, he called himself a bull!"

"Yeah, then Orgasma - she's the bitch - started rubbing herself through her negligee," said Louis. "After a couple of minutes she was really goin' at it and . . . "

Ed interrupted him. "The Bruno guy. He started strokin' his meat through his jock and his prick starting stickin' straight out! Man, you could see it taking shape as it stretched the cloth! The head on it was as big as an apple! If I had one like that . . . "

Gene cut in. "You wish! Right about then Orgasma began to moan real loud. Bruno, he pulled off her clothes and showed us her completely shaved snatch. God, I never seen such big cunt lips! They were hangin' like maybe a couple of inches from her crotch, and they were all pink and wet."

Lloyd next: "God, yes! Big, juicy, plump cunt lips, just crying to be fucked! Anyway, Orgasma pulled Bruno's jock off, and his tool was unbelievable! It wasn't long, maybe seven inches, but I never seen one so thick before! Probably at least four inches across! And his balls! Gigantic! Like oranges!"

"Thickest one I've ever seen!" added Ed. "So he lies down on his back and she climbs on top of him and she starts to force his prick inside. Those big, juicy cunt lips spread out, and all of a sudden his big prick-head slips inside, and she goes off. I mean off the charts! Screaming, moaning, and her whole body twitchin' and shakin' like nothin' you ever saw."

The guys were all nodding their heads, and I could see that they were getting hard just talking about it. Ken continued. "Bruno, he just lets her slowly come back down. He's rubbing her big tits the whole time and her nipples are sticking out like little fingers. All of a sudden she lets a coupla more inches slip inside her, and off she goes again. She musta cum for a coupla minutes that time. Maybe more. Moaning and screaming and twitchin' the whole time."

"God, it was hot! By this time every guy in the room has his dork out," Louis added. "There were quite a few women in the room, but I was only watchin' the ones right next to the stage. In those little glassed-in private rooms. The guys were grabbin' their cunts and tits through their clothes and they weren't complainin' at all. They were kissing and groping every guy they could reach."

Gene: "Orgasma finally got him all the way inside, and she goes off again. She's had the three most incredible orgasms I've ever seen, and he hasn't done nothin' except let her take his monster dork balls-deep inside her cunt."

"That's when I heard a woman moaning over to one side of the audience, so I turned that way," said Lloyd. "There was a guy porking a middle-aged broad, doggy style over a chair. There were guys pushing into a line so they could be next. The sex in the room was contagious!"

"Don, you could hear ripping sounds as the women in the audience were stripped naked," continued Gene. "Three, four, five guys were trying to fuck every woman in the room. Most of the guys were naked too, and a lot of them had already jerked off. The women were screaming, but like they wanted it, you know? It was a fuckin' orgy and the show wasn't even over yet!"

"Bruno began to go a coupla inches in and out of Orgasma by bucking her up with his hips, and we could hear the wet sound when she slammed back down on him. It wasn't two minutes before she came again," added Louis.

"Down in one of the private areas I could see a naked broad fucking a fat black guy," said Ed. "I looked around and every woman in the room had a dick in her twat. Hell, most of them had a dick or two trying to fuck their mouths, too."

Gene chimed back in. "The way the show went from there, well, Orgasma and Bruno would wait a few minutes after she stopped, and then he'd fuck her a few times and she'd cum again. He rolled her over into the missionary position, and really began to go to town."

Ed again. "He'd pull all the way out, then go all the way back in. Orgasma just went absolutely nuts. This musta gone on for thirty, maybe thirty-five minutes. By that time all guys in the audience had beat off and sprayed cum all over the place, and most of us were on our second time."

"Then Orgasma started screaming that she wanted his cream, and while she was having another big one, Bruno filled her cunt with his stuff," added Lloyd.

Spit was running out of the sides of Louis's mouth as he talked. "Filled is the right word! There wasn't room for it inside her, and as he kept pumping in and out of her, it squirted out. Those big balls of his musta put out a gallon of cum! God, it squirted everywhere as she fucked him! Never seen nothin' like it!"

