A Beach Story


"Wait, " she said. "My husband could wake up at any minute."

"Don't kid yourself. He's been awake from the beginning. Ain't that right, Tom?"

I opened my eyes fully with a start, and looked directly into Sally's eyes as Jamie shoved his cock roughly into her from behind. There was a look of profound shock on her face and she opened her mouth. Before she could say anything Neil stuck his cock in there and began to vigorously fuck her face. While she was being entered from both sides, Ivan played with her tits, and she looked at me as I watched it all, my cock grown hard with the thrill of it all.

Neil was pummeling in to her mouth so fast that within seconds he shot his load. The sight of another man's come dribbling out of my wife's lips made me pull out my own cock and start jerking off. After a while Jamie started to speed up his thrusting from behind, causing my wife to scream out as she had a terrific orgasm. I'd never seen her with such a look of intense pleasure on her face. Jamie continued thrusting, fast and hard and deep, until he grabbed her hair and began bucking wildly against her as he came inside her.

Ivan now took Jamie's place. His cock was even bigger than Jamie's, both were much bigger than my own, which is about 5 inches, and Sally certainly noticed the difference. She looked into my eyes as she began to moan.

"Ooooh! Yes. Ooooh, fuck me. Go on fuck me harder."

Jamie looked at me fisting away at my little cock and said to Sally:

"It must make a change having a proper cock inside you. I bet you're going to need to keep looking elsewhere when you go back to London."

"Yes, yes. I need more. Ooooh. Please. Ooooooh. Fuck me with your big cock. Stick it in my mouth."

Jamie and Neil's pricks may have been bigger than mine, but mine was hard and theirs weren't. As Ivan shafted her from behind I lined up my cock with her mouth.

"Oooh. No. I want his cock. Yours is too small. Neil, Jamie. Oooooh."

Suddenly her mouth opened wide as Ivan began to quicken the pace and I took the opportunity to stick my cock in there, whether she wanted it or not. I took hold of her head and thrust myself against her face, thrust backwards and forwards as I looked into her eyes.

"You love it you dirty slut. Don't you? You love being fucked. You'd fuck anyone. Well I'm fucking you now. I'm fucking your face you filthy whore."

I could feel myself coming. I kept hold of her head and watched her eyes bulge as I made her swallow every drop of my come. As soon as she swallowed it all I pulled out of her mouth, leaving her to scream out another orgasm as Ivan came inside her. By this time Neil was hard again.

"Out of the way. I want to try her pussy."

"Yes," said Sally. "Fuck my pussy. I want you all to fuck me again. But not you," she pointed at me. "I only want big massive cocks from now on."

For the rest of the night I watched as they all had her in a variety of ways, while I was forced to play with myself. At about 4am the guys were all satisfied and asked us to leave. I called a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

Since that experience I've found I love her even more, but now she's lost all respect for me, and won't let me have sex with her at all. If I complain, she says my cock's too small, so it's my own fault. She tells me if I'm a good boy she might let me watch the next time she lets a real man fuck her, so I'm on my best behaviour all the time, hoping she'll keep her promise.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/26/18

How to be a cuckie

Read this shit! Yes it is only a story ....but c'mon he goes from jealous husband to cuckie in zero steps....funny how that seems to happen in all these gay cuckie stories. But the gay part of the cuckiemore...

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by WoodsLord_354008/03/17


This was heading into a nice Hot Wife tale, when suddenly it turned into a weakling Cuckold tale. Disappointing.

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