Ken: "Orgasma kinda collapsed, and Bruno put her on this little table on her back. He held her knees up and her legs apart, and he turned the table so that everyone got a good luck at her pussy. Man, even from the back of the room we could see that she was still wide open and cum was running out of her in a steady stream."

Ed: "We could see that the muscles in her stomach were still wiggling. She was moanin' and groanin' and God it was incredible! That cunt was still having a climax! And that thick prick had been out of her for a coupla minutes already!"

Gene: "I saw five different guys gang-fuck that one bitch who was down in the front-row private booth, but when they started doing seconds, I couldn't see too well. All around us people were fucking any woman they could grab. We would have gotten some pussy too, but we were just too far away and there were too many guys fightin' for every available cunt."

Ken: "Bruno still had a hard-on when he picked Orgasma up and carried her off the stage. Most people didn't even notice 'cause they were busy fuckin' or beatin' off. You could see the cum dripping of both of them as they finished their act."

Louis: "We had to wait in line to use the bathroom just so we could clean some of the cum off our clothes! I came so hard a coupla times that I don't think I'll be able to get hard again for a week!"

Gene: "That's when we picked up the pamphlet. And these pictures! Fifty bucks each!" He handed me several high-quality, digital photographs. I stopped breathing in the middle of looking at them.

One showed Orgasma riding Bruno, just as the guys had described, with about half of his incredibly thick penis inside her. Another showed a closeup of Bruno's organ as Orgasms licked the monstrous purple head of his incredibly thick erection. The third showed a closeup of Orgasma's obviously-just-fucked, wide-open vagina as cum ran out of it. The final shot showed Orgasma's face as she climaxed. It was a closeup, and that's when I knew there was absolutely no doubt.

Orgasma was Jenn. Apparently she'd had a boob job, and she'd dyed and restyled her hair, but she was still Jenn. She and I had joked about the tiny, distinctive D-shaped scar beside her nose, and there it was on Orgasma's face. Even though I'd never seen his face, Bruno had to be the guy I'd caught fucking her with the penis he called El Toro.

Seeing what Jeen was doing with her life really jolted me. I left the exuberant guys and went back to my room. I sat in a chair and stared at the blank screen on the television. I wondered how much of Jenn's fate would never have happened if I hadn't been so eager to fuck her. If I hadn't gotten so much pleasure out of teaching her how to enjoy sex. If . . .

I called Dianne, and we talked about it for more than an hour. I'd definitely married the right roommate. She shared a lot of wisdom, but what I remember most is her words about who was responsible. It was almost a lecture, and I listened carefully without interrupting her.

"Don, Jenn didn't have to fuck that guy. Okay, technically he raped her, but she knowingly put herself into a situation where she knew he would probably fuck her. She let her curiosity overwhelm her common sense. And whatever decency she had. And the loyalty she should have felt for you. She chose to betray your trust. She admitted to me that she planned to get naked with him if that's what it took for her to see his huge penis. Only an idiot would think that wouldn't lead to sex. And whatever Jenn was, she wasn't an idiot. But she really wanted to find out what sex was like with a bigger penis than yours.

"Afterwards she discovered that he had something she couldn't live without. Whatever his big organ did inside her, she wasn't strong enough to do without it. She was even going to marry you and keep fucking that guy. She didn't really love you. She just wanted to be married to you. She made her choices, and she's the one responsible for her life, not you.

"I have no way of knowing if I would have done the same thing if he'd fucked me. Maybe I would have become addicted to it like she is. But even before we admitted that we were in love with each other, I felt too much affection for you to take that kind of risk. I would NEVER have gone to his room under those circumstances. Jenn chose to take the risk, you didn't. It's her fault and her responsibility, not yours. You absolutely cannot be blamed that she turned out the way she did."

I don't ever remember being more in love with Dianne than I was after that conversation. That night it was hard to sleep alone, without her.

Two days later I arrived home and showed the brochure to Dianne. I told her how the other guys described the Orgasma Show. "They said that the men in the audience started fucking every woman in the room? And the women let them?" she asked.

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